8 Ways to Build Trust In a Relationship

I would like to start my piece of writing with a tale to get you tuned in to the matter of “trusting in a relationship” discussion.

She met him. He was reliable and strong. He took her hand and they walked along the road of life, they were happy. It was good to walk together, but one day he let go of her hand. Not on purpose, it just happened. She got scared and clung to him with both hands. He became worried and asked why.

She could not answer, because she herself did not know the exact answer. They walked on, but she still held him with both hands. It was very exhausting to continue this way.

The joy of traveling together has disappeared somewhere. The feelings of happiness were replaced by anxiety and distrust. He was very tired of this and one day, when she was sleeping, he left alone. She woke up and felt very lonely; the road lost its meaning. She burst into tears, walked the road of life alone.

After a while, she felt better. Then she still walked alone and was already smiling at the sun.

She felt good again, but she had questions … Is it worth walking with someone along the road of life? Should I hold on to it? And how do it?

Later she realized a partner walking along the road of life next to her should be equally comfortable. To make them feel so, you do not need to hold each other tightly. Just love, and respect each other. Only such a joint path makes sense and will bring pleasure to both partners.

So, establishing trust in relationships makes the basis of any bond. However, trying to find reliability with your beloved can be challenging in certain situations. To show you how to overcome them, I have asked my colleagues to make a list of rules, which will be a good answer to the question: “how do you build trust in a relationship?”

  1. Stick to your word.
  2. One of the things to do to build trust in a relationship is to prove to people you keep promises no matter what. As an example, if you promise to wash the dishes after dinner to let your darling relax, she could give it to you and forget about it until it is completed.

    Still, if you are not sure you can fulfill your obligations, and, what is more, you regularly skip fulfilling them, you look much worse in the eyes of others than if you just sometimes say “no”.

  3. Earning trust in relationships is time-consuming.
  4. On the one hand, it means permanent connections are better in terms of reliability than one-time bonds. Therefore, given such an opportunity, it is necessary to make a choice in favor of long-term connections that make reliance beneficial.

    By contrast, building confidence should be seen as a daily activity. Don’t expect to get too much too soon. Consider focusing on tiny steps and small commitments.

  5. Value the partner you have, rather than take them for granted.
  6. Many of us have someone who has long been around. It’s very easy to take them for granted until problems arise and we suddenly realize we have neglected this person. Even in very stressful times, there is always a little moment to devote to those who matter most to us. Such a doing will ensure you continue to have a valuable, supportive bond built on reliance.

  7. Always tell only the truth.
  8. How to develop a trusting relationship? In fact, it is strange to talk about exactly this step, but, still, we have to. It is not a secret people often lie, and it does not matter if it is an effort to protect someone or to get out of trouble. Surely enough, when the “deceived” person finds out it was a lie, they automatically assume they cannot rely on you in anything. Belief in you will be lost due to a small lie caused by cowardice. The foundation of your love bond will collapse, as well as the whole construction of confidence. It is the price of untruth, so always remember it.

  9. Assist people when you can.
  10. One of the strongest confidence-building activities is helping others. How do you work on trust in a relationship with it? If you assist someone without any direct benefit to yourself, you increase their confidence in yourself. However, pay attention to the following points about helping:

    • assistance should not lead to neglecting of other obligations;
    • it isn’t about doing someone’s work instead of them;
    • the best help is advice on what to do or how to make the right decision;
    • do not take over the responsibility for other people’s problems you are helping to solve.

  11. Don’t hide your feelings.
  12. People often try to hide their feelings in order to appear less vulnerable. However, they are usually loved and relied upon by those who are most like them. As an example, if you receive some bad news, they expect you to get upset. They understand it. And if you try too hard to hide those emotions, you seem like a heartless robot, and no one wants to rely upon a heartless robot.

    Your emotions may alienate someone, but they may help you show how to keep trust in a relationship. Feelings are meant to be felt, and emotions are meant to be revealed.

  13. Recognize your partner’s merits.
  14. How to have a trusting relationship? Always think about your dear. If they have worked hard and efficiently, don’t they deserve recognition? When you acknowledge and appreciate their efforts, credit only grows.

    When someone does not acknowledge your contribution to the overall result, you feel underestimated. Your confidence in this person and your interest begin to fade. Recognition and appreciation are vital.

  15. Admit your mistakes and forgive your partner’s errors.
  16. All people tend to mistake. When you try to hide yours, you hide your humanity. In addition, when you accept and admit your mistakes, you have the opportunity to share what you have learned as a result. And by showing your vulnerable side, you make them confide in you more, as they see you as someone who is like them.

Finally, don’t forget YOU are the reason, and everything starts with your doings. When you accept this, building trust becomes as natural as breathing.

Valeria Matskevich With Love.