How to make a second date successful?

The first meeting seems to be rather tough. It may be awkward, exciting, and often sweaty. To tell the truth, the most successful or even fabulous second date could be more essential because if she agrees to go out with you again, we have some good news — she’s interested in getting to know you better, nevertheless, there’s additional pressure and anxiety related to a number of threshold questions — what you have to talk about and how to act on a second date. Therefore, we’ve decided to pay particular attention to second date advice for men and offer you some useful tips for a second date.

1. Take a walk together, play bowling, go to an amusement park before your dinner or attend a live music concert after
For instance, walking is believed by marriage therapists to help people open up. You’re literally moving forward, and it takes the pressure off sitting still and maintaining eye contact.

2. Know how to dress
Wear business casual, pairing chinos or nice dark jeans with a nice button-down shirt and some sleek brown leather shoes and belt. You’d better look like you’re going to a business dinner by pairing dress pants, a button-down shirt, and a jacket; the tie is optional. Wearing a genuine smile will complement your outfit in spectacular fashion.

3. Ask deep questions, but don’t interrogate her
One of the best rules of thumb to follow is to focus on the key parts of the person’s life. It is a great conversation starter to expand on what she has previously shared with you. This will allow you to establish trust for more personal questions and meaningful topics.

Think to yourself that you need to ask at least five open-ended questions, listen to the answers, and ask follow-up questions. They may be the following.

· If you could go back and do anything in your life over again, what would it be?
· If you could change anything about yourself, what would it be?
· What are the top three most defining moments in your life?
· What is the scariest or craziest thing you’ve ever done?
· What kind of advice would you like to give to a younger version of yourself?

4. Read the signs
Do you want to know how to have a good second date? Be a little more open with yourself. Share with the lady a few personal things about yourself and observe how she reacts. The person is worth spending time with if she finds what you say endearing. Be very attentive to body language. On the other hand, you are still not committed at this point, so it is wise to avoid the official talk as the other person may feel burdened.

5. Talk about your views and life goals
Make sure to include talking about some meaningful things in your life. Every man or woman must find out the view of the person they see on different matters and figure out if your view is simple or is there any contrast between your goals and view with the other one. It is one of the best ways to determine that the person will be a perfect match for you for long-term contrasting views can be a cause of conflict in the future.

6. Make it memorable
Find and try something that can impress the lady. It may be some small gestures or tiny gifts or taking her to the best places to dine.
Remember to have fun. This isn’t rocket science. If you’re able to make a girl laugh, it’s the ultimate attraction. If you’re in a panic, just take a nice, relaxing breath. The only rule is to have fun… and get the kiss!

7. Close the deal
Look her in the eyes, smile radiantly, touch her gently, and say, “I had a great time tonight. I love how smart, thoughtful, and funny you are (or whatever is true).” By stepping into your radiant, captivating, and passionate self on every date, you’ll invite SOMEONE SPECIAL to notice what a great catch you really are — leading to better third, fourth, and fifth dates… and probably extremely good sex and a harmonious long-term relationship!