Am I Ready to be in a Relationship?

Am I ready to date? Have you ever questioned yourself? Must probably no! You probably wonder why should I even bother if I meet the best person in the world.

How to get ready for a relationship? Before we answer this question, let`s give a definition of a good one, do we need the opposite? I don`t think so! It`s a partnership in a way, moral support to each other, growing together, be interesting to each other, have common interests and goals, looking at the same direction. A way more than just having a cup of coffee in the morning at the same table, going to fancy restaurants, walking in the park and just having fun together, which definitely include as well above mentioned.

There are three important questions to ask yourself before you start:

  1. Am I free from emotions from my past? Did I let go all my worries from previous partner? Why is it so important? Because we cannot step into something new without closing the door to the past. You cannot be open for new beginnings if you still cry over the past. If you still sigh with sadness while listening to music you both were listening, and cannot watch movies which you used to watch without second thoughts, then it`s a sign not to rush into something new.
  2. And the most important question is why do you need relationship? You should clearly understand, is it because your parents keep on telling you that it`s high time to settle and you are already a big boy or girl, is it the fact that your friends are in relationships and you don`t know how to keep up a conversation or share a joke about your half over the bottle of beer and they make jokes at you “what`s wrong with you”, “haven`t found your Princess yet?’,or maybe your colleagues at work would like to finally wish you a happy marriage at your wedding? Or you are just bored, don`t want to be alone in the evenings and seeking for a good company to watch football in the evening? In this case no, no and no! You don`t need anything serious now. Until the moment you realize you really want it, don`t make up any decision.
  3. Are you ready to be emotionally involved, devote much time and efforts? Because it requires a lot of energy, physically and morally, do you really have it all at the moment? Any relationship is hard work, if you feel the power and strength which you can share with your partner, then it is worth it!

How to know if you are ready for a relationship? Is there any algorithm to follow? What should I do since the first date, since the moment I saw that beautiful face? Don`t rush the events! Give time to yourself and your potential partner to find out more about each other lives, interests, go on adventure and explore. If you are a passionate horse rider, love mountains and active sport, check your future half if she shares your passion. Maybe she is an indoor person and later on you are going to have fights where to spend your weekends or holiday. She would prefer to stay at home all the time and it`s a disaster even taking it into consideration if you lead active life. Sense of humor is very important too, if you make your partner laugh, you will win! If you laugh at the same jokes, you both should never get bored. Invite your crush to your house, show the place you live, it tells a lot about person`s habits and style of life. If you prefer eating home food, that’s perfect, prepare dinner together. She might not like cooking and would better go to the restaurant every day, which is not your case. There are many tips how to observe.

Am I ready for love? If you have serious intentions, planning a family and have kids, then definitely give yourself time to think if it`s what you really need, then go ahead without hesitation!