Several decades ago a typical answer to the question what the usual day of a Ukrainian woman is could be as follows:

She wakes up before sunrise. Washes her face with fresh water brought from the well. Has breakfast and starts her working day. She has to milk the cows, clean the barn, feed hens, pigs and other livestock, water the kitchen garden, cook delicious food for the family, and when evening comes spend some time with her beloved husband and kids.

For some women, who live in rural areas the day can be still the same or almost the same as described. However, for most girls a typical day nowadays is much more interesting and busy.

A day in the life of a typical Ukrainian woman:

Every morning for a typical Ukrainian woman starts at around 6.30 -7.00, depending on the place of her work. Nothing different from the rest of the world happens: she gets up, takes a shower, makes breakfast, gets dressed and goes to work. A married woman usually has to wake up before her husband and kids to prepare breakfast for them.

Real adventures begin when our Ukrainian woman is on her way to work. To get to her office, she usually uses public transport, in which it is a real heroic deed to survive. Sometimes people are rude, maybe because it is morning; sometimes they do not see anyone around them and can step on her new shoes, or spoil her dress. However, a Ukrainian woman is always alert, so she manages to get to work without spoilt mood knowing that she has a spare outfit to wear if anything happens to hers on her way.

The working day usually lasts from 9 a.m. till 6 p.m. During the day, she manages to find out the latest news, chat with her friends on the phone, post several photos on Instagram and other social networks, like her friends’ posts, oh… and, of course, do the tasks at work. Sometimes a Ukrainian woman does not have time to have lunch, but she does not worry about it, as it is not the most important task of the day.

After work, a Ukrainian woman is hurrying home. She has a busy evening. If she has not prepared beforehand, she has to cook dinner for her husband and kids, take her sports clothes and go to the training. Yes, most of girls in Ukraine train every day, or at least three days a week. As we have written in previous articles, Ukrainian women like to look good and they do a lot of things for that, one of which is keeping fit.

Of course, every family has their own traditions as for what the usual evening is like. So, when a woman comes back from the training, she spends time with her dearest people. She discusses how her husband’s day went, how the kids did at school, tells about her day at work. Very often, she watches some TV series and she is absolutely happy if her husband shares her passion with her.

A typical Ukrainian woman goes to bed not later than midnight, since next day she has to get up early and be as fresh as a flower.

If we generalize written above, the day of a Ukrainian woman is as follows:

Wake-up time→morning routine→going to work→work time→time for herself→time with family/friends/close people→bed time.

Of course, apart from working, cooking and going to the gym, Ukrainian girls also find time to visit beauty salons and do the house chores to keep the house clean and tidy. They also find time for learning something new, reading books, going out with friends and relaxing.

One may think: “How does a woman manage to do all these actions in 24 hours?” The answer is simple: a typical Ukrainian woman has support from her loving husband and family, who are ready to help her cook something or go to the supermarket for products, or do whatever is necessary because they understand that a typical Ukrainian woman will return ten times more than she gets. And this mutual support is the most important thing for every single person in the world.