8 Things That Can go Wrong During Sex

Perhaps, there is no “bad” or “weird” in terms of sex, if both people want to have a great time together and they are consenting adults. Therefore, we aren’t going to offer a list about what sexualized practices to avoid, but rather a list of behaviors that transform fantastic experiences into tepid ones.

1. You have said the wrong name during sex. It can be embarrassing for everyone involved and often put a stop. Saying someone else’s name when in the throes of passion may seem like the sort of blunder which is better suited to a bad film, but the truth is it happens. Of course, in the heat of the moment, it’s hard to focus on being called the wrong name as a positive.

2. It leads us to another point. Referencing your ex’s technique seems inappropriate. If you’re comparing what your ex-girlfriend did to what your current one is doing, it’s the last thing your lover is interested in.

3. It goes without saying a healthy body has a scent, but it shouldn’t have an unpleasant or even bad smell, although the scent may change or get stronger during sexual arousal. Don’t forget that hygiene has to be your top priority. On the other hand, if a person emits an unexpected fluid or a sound, farts or burps, it’s significant not to freak out.

4. Stress can do a number on your libido. If you’re being pulled in a million directions or if a global pandemic has cranked your stress level to 10 it’s no wonder an intimacy isn’t at the top of your to-do list.

5. Failing to communicate with your partner is one of the easiest paths to bad sex. Sexual fulfillment isn’t automatic, and you can’t expect your girlfriend to read your mind. Make an effort to talk to your lover about intimacy issues.

6. Forgetting to experiment is annoying. People like trying new things in all aspects of life. While we do like predictability to an extent, we also crave novelty and newness.

7. Unfortunately, sometimes a gentleman, who may be really stressed and clumsy at that moment, thrusts hard but misses by a mere inch into another forbidden zone called the “wrong hole” during sex. In fact, it depends on the position how easy it is to make the mistake.

Last but not least, certainly, we aren’t able to discuss everything that can go wrong during sex. Your intimacy starts way before you get to the bedroom. There needs to be an emotional connection. Part of this is about knowing exactly how you feel about this woman. If you’re confident about your feelings, it will be a lot easier to express them.