8 Qualities of a Loyal Relationship

Why is loyalty important and seen as a rule? If it is so valuable, why do people, knowing about its use, consciously betray each other?

To answer this question, it is desirable to understand the definition of loyalty in a relationship, what kinds of it there exist, and what are its advantages. Why is it so difficult for some of us to be faithful despite all the advantages of a loyal and honest bond?

So… What does loyal mean? It is someone, who has a strong desire to follow the rules set for a certain situation or sphere. Faithfulness is a part of ethics and morality. Speaking about a love bond, it is a wish to stay beside one partner, take them as your only sexual interest physically and emotionally.

Loyal people are the ones, who have a high level of willpower, and mindfulness. This quality is highly praised by society and is considered to be one of the main characteristics of a highly moral personality and a strong union. Apostasy from it is called cheating or betrayal.

There exist different kinds of fidelity. They differ according to their levels and objects. Speaking of the first criterion we can distinguish between three types of fidelity:

  1. physical – performing actions in favor of the objec
  2. emotional – sensual attachment to it;
  3. mental – interest, conscious choice.

The second criterion gives us even a wider range of fidelity types, based on who or what its object is:

  • friendly – maintaining the connection between friends, less often acquaintances;
  • family – close ties between relatives, clans, clan in general;
  • love (conjugal) – monogamy in romantic unions (marriage);
  • patriotic – love for the Motherland, its political and economic, natural, cultural and ethnic characteristics;
  • religious – steadfastness of faith, respect, observance of its postulates, traditions;
  • personal – adherence to one’s words, views, principles.

Definitely, we are most interested in the signs of loyalty shown in love unions. Here they are:

  1. Keeping the word and promises.

    It is really important as both you and your lady are each other’s support, and not just someone passing by.

  2. Seeing no point in communicating with ex-partners.

    Surely, both men and women can hide the fact they still communicate with their former lover; however, it is not a good thing to do. The meaning of loyal relations is to leave the space only for the person, who is your present, and leave your past in the past.

  3. You are best friends.

    Why is loyalty important in a relationship? Definitely, because it helps you to find the best friend for your life. You discuss any topics and are not afraid to speak your mind. You know your beloved will understand you.

  4. You are sincere with each other.

    It is not unusual and surprising to see this feature among the characteristics of a loyal person. Being like this, you can easily share your plans and worries. You could find a way to bring your love to a new level, ask for and give advice.

  5. You don’t flirt with other representatives of the opposite sex.

    Naturally enough, we look at other people and pay attention to them by making compliments, etc. However, none of these signs of attention go further as you know that your dear is your ONE and you do not need anyone else.

  6. You know that you cherish each other.

    Believe it or not, but it is very important for a lady to admire her man, cheer him up, love him, and praise him. Still, there is one “but”… she wants the same attitude. Therefore, it is essential to tell you appreciate what your partner does for you. Never forget this wise thing.

  7. Being able to admit you have flaws.

    Do not try to find the difference between loyalty and faithfulness, and start with taking yourself the way you are. Even though your beloved praises you, the real ability to understand nobody is perfect and you are not an exception is the key to success in your personal life.

  8. You are absolutely satisfied with your sexual life.

    This point is vital because it might cause adultery in the future. It is essential that you both feel each other and want the same things. If you still do not know the partner’s opinion on this matter, it is better to ask before it is too late.

Finally, if, apart from the above mentioned you tend to say “we” instead of “I”, you are absolutely lucky to be next to a faithful person.

Valeria Matskevich With Love.