You will not be surprised that one day you will have to go through this stage in relationship when you are dating a Ukrainian girl. It is very important both for you and your girlfriend: meeting her parents. That is why it is necessary to prepare well for this event not to spoil the first impression. If you feel you need some help, read our tips and you will be on top.

5 tips for meeting her parents for the first time:

  • Prepare yourself.

Preparing for the first meeting with the girl’s parents you must keep three aspects in mind:

a) collect the information.  Ask the girl about her parents, so that you could know what to wait for from them. You are likely to be asked about your plans as for their daughter, whether you are thinking of getting married or not; how serious you are about her; what your source of income is and whether it is going to rise with time. Ask the girl what attitude her parents had to her previous boyfriends,  what they liked about them and what irritated them.

You should also learn where the girl’s parents work, what their hobbies are, what her family interests are, etc. Learn her parents’ names and ask which topics to avoid. Wisely use the information you have learned during the meeting!

b) choose the clothes. Your outfit must be clean, neat and ironed. Forget about oversize clothes or too tight jeans, as these are not associated with a serious man. However, do not think that I am telling you to wear a formal suit. It will be enough to dress plainly but elegantly and with taste to give the girl’s parents a good impression about you. And do not forget about your hair and manicure. In any case, ask your girl for help. She definitely knows what to do to make her parents like you.

  • Do not be too enthusiastic.

Of course, dating a Ukrainian girl you will want to impress her parents. Still, do not try to show too much enthusiasm, even if you are an energetic person, or you are nervous and your feelings go over the edge. Do not throw yourself at her parents once the door opens or say: “Oh, here is THE Alexander Petrovich! I have heard so much about you! How is your arthritis doing? Are you taking care of it? Is it fine? LOL! ”

Instead you should wait for the girl’s father to reach out his hand to you and then shake it with moderate enthusiasm. Answer the questions politely, joke timely.

  • Diversify the conversation.

It is natural to be nervous during the first meeting with HER parents. Some men even feel panic and start going over small talks like: “Well, today’s weather is not so good. It is cold, partly cloudy. The rainfall is below normal. If we compare it with the last year’s indicators…” Stop! Even if you are dating a Ukrainian girl, who is an ancestral meteorologist, everybody will be as bored listening to it as you are bored talking about it. That is why you should not go into general topics, which are “safe”. You should better ask where they have got “that porcelain vase” from. Concentrate on details, which you will see in the flat like photos, souvenirs, etc.

  • Avoid arguments.

Try not to touch religious or political topics. For example, dating a Ukrainian girl you can expect to be asked what you think about the political situation in Ukraine. So, even if you have strong views and opinions considering this issue, try to escape the discussion. Or give a neutral answer not to cause an argument. Or if you have already made the first step to it, because her parents’ views differ from yours, you have to stop. Do you think the girl’s parents have been waiting for some man to prove something to them and change their opinion? I doubt it. However, an argument can easily spoil the relationship. You just have to wait. If you stay with the girl, you will have years to persuade her parents and turn them to your side.

  • Do not offer your help if not asked.

Imagine the situation: You are dating a Ukrainian girl who told you that her father’s car is constantly breaking. You want to make friends with her dad and when you meet him you say: So, you are saying your car is acting up all the time. Believe it or not, but I know a great mechanic. I can call him immediately and we will solve the problem!

It is a bad idea. You must not call the mechanic or check the car yourself. You must not recommend a good bank, cafe or anything even if you have used it yourself. Why? That is because you do not know if you will help. What if the mechanic is drunk and can spoil the car? What if the bank flops or the cafe turns out to be the worst place the girl’s parents have ever been to? REMEMBER: the first meeting exists for you and the girl’s parents to take a look at each other without starting mutual businesses, whose result is not known.