5 Unexpected Ways to Impress a Girl on a Date

How to impress a girl on a date? You should think twice before you surprise a woman in order to avoid the opposite effect.

  1. Dress to impress. First impression matters and you cannot repeat it again. So let`s begin a date with a nice outfit and immaculate look. If she has seen your photos in casual clothes and relaxed atmosphere, impress a lady with a smart style. Don`t be too formal though. There are plenty of variants, wear jeans with an elegant shirt, there is no need to wear a bow-tie and a jacket as if you are going to a wedding ceremony.
  2. To create a “wow-effect”, hire a vintage car to pick her up. Your girlfriend will be definitely amazed. Take her for a ride around the city, this is for sure something to remember. If there is a good weather outside you may even ride with an open top, stand together holding hands, enjoy the light wind and take pictures to enjoy the memories after.
  3. All ladies expect you to take them to the restaurant for a date, it is a standard way. Be original. You shouldn`t risk the first date with experiments though, so don`t take things too far. The idea of going to a karaoke or a zoo on the first date won`t be the best idea. Show creativity, take a class of pottery or painting for two. Doesn`t matter if you are not experts. It will be a lot of fun, doing something together. You can have a word with a teacher before the class saying that is a date, so she can help you to make it more romantic and help you to get to know each other. It should be just a short experiment not very time-consuming, just to arise positive emotions. After take her to the wine and cheese night to a beautiful winery. It won`t be just a dinner, a sommelier will tell you stories about wine, you are going to taste it and then continue with other food, sharing your emotions from today`s experience.
  4. What are the best ways to impress a girl? Be generous. It attracts any lady. Especially it works with flowers, the more the better. Surprise her with quantity, she will feel proud walking with a beautiful bouquet.
  5. How to impress a girl even more? Ask a waiter to bring a dessert for a takeaway at the end of the meal, so that she can enjoy it at home. It is very unexpected gesture. Watch an outdoor movie after.

Do you want to impress a girl for one time effect or you want it to last? How to get a girl to date you?

  1. Listen. It is an important skill, if you listen and show interest in a woman`s life, hobbies, there are more chances that she will consider you as a future partner.
  2. Be attentive to details, she shouldn`t repeat the same things twice. It is not polite when she tells you about a favourite pet, mentioning his name few times and you still ask if it is a cat, a dog or maybe a parrot. Lack of attention won`t benefit you.
  3. Give compliments. If she feels your attraction, you tell how beautiful she is, subconsciously she is in a good mood and feels comfortable with you.
  4. Pay for dinner. It is an important factor. It doesn`t mean that she cannot pay the bill, it is in our tradition that men pay. It is a way of respect and showing attraction to a woman in a romantic way.

How to impress a girl to fall in love with you? It is more difficult and needs more efforts. Women are more sensitive than men, so pay attention to feelings.

  • Support in difficult situations, a woman is more vulnerable when she has problems, help with moral support.
  • Be genuine. Share your feelings, men tend to be more discreet and not that open like women. Sometimes she doesn`t know what intentions you have and what is the future of your relationship. When a girl is confident in tomorrow, she can feel secure and happy.
  • Spoil with surprises and show that she is special.
  • Be responsible. If you promise something, make sure you do it. A woman must be sure that you are a man of action.
  • Be romantic. This is the feature women fall in love with. Even though you are not a professional cook, you may surprise your lady with heart-shaped chocolates or pancakes in the morning. She will appreciate the effort you made to prepare breakfast. Make it simple but touching and with love. Leave a note on the table before going to work: “You are special for me”, “You are in my heart”. To make her smile you can write on the mirror after taking a shower “Love You”. Take a bath together with champagne and rose petals, it can be a lifetime experience for both of you, or maybe you can make it a romantic habit.
  • Create a day when you do everything she likes: help with cooking, watch soap-operas, go shopping together, eat chocolate and pizza, drink wine and vice versa show how a man`s day looks like: watch football together, wear hoodies, drink beer, play video games together. It can be so much fun. Do it rarely, but these are the days to remember.
  • Keep a diary, which you should fill at the end of each month, where you express gratitude or regrets, wishes and love messages to each other. If you both are not that good at expressing feelings in real life, you can do it in a written form. It will be a diary of your love story. The most interesting book to read in years time.

Now you have a guide of things to do to impress a girl and you shouldn`t fail. Good luck!