A day in the life of a typical Ukrainian woman

Several decades ago a typical answer to the question what the usual day of a Ukrainian woman is could be as follows:

She wakes up before sunrise. Washes face with fresh water brought from the well. Has breakfast and starts work. She has to milk the cows, clean the barn, feed hens, pigs and other livestock, water the kitchen garden, cook delicious food for the family, and when evening comes spend some time with a beloved husband and kids.

For some women, who live in rural areas it can be still the same or almost the same as described. However, nowadays it is much more interesting and busy.


Traditional day of a Ukrainian lady starts at around 6.30 -7.00, depending on the place of job. Nothing different from the rest of the world happens: she gets up, takes a shower, makes breakfast, gets dressed and goes to work. A married woman usually has to wake up before husband and kids to prepare breakfast.

Real adventures begin when she is on the way to work. To get to the office, she usually uses public transport, in which it is a real heroic deed to survive. Sometimes people are rude, maybe because it is morning; sometimes they do not see anyone around them and can step on new shoes, or spoil a dress. However, she is always alert, so she manages to get to work without spoilt mood knowing that she has a spare outfit to wear if anything happens on the way.

The working day usually lasts from 9 a.m. till 6 p.m. She manages to do all the tasks, find out the latest news, chat with friends on the phone, post several photos on Instagram and other social networks, like friends’ posts. Sometimes she does not have lunch, but she does not worry about it, as it is not the most important task. Or she can just order a delivery to work, which is the fastest and the most convenient way.

After work, she rushes home. She has a busy evening. If she has not prepared beforehand, she has to cook dinner, take sports clothes and go to the training. Yes, most of girls in Ukraine train in the gym or outdoors. As we have written in previous articles, Ukrainian women like to look good and they do a lot of things, one of which is keeping fit. Some do it at home, some manage to actually go to the gym.

Of course, every family has their own traditions as for what the usual evening is like. So, when a woman comes back from the training, she spends an evening with dearest people. She discusses how a husband’s day went, how the kids did at school, tells about her news. Very often, she watches some TV series and she is absolutely happy if a husband joins or they can watch a nice movie together.

A typical Ukrainian woman goes to bed not later than midnight, since she has to get up early and be as fresh as a flower.

Of course a day in the life of a girl who is not married will be different from the one with a family and kids. A single lady of course has more time for self-development, hobbies and interests. One of my female acquaintance works as a freelancer, so her routine looks very different from others. I am going to share with you a schedule of the day. Even though she can work later than morning, she wakes at 7 am anyway. She jogs in the morning, runs at the football stadium for about half an hour. Then she takes a shower and makes breakfast. Usually it is a bowl of porridge with fruits. She has an online shop of female wear. So she corresponds with clients online and according to their needs, she makes orders. It takes approximately half of her day, then she attends English classes during the day, does grocery shopping and cleans the house.

She may meet friends somewhere at the restaurant. She has lots of activities to do. Nowadays lots of young females work online and have their own businesses in the Internet, which is usually very successful and brings a decent income. It saves a lot of time, there is no need to commute to office and it gives an opportunity to develop other spheres of life. Digital world expand the opportunities, so more and more female choose online job in order to balance between career and personal life.

What is like being a woman with two kids? Let me share an example of a routine of a housewife. In my friend`s circle I do have different examples and I can share it with you. This lady`s usual day is different from others. She doesn`t go to the office, but she has enough work at home. She is married and has two kids. Her day may start unexpectedly, at 5, 6 or 7 am in the morning, sometimes in the middle of the night, because she has two small kids.

She has no time to go for a morning jog, but she devotes 20 minutes to physical exercises. Then she prepares three different breakfasts for her family, because her husband likes having toasts and coffee, a younger boy prefers porridge and a daughter eats pancakes. After she takes her daughter to the kinder garden and then takes a son to sport classes.

When I used to be a teacher I had a very busy schedule. I managed to do a lot of things. I started morning with usual routine, then I had my first lesson at around 8 am. I was teaching English and as I was working with different age groups and levels, I had to prepare different tasks. Sometimes I happened to have 5 different levels (from Starter to Upper-intermediate levels). During my breaks I managed to grab some snacks and came up with new games and tasks ideas. After finishing my work, I did food shopping, then I was cooking while watching a nice English comedy. After I was checking my students` homework.

If we generalize written above, the day of a Ukrainian woman is as follows:

Wake-up time→morning routine→going to work→work →time for herself→ family/friends/close people→bed.

Of course, apart from working, cooking and going to the gym, Ukrainian girls also find time to visit beauty salons and do the house chores to keep the house clean and tidy. They also find time for learning something new, reading books, going out with friends and relaxing.

One may think: “How does an average woman manage to do all these actions in 24 hours?” The answer is simple: she has support from a loving husband and family, who are ready to help to cook something or go to the supermarket, or do whatever is necessary because they understand that she will return ten times more than she gets. And this mutual support is the most important thing for every single person in the world.