7 differences between a soulmate and a life partner

There has been a popular misconception in society that words “partner” & “soulmate” are almost identical in meaning, if not actually synonyms. However, these, similar at the first glance terms, do have a notable distinction. As a matter of fact, they refer to absolutely different categories of relationships, though both likewise share common features. So, if you feel like falling into confusion and cannot identify your current relationship status, then we recommend you to read this article till the very last paragraph.

1. Any partner can be a soulmate, but not any soulmate can be a partner. It means that soulmate has a rather universal definition and describes people intuitively suited to one another by common views, interests, life backgrounds etc. Your soulmate can either be your best friend or your blood relative if he or she perfectly fits the description. Therefore, it is not excluded that your beloved may resemble the given characteristics as well, but such coincidences rarely do happen in a lifetime perspective. Merely it is still opposites that are magnetically attracted. If you are lucky to have found the partner of life who, due to an unbelievable combination of circumstances, sleeps in a similar pose to yours, seems to hear your thoughts or simultaneously speaks the same phrase, then you should be a match made in heaven.

2. Having met a soulmate you feel as if you went back a long way. You immediately hit it of and understand one another without any extra explanations. You literally speak the same language and this is the main difference between a soulmate and the true love. Not necessarily would your partner take the hint at once or read your mind. When you have just started dating, you are both an unread book for each other and your relationship requires a certain period to reach a complete perception of partner’s personality.

3. Comparatively to a spouse whose role is to be a reliable companion on your life lane, fulfilling it with doses of love and romance, a soulmate was dispatched with the aim to inflict the lesson. Bonds with such individuals usually form a strong connection on emotional and spiritual basis. They empower you to move further and accomplish higher achievements; they give you a helping hand whenever you need it or serve as a never ending source of inspiration. In other words, they provide you with unconditional support, thus transforming your life dramatically. Unfortunately, on many occasions such a relationship isn’t meant to last long as your paths sooner or later will divide. Many reasons might cause your separation: external circumstances, loss of vulnerable trust or even change of mentality. But both of you will remember this unique experience and draw the right conclusions. As for love partners, despite sharing your interests, they still remain people who depend on you as much as you depend on them. These special ties can be characterized as mutually beneficial partnership in which people pledge to help each other, yet being physically and emotionally tied.

4. A soulmate intuitively identifies your withholds. They know your deepest feelings and distinguish your reaction on what is happening around. Love partners cannot understand and perceive you like a soul mate, because they mainly focus on physical affection. That’s why, romantic relationships are grounded only on intellectual and logical stimulation, and so studying your spiritual values, as a rule, is not included in their business.

5. What exactly does “soulmate” mean? First and foremost it is about the only true friend, and as we know, a friend in need is a friend indeed. We don’t need to have a sharp eye to recognize soulmates among the crowd since they oftentimes arrive when we are in trouble. For unstable friends you are nothing more than a temporary entertainment or an object they can benefit from, but since you face difficulties they tend to walk away. On the contrary, it is not about soulmates: they would never refuse to give you a shoulder, come rain or shine. Your problems are their problems, they are thinking of it as a voluntary mission to be your rescuing ‘lifeboat’, not just because they feel indebted. So, if you notice these signs after your friend – you are an incredibly fortunate person.

6. You can stay at ease with a soulmate while in the presence of partner you don’t risk going beyond frames. Though many prejudiced men argue that in order to meet your life partner make sure you both behave in a free way as if you have known each other for the whole life, it does not factually correspond to reality. Romantic relationship involves some kind of awkwardness and even self-restraint which go alongside with rapid heartbeat and love-shaped flames in eyes. It cannot exist without sexual chemistry whereas relationships with soulmates are mostly platonic.

7. Your thinking mechanisms are unusually harmonious. True soulmates are able to foresee your emotional roller coaster and can always find the right approach to you in any situation. Instead of pushing and adding insult to injury as it frequently happens in a marriage, they proceed with tremendous caution. They will not bother your solitude when you want to ponder on your own, and they will be your trustworthy advisor if you need a suggestion. And this is the main difference between a life partner and a soul mate. Partners sometimes don’t wield such power of observation. The reason for that is our unique personality traits – we usually treat people as we would like to be treated in return, not like what we think would be better for others.
To sum up, each of these relationship types has pros and cons, but do not mix them up. Everyone ought to remember: if the person moves in the same circles as you, it is not enough to start planning off your wedding and coming up with future child’s name.