Being a professional international matchmaker for almost 10 years already I have witnessed not only the evolution of the international and local dating service, but also the appearance and further development of the certain dating trends.

In this article I would concentrate on international dating. We will discuss a very specific niche represented by numerous online and offline dating services that help singles from different countries expand their search process not only to other cities, but also to other countries and continents.

At boutique matchmaking service we introduce Ukrainian ladies to international gentlemen. Our dating service is 100% offline and individual. Usually when people think about international dating they imagine huge mail-order brides online dating sites, so our individual approach based on privacy and professionalism was not too spread or too popular in the international dating niche. Nevertheless within last two years and especially in 2018 I have noticed new modern dating trends:

Modern dating trends:

Small offline dating service is getting more attention

Many singles who have fallen in love with the idea of meeting their soul mate abroad have already tried mail-order brides online dating sites. Last week during the first consultation my potential male client has called himself “the veteran of pay per letter mail-order brides online dating sites”. Unfortunately online dating can be not only addictive, but also really tricky, so after numerous attempts singles start looking for other format of dating service and offline format seems to them to be more real and appealing. They are tired of looking at huge online catalogues of photos and want to meet real people offline.

Individual bloggers and their dating service

After several unsuccessful attempts online many singles try to understand why they can’t do it. They want to know what have they done wrong and why they can’t have their “happily ever after” and of course they start looking for their answers online. Usually they end up watching a certain YouTube channel about international dating and relationship. The new trend in international dating is popularization of Individual bloggers and their dating service. Such dating service can include dating coaching, individual matchmaking, travel arrangement and guide services. Many singles find such type of a dating service really appealing after the faceless online dating service, because now there will be a real dating blogger whom they can trust and share responsibility for the results with.

International dating is getting younger

Five years ago the majority of gentlemen who were interested in international dating were in their 50s and 60s. You also could have met gentlemen in their 70s and 80s at the international speed dating events flirting with ladies half their age. The new modern dating trend you might have already noticed in 2018 is much younger age of gentlemen interested in International dating. For example, at dating service the average age of male clients has been decreasing within last three years and has dropped to 32 years old in 2018.

Young gentlemen from the East.

Just several years ago when people were thinking about international dating they have imagined a dating service that introduced American gentlemen to Slavic ladies. In 2018 you might have already noticed a new modern dating trend: young gentlemen from China, Taiwan, Singapore, South Korea and Hong Kong are ready and willing to date internationally. They choose offline dating events, traditional matchmaking service and small or big dating agencies that offer offline mail-order brides dating service.

IT guys from India

Three years ago when you thought about International dating service you could have imagined paying male clients from Western Europe, USA, Canada, Australia or New Zealand talking online to ladies from Ukraine, Russia and Belarus. However in 2018 you could have already noticed a new modern international dating trend: young IT guys from India want to date internationally! They have desire and budget to invest into dating, though they don’t have time to waste for endless correspondence online.

Busy female professionals don’t mind to relocate for love

International dating service is now presented not just with mail-order brides format, but also with the variety of offline dating agencies and dating events.  If you increase the quality of service you can definitely expect drastic changes in the type of singles you attract into your base. For example, Diolli Group includes two brands for ladies: educational premium offline events for ladies and offline dating service These brands have a huge presence in social media and attract well-educated female professionals who are well-traveled, sophisticated, speak foreign languages, value privacy and are sick and tired of endless swiping right and left. But what is crucially important they have Slavic mentality and do not mind to risk their careers for love.

In the modern world dating can become either a truly fun and inspiring activity or it can turn into exhausting, emotionally complicated endless torture with no satisfying results. But human heart will be always craving for love and romantic adventures. International dating can really help you to step out from your comfort zone and enjoy the most romantic experience of your life.

Svetlana Mukha, with love