8 rules for meeting your girlfriend’s parents

Why do I have to meet my girlfriend`s parents? Is it that important? Meeting your girlfriend`s parents is an essential interview of your relationship which brings you to the next level. In Ukraine ladies are more independent, they have their own views and believes, even though taking into consideration an opinion of our families we tend to make decisions connected with our personal life by ourselves. At a certain stage of relationship there comes a question of meeting the parents for the first time. It is an emotional moment and you need to be prepared.

How to meet her parents? There are certain traditions, which have been settled in Ukrainian families. First it is better to know more your girlfriend`s family background to impress them more. Mostly older generation is very friendly in Ukraine and does their best too to make you feel at home.

What are the actual tips for meeting her parents?

  1. There is no special dress code. There is no need to wear formal clothes, a bow tie and cufflinks, it`s not literally an interview.
  2. It will be very impressive if you bring small gifts. It is easier to choose a present for a mother, all women adore flowers, a beautiful bouquet is going to melt her heart. You can expect a sincere smile, she is going to thank you and may give a hug. It`s common thing in our culture. If you hesitate about a gift to a father, it`s better to take advice from your lady and find out what he prefers. Small gifts are just a sign of attention, they are going to appreciate the fact that you had been thinking about it beforehand.
  3. Ukrainian women of older age like to surprise with a huge variety of food, we are fond of cooking and it`s a tradition to have a big table full of dishes. If a mother offers you to eat, you should try and compliment on the food. Usually she spends the whole day cooking something unusual and is expecting your opinion.
  4. Mention your occupation, so they can get to know you better. Definitely you have some funny stories to share to set positive atmosphere, we admire sense of humor, it will break the ice between you.
  5. If you have a language barrier, don`t feel confused, your woman should manage to translate it to parents and it even adds some kind of charm. They feel special to listen to a different language.
  6. Usually father is harder to impress, he wants to know a person more and check if you are a good match, but you will find a key to his heart. Generally men are interested in cars, ask him which car he prefers more, go out in the garden and have a small “man talk”.
  7. Talk about your future plans with their daughter, they would like to hear that you have serious intentions. Maybe you share your love story, some special moments from your first date. They are going to be interested to hear that.
  8. They can hug you while saying goodbye, the father may shake your hand in a sign of respect. Wish them a pleasant evening and express your warm feeling from getting to know them.

You shall enjoy the evening, because it is a big and important part of your girlfriend`s life, childhood and the style of living. Don`t be afraid to ask questions as well, show your interest and anticipation. They are always eager to tell some hilarious stories about daughter`s childhood, kindergarten and school periods, might show you some old photos.