5 Ways to Open Your Heart and Love Again

Some people witness emotional pain. Before learning how to love again, do the tough work to heal your emotional wounds. It is almost impossible to open up to someone still nursing heart wounds. The only effective way is to acknowledge what happened to you.

When we are mind-dominated, we become very rational and are afraid to be vulnerable. We no longer see people as fascinating as before, because one of them broke our trust and love. What does it mean to open your heart?

Probably you read a lot of theory and different concepts on how to find enlightenment. Unlike the mental journey, emotional journey may take much longer time. But it will be rewarding.

Why is it so hard to love again? If we experience deep emotional pain, it is hard to believe that the next time won`t bring you to the same results. This pain can be very intense, which may lead to depression, anxiety and affect many spheres of your life. It can impact your whole body. People sometimes even experience diseases caused by deep sorrow and grief. When you loved the person, and she is gone, you feel like part of you have left. You don`t want to eat anymore, your sleep is disturbed, there is no purpose in life. Emotional pain lasts longer than physical wounds. A small boy after falling at the football field will cry a bit and forget in some time, only by looking at it is going to remember. But it is unlikely for a person to enjoy Christmas again if they were rejected on the same day or the beloved one passed away. It can be devastating.

How to open your heart to love again?

  1. Spend time in solitude and silence to find your inner peace. Disconnect from the world for some time, we are constantly surrounded by adverts, TV, gadgets. Prepare a perfect environment for opening your heart. Listen to yourself. Give time to be sad, to recollect the moments, it is inevitable. Write down a Goodbye letter to your ex-partner, thanking and forgiving for everything , but don’t send it. You should accept what happened and take it as a part of your growth. Remove all the things that remind of this person, delete the contacts and all the temptations (social media pages, phone numbers), common photos, change your surroundings. A lot of people make mistakes by keeping the photos as a memory, still talk to common friends after a break up, hoping to find out details of personal life of their ex, hurting themselves even more. And the pain in such case will never go if you remind yourself every day about what happened. My female friend was so devastated after a break up, she was taking the same paths to walk where they used to walk, going to the same restaurants, crying a lot, passing by his house while he was happily building his new life with another girlfriend. She was so hurt, she couldn`t let it go. She was just giving her energy to this guy for free, draining herself and suffering instead of forgiving. Don`t hold the grudge, it is only making the connection stronger. Practice open-heartedness by letting go your emotions.
  2. Don`t compare your ex and a new potential partner. Avoid unnecessary heartache. If you find exactly the same woman as your ex, with the same hair color, character, are you going to build new relationship or you just try to hide from the reality and would like to be in a comfortable zone?
  3. Avoid having any expectations. Go on dates, be open, practice your communication skills. Be dateable, you cannot predict what is going to happen in the nearest two hours. Maybe you fall in love, maybe you find a good friend or just spend a good time, so enjoy the ride.
  4. Love within you. You attract what you are, have this in mind before you open up. Reconnect with you inner child, remember how you used to be before “the rain”.
  5. Be positive. In order to open your heart, you should be open to people. If you see only bad intentions, you will never trust anyone. Meditation helps to relax. It helps to tune in with your heart and be in the moment. Try this practice at least 5 minutes a day and you feel much happier: sit comfortably in a place without distractions, take a deep breath in and out. As you breathe in, inhale all the positive things universe gives you, as you breathe out release worries and stress.

How to fall in love again after being hurt? It can be hard to believe that you deserve to be loved after being rejected. You shouldn`t let one bad experience walk with you wherever you go. Any heartbreak teaches you a lesson, either to know your worth or not to repeat the same mistakes. Increase a feeling of self-worth. Don`t idealize the person, you might have a love rush, thinking on the first date that this is the one. Open up to the person step by step, when you feel the connection, that the person cares for you and understands you on a deeper level. Gradually share secrets, desires and plans.

How to open yourself up to a relationship? An intimate emotional connection is the best life joy, but also a big challenge. Being open is not just physical. Sometimes it is easier for people to go in bed with someone rather than share their souls. Relationship takes time and energy, it is not just having someone to sleep with. It will require commitment, tolerance and ability to compromise. In order to avoid heartbreaks, you should ask yourself questions before you entering a relationship:

  1. Am I not busy enough to share a life with another person? Maybe you have just started a big project at work, you almost live there 24/7, striving a promotion or maybe you are going through a family crisis. Maybe it is better to wait until the storm passes, it is not the best time for another ship to join the harbor.
  2. What didn`t work out with an ex and are you over her?
  3. Write down positive signs of a healthy relationship. You should have an idea how it looks like in order not to make more mistakes in the future.
  4. What for do you need a partner? Not to be bored? Watch Netflix in the evening together, because your best friend got married and now you have no one to give you a company? Or do you have serious intentions? Maybe you want to have a family. It is important to define a purpose.
  5. What qualities are you looking for in a partner? Confident and kind? Or ambitious and funny?
  6. Do you love yourself?