8 Hacks for Relaxing Before a First Date

Unless you are the chillest and the most confident person ever, you will be a little bit nervous on a first date. Almost each person has experienced the first date anxiety for various reasons:

  1. You haven`t been on dates recently, so it is hard to imagine yourself sitting in a romantic atmosphere with a gorgeous woman and find topics for conversation.
  2. You are not confident enough.
  3. You are nervous about first date in general, no matter if it is a romantic meeting or just a new company.
  4. You always overthink, if a woman will like you, how your relationship will to be, if is going to last even before having any relationship.

Even though you know how to control yourself and usually maintain your nerves, a stress level just right before the meeting might go up from 0 to 10. Have you ever experienced it? If yes, I would like to share some date tricks how not to be nervous on a date:

  1. Make sure you don`t have any important stressful meeting on the same day when you are going on a date. It is not a good idea of releasing stress level. Have a good rest, sleep well. Then take care of yourself, don`t leave choosing an outfit for the last minute. Be ready with what you are going to wear, it is important part of your appearance. Dress to impress.
  2. While preparing to see the lady, play music that you like, the kind of songs which lift your mood up.
  3. To mitigate anxiety you should plan things you are going to do with a lady. If you are going to a restaurant, it would be nice to come in advance to get familiar with the atmosphere, choose your sit and be comfortable with your position.
  4. Remember that nervousness on the first date is peculiar not only for you, but a lady too. She is also worried about her looks, she feels vulnerable as well. You should take it into consideration.
  5. Meet your best friend or a person you may open your heart and take advice from the day before the date, so that you laugh and distract yourself. They definitely know how to calm your nerves before the date.
  6. If you wonder how to be confident on a first date, affirmations will help you. Something like: “ I look awesome in this suit”, “We are going to have so much fun”, “ I am a good listener”, “ I am the best in telling jokes’’, “I rock in giving compliments to ladies”.
  7. Bring flowers and a small present. It is the best way to break the ice. By giving a gorgeous bouquet of flowers, you will charm a woman and make her feel special. By giving a present, you give yourself time to skip an awkward silence and tell a story about why you chose exactly this gift. Here you can turn on your imagination and creativity and tell an interesting story. Our clients always have a wonderful approach in choosing presents. Either it is something connected with their countries or cities: aroma candle with a scent of the city he came from, so that the lady can feel it in her own house; a T-shirt with the beach next to his town, where he dreams to take her in the future vacation; a chocolate with the girl`s name, which feels very special. Your story connected with a present is a good start and definitely is going to be memorable.
  8. Choose a place according to your personality. If you don`t feel comfortable in the bar, then it is not a good idea. Don`t opt out for a cinema when you see each other the first time.

You should find an appropriate atmosphere, and then afterwards you may walk in the park and change the activity.

Few more tips, which better NOT to do:

  1. If you are a phlegmatic person, don`t try to be too active and show a different self. It is nice not to be boring, joke from time to time. But you shouldn`t exaggerate. Because if you want to build relationship, you must show a real you.
  2. If a glass of wine makes you more relaxed, it is totally fine, but if you decide to gulp down a bottle of wine to reduce stress, it is not a good idea.
  3. Talking about trivial things may be boring, but still it is better to avoid such topics as politics, religion and your ex partners. You shouldn`t turn a romantic dinner into a serious debate.
  4. Touches on the first meeting should be limited, not sexual.
  5. You might have heard that girls like “bad boys”. It is not applicable for all of them and it is not a reason to use cursing and F words during a conversation to prove your brutality. There are plenty of other decent ways.
  6. Staying on the phone all time is a big NO. Even if you have some business reasons, it is not an excuse. Keeping an eye on important email is ok, but constant attention to your phone is definitely a sign of bad manners.
  7. Keep the humour light. You don`t know the person too well yet and you might unconsciously hurt her.
  8. If you think going Dutch is normal, you should consider the peculiarities of the nationality of a woman you go out with. In Ukraine it is not common, a man is the one who treats a lady.
  9. Also avoid giving compliments with double meaning: “Your dress is gorgeous only if it was much shorter”, “You look stunning, you shouldn`t put any make up”. A girl can think that you don`t like the way she put make up. Or “ You look very beautiful on pictures.” She might think she didn`t impress you in real life.

Establish friendship with a lady, it is an important ground for healthy relationship that lasts.