8 Words To Never Say On A First Date

What emotions are you expecting on the first date? Probably excitement, joy and positive emotions. Definitely you don`t want to learn all medical background of your date, emotional roller-coaster of a recent break up and political views on the world situation, do you?

What are the bad things to say on a first date?

For example, “You are amazing, why are you still single”? First of all, what is wrong with being single? Most probably a person hasn`t just found her soulmate yet and enjoying self-discovery, which is an important stage in everyone`s life in order to be happy in relationship. Or you are acting suspicious trying to find out the flaws and reasons why she is still single, making assumptions like hmm maybe she has annoying character, is she a bad cook and not a good housewife or she came to see me just because she is bored and has nothing else to do? Stop having all these roller coaster thoughts in your head. Get to know each other more.

“How much does it cost?” is what not to say to a woman on a first date. If it is an apartment she is talking about or a new bag she bought. It is not very polite to ask money related questions when you just met a person. If you like her new bag or shoes, just give a compliment. You definitely wouldn`t be happy to receive the same questions about your watch or your car.

What else not to say on a first date? For example “Do you like my new jacket or do you like my new perfume?” It shows that you are not confident enough. If you need advice, ask your sister, matchmaker or the best female friend what looks good on you. If you are asking, maybe you want to receive a positive answer. But what if a lady doesn`t really like it? Better avoid awkward situations.

“What sex positions do you prefer?” These are the things not to say on a first date and especially at the dinner table in the restaurant.

One more awkward question: “Do you always eat so much?”. Either you are hinting on a person`s weight or you are calculating how much it is going to cost you in the future relationship. Either approach is a fail.

Here are 8 words to never say on an initial meeting:

  1. Maybe. Everyone wants someone assertive, a goal-oriented person. If your answer is maybe to all the questions, you seem like an indifferent person, maybe yes and maybe no.
  2. Break-up. Doesn’t matter how horrible your experience was, we all have been through some pain and heart breaks, but there is no need to spill out all the pain, thinking that a new partner is responsible to pay off. Trying to establish a healthy impression, don`t involve your ex into a conversation, explaining what went wrong and what you didn`t like.
  3. Money. It is a sensitive topic and definitely not the best one. Especially if you have any debts or someone owes you money. If you are in debt, it is not going to show your best part as well as your potential partner doesn`t need to know about money owed to you. It is irrelevant information.
  4. Single. If you always emphasize that you enjoy singlehood, partying and going out with friends every Friday, which you are not going to change in the near future, most likely you should enjoy being single and wait until you are ready to commit.
  5. Therapist. Either you are undergoing an emotional or physical therapy, it is better not to mention it when you first met. It is a turn off. Everyone has some health issues or emotional problems, devoting a new person into all your problems is not a good idea.
  6. Diet. If you keep to a certain diet, it is absolutely fine, but why should a lady know about it? Don`t turn a date into a nutrition lecture, suggesting what to eat better and what not.
  7. Sex. Discussing how many sexual partners a woman had before you is obviously a taboo topic if you don`t want to scare her.
  8. Kids. Bringing a subject of having kids is very intimate. It will create a tension on the first date, save it for later. You haven`t had even your first kiss yet, slow down.

Let me share what to actually say on the first date. Make it engaging, interesting and flirtatious enough. Discuss your hobbies, dreams, joke and be positive.

  • If you feel chemistry, let your date know you are attracted, give compliments about her dress, shoes, an amazing hairstyle, the way she smiles.
  • It is a good idea to put your phone face down, so that no one can interrupt you.
  • Talk about your family and friends. It is always good to hear that you have close relationships with family. It is great to develop the topic where your roots come from, culture and traditions.
  • Travels. It is always an uplifting topic for a conversation. Sharing all the exciting places you have been to is very engaging and fun.
  • Movies and books. Usually this topic unites, couples find common interests in movies, discussing endlessly favourite actors and scenes.
  • Share preferences in food and drinks, hobbies and interests.

It doesn’t have to be an interview. Even though when we are going on a date, there are many expectations, but don`t rush the events. Let it be a memorable and enjoyable experience, not a question answer session.