My dear reader, I hope that it is not a secret for you that women like communicating with their men. However, I believe that you also guess that there must be something that must never be discussed with your girlfriend. Do you want to see whether your ideas are right or find out what exactly is better not to discuss with your woman? Then read our article, which will give you some relationship advice on how to communicate with your girl, but not to say something that can spoil everything.

What you must never discuss in your relationship?

Relationship advice #1.

Never tell your girlfriend (especially if you are in the beginning of your relationship) about your victories and conquests starting with the first sexual experience and finishing with your last unfortunate marriage. In case you continue your relationship, your girlfriend will remember everything. So, whatever you will say can be and will be used against you. Remember about it and try not to dive into memories even if your girl “is good and understands you well”. The saying “speak of your ex-girlfriend good words, or stay silent” does not work here. In our case, it is better to stay silent, since, if you speak well about your ex, your girl can be jealous and suspicious; while saying something bad about your ex, you will make your new girlfriend think she could be in your ex’s shoes, and you will be a scoundrel and a swine in your new girl’s eyes.

Relationship advice #2.

The next topic you should not discuss or discuss with caution is your sexual experiments or their absence. Never specify the number of your sexual victories, let your girlfriend guess or speculate about it, if she wants. Do not tell her what happened while you were living in a campus of University, or how you spent that special crazy night in 1998 in Bali, etc. And if none of that has happened in your life, you must mysteriously keep silent and let the girl’s imagination do the main job.

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Relationship advice #3.

Another topic worth avoiding is your income. Never let the girl know how much exactly you earn. It does not matter if you have received a bonus, whether your salary has been risen or not. Every concretization kills romance.

What is more, your business, work process, work day schedule must not be too clear and obvious for your girl. Believe me, she may be disappointed if she finds out that you have spent most of your day playing Solitaire, even if you get a bonus every time you manage to win. Even if your day was a routine one and you did nothing special, just tell the girl that you have worked all day long as usual. Girls like when men work, which is a sign that everything is in its place.

Relationship advice #4.

Women are not the only ones, who can have secrets. Men can also have their small mysteries, especially considering some illnesses they have had. Do not tell your girl that last year you had to take therapy for a month to treat your disorder, etc. Of course, honesty is the key to good and trustful relatinship, still if there is no good reason to discuss such issues, just leave them behind.

Relationship advice #5.

Finally, skip the topic connected with grooming. If you do shave your chest and armpits, make some revitalising masks for face or have had a plastic surgery to improve the shape of your nose, do not tell about it. This area is women’s territory and they do not like men intruding into their topics of SPA, beauty salons and clinics.

Of course, you must not hide any truth from your girlfriend, however, we advise you to delay the discussion of the 5 issues listed above and touch them only in the extreme case, when there is no other way to skip them.