5 Ways To Fix A Broken Relationship

How to fix a relationship that is recently broken?

  1. Is it a mutual desire? If yes, in this case a relationship can be saved. If only one of you is ready, the other one doesn`t see the ways to save a relationship, fixing it would be really challenging.
  2. Has the fire completely burnt down the love? It might be at a dead end and it is even better to leave at this stage than cure an emotional cancer. People frequently fight till the end without any perspective in the future just out of fear of being alone, sacrificing everything for the sake of saving a “dead cell”.
  3. Are you ready to compromise for the sake of repairing a broken relationship?

Many couples go through ups and downs, it is healthy and absolutely normal. It is the way to grow and be mature. But if you have been experiencing only downs lately, but you are not going to give up, this article is for you and you will find out how to mend broken relationships.

Your relationship is in trouble if:

  1. You fight every day over small things, no matter who spoiled your mood, either it is a bad day at work or just bad weather, you don`t like the way your partner looks, talks, sits and behaves.
  2. Having a grudge. Lack of communication can lead to break up. If a partner holds a grudge for a long time and doesn`t share, just behaving upset or acting like nothing happened, sooner or later it will burst out.
  3. Mismatched expectations. At the beginning everyone tries to show his best self, but as time passes, you reveal your true character. Maybe you want your partner to be always on top of your requests, you set high expectations and then get frustrated.
  4. Constant criticism. Whatever a lady does, you criticize, either the way she dresses, her hobbies, occupation or her family. It is a very damaging pattern. If you constantly pick on things, you discourage a person to share secrets, because a person will be afraid to receive negative comments.
  5. Stonewalling. A partner is in an invisible shell and emotionless to all your questions and attempts to discuss the problem. It is a red flag, probably a partner just doesn`t see the point to discuss anything anymore. Let a partner know if you need some space right now, but don`t neglect, show a blank face or no response whatsoever. My friend`s boyfriend was using this technique for quite a while until she couldn`t cope with it anymore. She was knocking on the closed door too much time, every time she was trying to speak to him, he was just saying that everything is all right.

    In two months of such behavior he announced that he didn`t want to be together and that he found a new girlfriend. Giving no explanations he left, she was really devastated, there were a thousand of unanswered questions in her head, so she had to manage to find answers by herself, feeling guilty that she couldn`t save relationship. In three months time he started to call and blame her in everything, giving the answers to those questions. But she didn`t need them anymore, she found strength to get over the pain and start a new life.

  6. You never know when a partner is going to lose temper next time, you notice over controlling behavior and disparaging humor that puts you down. You find nothing funny in humiliating words while it seems innocent for another person and you are constantly blamed that you just cannot take a joke. It might be a hint on your looks or your intelligence in front of other people. If you noticed it once, maybe it is really just a joke, but if it is a repetitive actions, which cause your bad mood, mention it to the partner.
  7. You cannot agree on anything. When you just met, it seemed you have a lot in common. But now even in the small things you go different directions. It is normal to like different colors and fruits, but it is not ok to have controversial opinions on essential matters in life. If one of you wants to save money and buy a house, the other one just wants travelling and is not thinking about saving for now. When you go out, you cannot agree on where to go, one wants a stroll in the park, another one wants to go to a fancy restaurant. It seems like a minor problem, but if it keeps accumulating and you don`t see the solution, it is going to cause troubles.
  8. Bad habits. Instead of speaking to a partner, you have a drink or two, feeling relaxed and all the problems vanish at that moment, but when you wake up the next morning, depression and bad mood comes back to you. Overeating and other bad habits will only harm your health. Overeating will not distress you, but only cause obesity and other problems. It is easy to give in to bad habits.

How to repair a broken relationship? Follow these steps :

  1. Analyze each stage and find out when exactly something went wrong and what the reason was.
  2. Once you find out the reason, find strength to forgive. How to fix my relationship if there was infidelity and betrayal? It must be really hard to forgive and not all people can cope with it.
  3. How to fix a relationship you ruined? Bring passion back, surprise your lady with gifts and constant attention. Give her compliments, so that she can feel special. Kiss and hug each other more to bring back emotional intimacy. Organize a date night, set a romantic scene like in your favorite movie, put a romantic background music to set a mood, rose petals and champagne. Sounds too ordinary? I bet you don`t do it every day.
  4. How to fix a lack of trust problem in a relationship? Winning trust again is going to be difficult. Have an open heart, be transparent in your actions. You cannot build a house overnight, the same happens with building trust, step by step.
  5. Make new happy memories together. Set on a trip you have always been putting off. It is high time now to share positive emotions, maybe you were dreaming to visit Fiji islands, why not?

What if you were in toxic relationship and still you feel broken, but don`t want to mend it? Repairing a broken heart might be a very long process, but nothing is impossible. Every ending is a new beginning. Invest your time and efforts in building self-confidence after a break up, do something you really wanted. Until you keep photos, her gown and cherish the moments of being together, you will never let it go and heal your heart. Clear the space for something new. Until you close one door, the other one is not going to open. Invest this time in yourself, enjoy every moment, make your dreams come true and smile to life, it will definitely smile back.