7 Things That Gross Women Out in Bed

How often have you shaken out your blanket while making your bed and noticed that your phone has fallen to the ground or your kitten has been moving in an unknown direction? Who hasn’t been there? At least it sounds funny! However, to tell the truth, if we talk about gross things to do in bed, it hardly seems sweet or hilarious. Furthermore, there are certain types of behavior a gentleman should strictly avoid.

1. Figuring out what to do for good sex? Don’t skip the foreplay. A recent study has tried to explore the significance of foreplay to know what can help women orgasm with their partners to maximize pleasure. You’d better concentrate more on helping your woman enjoy intimacy. Try and eliminate the factors that stop her from having a fulfilling session like dryness, stress, etc.

2. Obviously, wearing anything on your feet isn’t a good idea, moreover, it’s likely to be one of bad things related to passion when we have in mind intimacy and think about sex. Take off your disgusting socks. Just imagine a naked dude in socks! Doesn’t look flattering, right? Unless you’re Jared Leto. You’d better wear protection, just not on your feet.

3. That, therefore, brings us to another fundamental issue. If your lover insists on wearing a condom, talking her out of it seems the most inconsiderate thing you can do.

4. We strongly believe ladies are totally OK with guys of different sexual abilities, but the worst thing you can do is over-promise and under-deliver. Claiming you’re a god of intimacy is an alarming trend in male behavior. Actually, staying humble makes any missteps you commit far more forgivable.

5. It isn’t a one-way street. Don’t be selfish. Paying special attention to your lover’s desires not only makes sex pleasurable for her, but also helps turn you on or slow you down.

6. You’d better speak up. As children we’re all taught that if you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything. Which is fine when auntie Kate gives you a hand-knitted sweater. But staying silent doesn’t apply to your bedroom partner; you’ll need to find a way to speak your mind.

7. To paraphrase Kennedy’s famous quote, ask not what your woman is able to do for you, but what you are able to do for your lady. It’s a win-win situation.

Finally, answering a threshold question what a guy should do to get ready for good sex, we would like to offer some useful tips. You need to know what both you and your partner enjoy. Practice makes perfect. Ask your girlfriend what arouses her and be prepared to try it out a few times before getting it right. Don’t forget humans are sensitive beings. Most of us can’t go from fully clothed to penetration without some preliminary activities. It’s a fascinating way for you to increase your sex drive, excitement and desire.