7 Reasons You’re Bored In Your Relationship

Getting bored in a relationship? Once you enter a comfortable stage with each other, it might be no longer excited as it used to be. You might encounter boredom in a relationship. Seeing a beloved one became a routine, as you already live together. But don`t forget, a woman needs constant attention and devotion. And if you have ever thought to yourself recently: “I feel like my relationship is boring”, this article is for you.

Is it normal to feel bored in a relationship? You should find out the reason why your relationship is boring for you. Maybe you got used to drama in the past, fighting over minor problems with your ex girlfriend, and it was a normal situation for you, but now peace is not for you? Then you should search for roots in yourself. Maybe it is just a disruptive pattern and you have to work on it. But if there are other reasons, let`s look closer and find solutions. You have probably heard the same story from her childhood million of times, you know how she will react on a certain joke, you learnt all her moves and hobbies. But it is ok, if it gives her pleasure to tell you the same story from childhood, because you are the person close to her heart, pretend that you hear it for the first time and you will see what emotions it is going to give both of you. My friend, Natasha moved to Germany quite a long time ago. She met a German man, they have been living for 4 years but she still misses her friends, recollecting in mind happy moments they spent together. And she told me: “It is so sweet, I have told our travel funny story which happened with us in Turkey to my husband I don`t remember how many times, but he still laughs like it is the first time. I love him so much, he understands me.” It took him only 5 minutes to listen, but it meant the whole world for her. Because while sharing the dearest memories, you experience it again. Every person is a book of a million pages, if you discovered half of the book, start creating common pages.

Why are you bored? There can be several reasons:

  1. Your days are exactly the same. You start your day with the same routines and finish the same too.
  2. There are no things to look forward to in a relationship. You don`t dream and don`t set any goals. You live only today without any future together.
  3. Lack of excitement. There is no fun in your life, the only thing you do is coming from work, have dinner occasionally together and sleep.
  4. You used to have romantic date nights, but now not anymore.
  5. You do a lot of things on your own. It is ok to have some space, but if you tend to spend more time by yourself, it is not a very good sign.
  6. Lack of intimacy. Maybe you established so trusting relationship, that you became like a brother and sister. It is good to certain extent. If you trust your partner as a sister, it is great, but if you are absolutely indifferent to her as woman, then it is a big problem.
  7. You might have an emotional affair with your colleague or friend. You share everything with them either at work or on the phone. You are emotionally fulfilled, so you don`t feel the need to do the same with your partner. And you create two separate worlds, which is going to cause many problems on establishing emotional intimacy.

Or maybe your life itself is very boring? You have nothing to excite you, you have a job that you don`t like, friends you don`t want to see and nothing happens to enliven your life. Then you should find some sources to brighten your life instead of putting a blame on other people.

What to do if you are bored? Here are some things to do in relationships:

  1. Set an unexpected trip. Create new emotions together, explore the place you really wanted. You can even choose something you have never tried before: an island, where there will be only two of you. Rent a bungalow next to the ocean, pursue your dreams. How about going on a cruise? Your love and the ocean….what can be better? You may have your breakfasts meeting the sunrise with the ocean view and having dinners with the sun sets you will never forget.
  2. Skip some routine work in order to take your woman to a restaurant. She might be tired of cooking every day. Organize a small celebration in a cosy place with her favorite cuisine.
  3. Trigger old happy memories from your dating period: watch a movie you saw first when you met, have food you used to eat and have a glass of your favourite wine.
  4. Exchange hobbies. If your girlfriend likes hiking and you are not an outdoor person, join her, maybe she will discover a new passion in you. Or maybe you like swimming, teach your lady to swim.
  5. If you don`t have time to travel so far, make a small vacation in your own city. I bet you haven`t been to all the places and hotels of your town. Rent a suite with all the facilities for a romantic night: a bathtub, a king-size bed and a balcony. Enjoy a balcony dinner with champagne.
  6. Do massage for each other, followed by amazing sex in a different atmosphere. Do you remember the last time you had sex with your woman? Maybe it was right before going to sleep after a tiring working day, wasn`t it? If yes, it is high time to bring romance into your intimate life. Organize a Spa day at your own home. Set a romantic mood by establishing a dim light, aroma candles and relaxing music. You might have a separate Spa place where you do massages and then head to a bedroom, decorated with rose petals. Sounds too ordinary? Why not trying it with your partner? It cannot be boring for sure.
  7. Try cooking a new dish. Maybe you crave for some food and always order it from the restaurant. Or for example your lady likes guacamole, why not making together? Cooking can be fun, it is not only routine obligation. You can play in “Master chef”, who is going to cook better? And set a prize for the winner.
  8. Sip wine in front of a fire place, while watching a romantic comedy.

    There are many things to do when you are bored with your girlfriend. In a relationship it can be boring just for a while, but when you know how not to let it happen, it won`t affect you at all.