8 Things You Need to Know About Loving A Woman

A lot of films and books have tried to answer the eternal question: what do ladies want in a relationship? However, no clear answer has been found yet.

In this article, I will try to explain some things about our behavior and make a list of things you should know about your girlfriend. Nevertheless, whatever you will see next, is my personal opinion, and you are the only one to decide whether to follow my instructions or not. So, let’s get started.

  1. The best way to love a woman is to give her attention. I know, you have heard it a thousand times but I repeat it again – attention is a girl’s drug. When we do not get it, we fade. The form of the needed attention may vary depending on a lady, but compliments are universal, of course.
  2. No matter if your GF is a beauty queen or a plain girl, you must tell her how good she is. One wise man said: “If the lady is clever, say she is beautiful. If she is beautiful, say she is clever. If you do not know what to say, mention she has lost weight.” Perfect!

  3. Girls’ mood can change in a blink of an eye. Even if your partner is a businesswoman, who is able to hide her feelings and stay as cool as a cucumber, she is still a human being, and not always emotionally stable. Such periods in our life happen during pregnancy, after giving birth, and once a month, when hormones take power over a lass. At this time, we do not understand what we want: to be hugged, an ice-cream, to cry or kill… Very often all of these at the same time.
  4. So, one lady said: “If your GF isn’t happy with the weather, the condition of economics in the country, your tie, she just wants you to hug her.” It’s natural for us. So, dear men, please, forgive us and cuddle.

  5. How to love a woman if she doesn’t want it? Do you really buy it? Do you really believe that at the peak of partner search (usually 20-30 years) SHE doesn’t want to find her true endearment? I doubt any of my friends could state they do not want to get married and find a worthy life-partner.
  6. Therefore, if a lady says “I don’t want any romance.”, interpret it like “I’m afraid to be disappointed” and make whatever it takes to show you could be trusted.

  7. When you love a woman, she must be sure about it.
  8. There is a joke about an elderly couple. A wife was constantly asking her husband if he cherished her. His answer was: “I have told you once I do. If anything changes, I will let you know.”

    Definitely, it doesn’t work in real life. We like to get the upgraded information about your feelings. Believe me, it is worth it.

  9. If you want to know how to keep a woman in love, remember she needs you to listen to her.
  10. I have read somewhere that men listen to only 5% of what their GF says. “That’s awful,” I thought and asked a male friend of mine to check if it was true. His reply made me understand how “pathetic” the situation was: “If I listen to everything she says, I might go crazy.” What? Really?

    Of course, we can speak too much sometimes, but if you tried to change the amount of perceived information from 5% to at least 40%, your relationship with a woman could take a different, more pleasant for you, turn.

  11. Ask direct questions. Always remember that there are two vocabularies: male and female. The male “I am hungry” does mean he is hungry, and “I am OK” really means he is fine. On the other hand, a female “I’m fine”, or even worse “It’s fine”, or the worst version “FINE” would probably mean everything is worse than bad.
  12. Keep in mind that such phrases hint you she is offended with something and hearing them you’d better find out what makes your partner say so. Don’t forget girls appreciate deeds. Therefore, do not explain anything, just do something.

    Oh, and never ever even think of telling the truth having heard something like “Am I fat?” Remember the wise words: If a girl says she is fat, she is joking. If you say it to her, prepare to get killed.

  13. Shopping means more than just buying to us.
  14. It is vital for ladies to feel beautiful and desired. If we do not feel so, we can hardly inspire you, gents, to perform heroic acts. Beauty salons, shopping, and other girly stuff are like our cure. As Coco Chanel said once: “Women’s G spot is at the end of the word shoppinG” So, believe it or not, but sometimes even a simple new duster can make our day.

  15. It is essential for a man just to be near. How do you love a woman if you underestimate one thing? You don’t get it; how important it is for your lady you are just beside. Occasionally we feel unprotected. We do not need a Superman, Prince Charming, a millionaire, or another superhero. What we need is a dear person to take our hand, hug, and say everything is going to be OK. Yes, we do feel great when you are near. That is because we cherish you too.

Valeria Matsckevich With Love.