5 Tips To Make a Great First Date Impression

It is well-known that meeting a person who might become your love-partner for the first time, is a very exciting event in every girl’s life. However, men are worried about making a good first impression on a date too. Feeling they are responsible for everything that is going to happen, they want to make the girl pleased, interested, and entertained during the evening as well as develop positive emotions. Frankly speaking, when your destiny is at stake, such anxiety makes sense. This is why, we are offering our “first date what to do” ideas so that you, my dear reader, stay on top during such an important occasion.

It goes without saying a good first date starts with your appearance. Neatness, tidiness, and grooming are the things women notice immediately. To impress a girl, make sure your hair and nails are clean; you smell good, are clean-shaved; your clothes match the theme of the date, they are ironed and the shoes are not dirty. When you have checked all these aspects, it is time we share some advice for the first date.

  1. Punctuality matters.
    Going on a meeting with a lady it is very important that you calculate the time accurately and come 15 minutes before the arranged time. A man’s tardiness is absolutely unacceptable.
    Basically, this is not just the first night out rule as only a woman can come a little late. Otherwise, she will have to wait until her gentleman appears, which is bound to spoil both her mood and impression about you.
  2. Being a gentleman is a must.
    Even if you are dating a very strong and independent woman, she will appreciate feeling like a real lady beside a caring gentleman. Of course, you may not know which fork is used to eat fish or oysters, still opening a door and letting the woman go in, helping her get out of the bus or car, or not smoking without her approval is within your power. In case you take a bouquet of flowers with you, your chances of making a positive impression on HER increase greatly.
  3. Tips To Make a Great First Date Impression

  4. The ability to hold a conversation and show your sense of humor is indisputable.
    Our list of the first date tips would not be full without this one. If you manage to fill in the communication gaps and break the awkward silence, which is an inseparable part of this thrilling event, you are on the right way of getting the woman’s heart. Think of what topics would interest the girl beforehand, prepare some questions and interesting stories to make the conversation go. Oh, and do not forget compliments. However, stay away from lying and mention something true-to-life.
  5. Being persistent is expected.
    But please, do not get me wrong. Women like when men take the initiative, can get what they want, and are not scared of expressing their feelings. However, the border between being persistent and being cheeky is quite thin. Therefore, your hints on having sex are likely to repel and disappoint a serious girl, while a goodbye kiss is very romantic and has all chances to leave a fine aftertaste.
  6. Generosity is the key.
    No matter how sad it may seem, impressing a girl without spending a dime is impossible. And I am not talking of ladies’ materialism, it is about small things demonstrating your interest. Generosity is not measured by the amount of money spent, but by the attention shown. A man, who came on a date without flowers (a gorgeous bouquet is not necessary, even a single rose is enough), the one, who has not offered a drink or ice-cream during a long walk in the park, or expecting SHE will pay looks like a cheapskate, which is far from impressing the lady.

So, if you follow our advice, the next question that can bother you is what to do after a great first date, and, I am sure, you will find the answer in one of our articles too.

Valeria Matskevich With love