8 Compliments Women Can’t Resist

Saying you like the girlfriend’s outfit is not flattery,
it is the way to stay alive.

To make a compliment for a woman is not such a difficult task man who fancies or respects her has to fulfill.

There is a strong belief ladies love with their ears. Indeed, it is very important to hear the confirmation of the best feelings and intentions a gentleman has.

It is simply vital for a girl to hear affectionate words, to know she is beautiful, desired, and appreciated. The guy who knows how to praise a woman always stands out from the crowd.

Therefore, it is worthwhile to learn how to do it and make it your best weapon in winning the heart of the opposite sex representatives.

The mistake most men make is that they prefer to express feelings only by concrete actions: “If I married you, what else to say, everything should be clear.” But it is not clear to us! Because actions are the road to a lady’s mind, and beautiful compliments are the road to her heart, which she listens to more often.

Women, first of all, need to hear they are loved. This could be expressed in many expressions and the nicest thing to say to your girlfriend could be a simple phrase like: “I adore your voice!”, “I was thinking about you.”, “I missed you!”

Even funny compliments for girls make them melt away. Ladies don’t want to date, kiss, fall in love, and have sex without hearing praising words. However, appreciating only beauty or clothing is too commonplace to believe in. They understand you find them sexy and hot, but how could you show not only your lustful intentions?

Luckily, we have found many good expressions, which are not so banal. They touch some secret strings of the female soul and make it impossible to resist you.

  1. “You have a great sense of humor.” It is believed men are more witty and cheerful, while women are not. Hearing something similar to this, the lass will be very happy she was appreciated.
  2. “You turn me on.” This expression includes more than one smooth thing to say to a girl at once and praise a face, figure, charisma, and sexuality. She is like the embodiment of all the best female qualities, which she has wanted to hear.
  3. “You are very smart.” Guys usually call girls “fools.” Therefore, the best compliment to a woman is to notice she has intellect.
  4. “I adore your smile/laugh/cheerful character.” Saying this is good both on a first date and 101st too. Your lady would try to smile and laugh more often to justify your words. And that’s all you need. A positive date is always more promising in terms of seduction and a good atmosphere in a relationship.
  5. “I cherish you the way you are.” Believe it or not, but we have 1000 complexes and cockroaches in our female heads. If you confess to someone you adore her the way she is, you might get boundless gratitude in return. And sex too.
  6. “You know how to cheer me up.” Every lady wants to support the man besides, but receive words of gratitude in return. If you have noticed it, your beloved will be pleased and happy.
  7. “You cook well.” The ability to cook is considered one of the important and indispensable qualities any lass must have. It is very wise of you to acknowledge your dear’s culinary ability, even if it is not true.
  8. “You are a professional in …”. It’s easy to win the liking of any lass by appreciating her work or hobby. She would be very pleased.

There are two more phrases, which have the power to melt the heart and make your GF feel loved and respected.

  1. “I agree with you”. Don’t try to find out who is right and who is wrong. Saying so, now and then, you admit your girlfriend could be right too; therefore, she won’t see you as a rival and will concede herself.
  2. “You are the best”. When your girlfriend hears she is the best, all the qualities she possesses are automatically recognized as outstanding, and she will definitely try to be such for her guy – you.

The final tip I would give you is to look through the list of the most widespread mistakes while complimenting:

  • Double meaning. Always present when the following words are pronounced: now, today, unexpectedly, surprisingly.
  • Pronounced flattery. It is most clearly visible, as an example, when a lady of respectable age is told she looks 20.
  • A downward assessment. It is especially unpleasant when, together with something nice, they say something like “even I enjoy it”, “I appreciated it”, “not bad enough”.
  • The presence of moral advice when you say this dress really suits your girlfriend and mention she should wear it more often.
  • Irony. No comments. The slight irony is appropriated only in an attempt to make a joke on yourself.
  • Theatrical effects, excessive enthusiasm – this is what not only spoils the impression of you but also does not contribute to the desired effect.

Finally, I want to assure you no girl can resist the nice words listed. Be sure to mix them up along with praising your girlfriend’s beauty and sexuality. Then in return, you get the lady’s warmth, tenderness, endearment, and hot sexy body 😉

Valeria Matskevich With Love.