7 Reasons to Date Someone Who Is Your Opposite

Think about dating a clone, someone just like you: exactly the same temper, interests, food preferences. Do you feel excited? You would feel trapped. You would rather be happy with a person who complements you, not mirrors.

Unconsciously people are attracted to those with diverse genes, opposite personalities do attract.

Why do opposites attract?

Sometimes we wish we had a trait in our character, being more patient for example. And when we meet a person with the desirable trait, we are unconsciously drawn to them. It is all about exchanging traits and energies. Lovers should teach each other, without being dominant. You may be different in style of clothes, background, music, the things you do in your off hours, but you share main values, which is the key to happiness in a couple. It depends what is important for you, how you perceive love. For example my female friend says it is important to listen to the same music with a man she is going to share her life with. She feels deep connection with the man who understands songs of Bryan Adams: “Everything I do I do it for you”, Scorpions and Michael Jackson, imagining walking down the aisle with a groom with the first song in the list. It is her dream and she says she would be head over heels with a guy who feels the same about it.

If we are practically the same, we would be bored. Being secure and safe, knowing everything your partner is going to do ten steps ahead, it is comfortable. But in order to grow, we strive adventure, passion and excitement.

Here are 7 reasons to date someone different:

  1. Complementing each other. If you are a very easy-going extravert, always enthusiastic, talkative, come up with different ideas all the time, and your lady is an introvert, you find a balance. She teaches you how to mellow out and be relaxed, and learns from you how to enjoy life, be bubbly and set a positive atmosphere. I know a couple who has completely opposite characters, but are very happy together, they found a balance. She is “the center of attention”, very loud, super sexy, likes to show off a bit. She is also popular on social media, he is her complete opposite. He is a very shy gentleman, but with a very strong character, very charming, but quiet. He is not a man of many words, talks only up to the point, on the contrary she is a chatter box. But they are a perfect combination and complement each other in every way. When you look at them, you would say they were made for each other. And she says she cannot imagine a man who would be the same like her. They would not stand each other even a week. If you look around at your circle of friends, you start noticing such couples too.
  2. Learning new things in life. If you come from another country, it feels like an exciting adventure. You have a plenty of room to explore each other. International couples are a good example for this. They learn about each other`s cultures, find something they like a lot and put up with minor things they haven`t done before. They raise children in multinational environment, which is only contributing to their children`s upbringing and future development. They look at life from different perspectives and live happily.
  3. Approach to arguments. Opposite personalities in a relationship have their own way of dealing with arguments, so you can quickly find the way to deal with the issue applying different methods. One of you may want to discuss it vividly with emotions, another one has more rational approach.
  4. New way of thinking. Dating someone opposite of you gives you a chance to look at life from a different angle. If you got used to always solve problems in one way, a new partner can give you an idea how it can be done for example much easier.
  5. Being tolerant. Dating your opposite gives you many chances to be tolerant and patient. For example, if you are too slow, your partner needs to tolerate you in taking much time to fulfill a task while you should accept her being active and too fast in some things or vice versa.
  6. Sympathy. The key to becoming sympathetic is an ability to understand differences. It is an important quality.
  7. You never get bored. You are going to be automatically introduced to new films, artists, actors and music, visit various restaurants you might have just missed out.

If you have fallen in love with someone different from you, you should be ready for challenges. You will need to learn and appreciate your partner. When two polar people become a couple and know how to handle each other, they form a very strong functioning unit. If you look around you in nature, you are going to notice many pairs (day and night, ocean –land). Since childhood we were reading fairytales, where the main characters were madly in love, but had a strong connection between each other. Some of them had a happy end, some not (Beauty and the Beast, Romeo and Juliet). Like from the song by Lene Lovich “What do you do when opposites attract” – Take a chance!