7 Signs You’re Not Ready For a Relationship

Very often you may hear: I want to be in a relationship. But usually you cannot answer why. Is it because you were scrolling your Insta or Facebook feed full of happy couples with hashtags # love, #sohappywithyou, #3happyearstogether, #can`tlivewithoutyou, etc and thinking to yourself am I the only person in this world without a partner? Or are there any like me? Come on, single people, shout out! Don`t feel pressured at all, maybe you are absolutely fine single, enjoying your life or maybe you are not ready to be in relationship.

Check out the signs that show you are not ready for a relationship.

  1. You haven`t discovered yourself yet, your favourite music, country you like visiting, movie, drink, colour. Seems like a simple thing. But most people don`t know yet. Go on a self-discovery trip. You should be fulfilled from within.
  2. Ego. You should compromise, we are all different, you need to learn to be tolerant to different life views and behavior, take into consideration other opinion.
  3. You don`t know how to apologize.. It is absolutely normal to have some small fights, we encounter some problems. But if you learn to admit your mistakes, it is going to contribute to building mutual respect, strong bond and understanding.
  4. You have just broken up with your ex. There is a Ukrainian saying: One love drives out another. It is not always working. Definitely you have to take time out. No matter how it ended, you might feel either ok or bad. In case you feel bad, you should avoid jumping into a new one. If you feel fine, it has been a mutual decision and you are not dreaming about your ex, don`t compare other females with her, don`t feel depressed and don`t talk with friends for hours about your broken heart, it is also better to take a small time-out .Reconsider your behaviour, what you can improve. There is always a potential where to grow.
  5. You want to be a savior. Sometimes we want to be a superman who solves all the problems. If a person is in depression, we think we can cure him or her with our love. Remember, you cannot change another person and no one can change you unless you want it from within. You are the only person who can fight your own fears and problems. For example, you met a person who drinks much, claiming that he needs motivation and then he will definitely change. You start believing in this fairytale and you decide to save this person, you are thinking that it is destiny, God sent you to help this person. Wrong, wrong, wrong! You are not a rehabilitation center and not a charity.
  6. You are too reserved and is not willing to share emotions with anyone else except yourself. Emotional intimacy is the key to success.
  7. You idealize a future partner and are unconsciously in love with an image of a famous actress, singer or a fiction character from movies. For example you are a fan of Katty Perry and you want your partner to dye her hair in black, style it the way Katty does it, and you get upset when your girlfriend doesn`t look like your idol.

If you are looking for reasons why you`re single, maybe it is just not the time.

Here are the signs you like being alone. If you are comfortable with yourself, you can make other person feel happy too.

What do girls want from a relationship? They want a lot from relationship, but they reciprocate feelings two times more.

They need a partner who will support them, show affection and feelings, the one who will not be embarrassed to show love, to open a heart. They are looking for a gentleman, who will hold the door for them, open the car door, give a jacket when it is cold, text to find out if she reached home safely. Simple things matter. They need a supporter, who will encourage to fulfill dreams and follow the heart. Of course they want a romantic man, who can give surprises from time to time, flowers without a reason, a kiss on the cheek when it is least expected. Girls are seeking a best friend too, someone with whom they can share thoughts and worries, take advice from, an adventurous person who is willing to share their wild ideas.

The main thing they appreciate is commitment. They want to know that there is a person who they can count on in difficult situation, serious, responsible and confident. Seems like a lot of things, but it just requires some efforts. Women don`t want perfect partners, they need a man with goals, efforts and a desire to be his best self. In return they will give you more.

What should I do if I am not getting what I need from my relationship?

People sometimes are in relationships which don`t bring pleasure, satisfaction, moral comfort or personal growth, but they still keep them. But you are not going to be happy in this relationship. Sometimes people try to make a square out of a triangle. They subconsciously realize that it is not going to happen, but still pushing hoping to change it somehow. If you cannot change it, you should leave.

What are the signs that your relationship is failing?

  1. When you don`t hear each other anymore. While debating, you use swear words, your anger level is on maximum and you cannot control it.
  2. Lack of romance. You are not willing to make surprises, be romantic. You tend to spend more time with friends without missing your second half.
  3. Absence of sex. You don`t want your partner physically, you avoid having any physical contact, explaining it by headache, lack of energy and tiredness.
  4. No progress. When you are at the same stage for a long time. If you started going out one year ago and still haven`t tried living together, it is not a good sign. There are certain phases of developing.
  5. When “used to” becomes your friend. You think about how it used to be more often.

Is it the end? Everything can be fixed on a certain phase if both parties are willing to do it.