5 Things Women Must Have In A Relationship

It is an eternal topic all around the world what women need in a relationship. And it is universal, it differs from country to country in some points, but still you will find in our article common female needs in a relationship. But remember, each lady is unique and to find out what your woman wants in a relationship, build trust and get to know her better. It will take time and efforts.

Here are 5 things a woman needs in a relationship:

  1. To have a friend is what a woman wants from a man in a relationship. They laugh together, support and give advice. It is important to be emotionally on the same page. They need to share their weaknesses and victories.
  2. Women must have affection. They want to be acknowledged and loved in all the senses. Show affection through touch, kiss and hug. Establish intimacy not only in bed, but outside as well. Hold hands while she talks, look into the eyes, kiss on the forehead, which is the highest level of affection and respect. She will feel protected and loved. Intimacy is a sacred experience, unique for each couple. Make your lady feel desired and she will blossom. Do not neglect the times when she feels down. Find out if you could help.
  3. Feel sexually desired. It is not only about sex, but the way you make a lady feel. She shouldn`t be embarrassed of any body parts flaws, she should feel open and free with you. Cherish her body, give compliments. To establish intimacy, practice being sensual without being sexual. Lie naked together, admiring each other`s bodies, give a pleasant massage, having skin to skin contact helps to be closer in a sensual way. Have a romantic sexual dance, dancing to the beats of bachata, embracing each other passionately. When she is desired, she shines from within and lights everything around with her positive energy.
  4. Honesty and respect are the things that women want. Do not lose trust, because if it is broken once, it is hard to win again. It is a very fragile thing, be careful and open with your partner. Even if something went wrong, it is better to speak up, share secrets rather than hide. There is no difference between “white” and “black” lies, and who sets this criteria? One of my friend`s boyfriend was always covering himself by lying for the sake of not fighting and avoiding conflicts. He told one day that he was going out with his male friends for beer, instead he went out with his two female friends for coffee. The only truth was that yes, he was drinking liquid and it was not alcohol, motivating it that he didn`t see them for a long time and he really wishes to see them more, and in order to avoid jealousy from his girlfriend`s side, he just didn`t mention some details. Instead he could explain that it is his best friends and even could invite his girlfriend to join them. Either it is your hobby, which you think a partner might dislike or a friend you want to see more often, do not think a small lie won`t do any harm. It might burn down the flame.
  5. Listen . Seems like a simple task? Do you always listen and remember what a person says to you or you just listen without paying attention? Don`t talk to her over the lap top while doing some important work and pretending to listen or even worse while playing games on the phone. Give the most valuable gift, your time and attention. It doesn`t cost you a lot. Be engaging when having breakfast and dinner together, share some positive vibes and listen to how she spent a day. Female tend to talk much more than men and they frustrated when you don`t remember anything she said from her twenty minutes story. Even if you don`t seem interested, maybe she is telling how she was choosing a dress and hesitating which one to buy. Just give her a hug and say how beautiful she is in any dress, so that she won`t doubt her choice. It is important to express support at the right moment and show care. My friend was always complaining about lack of attention from her boyfriend. She is very emotional and always tells everything in details for hours, she says: “Can you imagine he listens and even looks at me all this time and when I ask him so what should I do? He doesn`t remember what was the conversation about, maybe he doesn`t love me anymore”. He does, but the thing is male and female perceive the world a bit differently, for ladies it is more through emotions. What for you, dear gentleman can be just a trivial thing, it can be very emotional for her. Be understanding and follow the conversation, adding some phrases of approval or expressing your opinion, she needs to be heard by you.
    You should have meaningful conversations together, constant communication gives you a key to be on top of things all the time. Be gentle and kind. You will know your partner`s body language in time and then it is going to be easier for you to read what she feels. But don`t rely much on it and don`t turn into a mind-reader, leave it for experts. To be on the same page, figure out and ask what is going on, if you noticed that her mood drastically changed. It may be tempting to win a conversation just to be right and accuse someone in everything, but in healthy relationship it doesn`t work this. Listen to each other and don`t try to win a competition who is right or wrong.