Advice About Dating

When you finally find the right person, you do want to see them more often. However, the ghost of previous failures can spoil everything. Having discussed this issue with a male friend of mine, I couldn’t help writing this article with advice for dating given by men. Therefore, if, my dear reader, you decide something is not right, or think you can add any helpful tip, do it without hesitation. It’s quite welcome.

  1. Dare. From helpful magazines, all girls learn they mustn’t make the first step, ask a gentleman out for a cup of coffee together, i.e. take any initiative as a man is a hunter and a woman is his game. Waiting is not always a good idea. Some men are quite shy and even looking for dating opportunities with someone they like, many will stay aside expecting to see the right sign – a look, a wave of a hand, just anything, saying it is possible to approach the girl. So, maybe, it is not always reasonable if women stay away from making something daring.
  2. Be your true self. As an example, going on your first date, do not put on a mask of a different person, someone you really aren’t. Making an impression is very important, still, if you ask me how to find the right relationship, I will answer “Don’t pretend.” The first date is just the beginning and if you show yourself fake later, your efforts have been in vain.
  3. Look appropriately. Wear the right clothes and have light make-up. It is out of the question that men adore beautiful women, still, they also like having a good time, which is not spoiled by anything like a sexy but uncomfortable dress, high-heeled shoes, or the girl’s constant fixing her running mascara. Every date has its theme and both partners should follow the rules to make the most of it.
  4. Give him power. If you are dating for relationship, which can turn into something bigger than just two or three meetings, let your companion look after you: open the door, help you get out of the car, buy you a drink, etc. He must understand that a woman needs him beside and he will gladly take care of her.
  5. Remind about yourself. My final advice about dating will also dispel the myth girls are told: do not contact HIM after the first date as he must start communication if he likes you. Has anyone ever thought that guys are also scared of getting a “no” answer? Maybe he just does not want to push on you. There is nothing bad in asking a simple question instead of awaiting his call.

Valeria Matskevich With love