Many gentlemen have heard rumors that Ukrainian girls are extremely beautiful and have traditional family values. Usually gentlemen name these two qualities as their reasons to date Ukrainian girls.

Of course every gentleman will have his own definition of traditional family values. Within last 10 years I have heard more traditional definitions like “putting family first”, “not competing with men” and “loves being female”, to more poetical like “enjoys being the heart and the muse of the family”.

It is quite easy to understand reasons of gentlemen to be willing to date Ukrainian girls. Some of them are attracted to the looks and traditional family values, other hope to date out of their league or to date much younger, and some of them want to experience the romantic adventure of their life while searching for a soul-mate.

But what are the true reasons of Ukrainian girls to date foreign gentlemen?

Are they just looking for a better life?

10 years ago the majority of American gentlemen who travelled to Ukraine to date Ukrainian girls were adamant in their beliefs that:

  1. Everyone wants to live in the USA and of course to date Americans
  2. Everything American is the best in the world.

The level of advanced technology in the USA can hardly be compared to Ukraine, but computer science is seldom the reason why a lady chooses a gentleman to date.

Let’s assume that all Ukrainian girls are cunning and self-serving and they really are looking just for a better life, which we will define later. If all Ukrainian girls really have a hidden materialistic and not too romantic agenda to get married and leave Ukraine then why to choose United States? Why to bother to move so far? There are plenty of rich men in let’s say Moscow, Russia and they speak the same language and represent the same culture. Of course foreign gentlemen can object by using a popular cliché that all Russian/Ukrainian men are abusive pigs who just drink vodka and play balalaika all day long. Well, sometimes they also fight bears and play morons in Hollywood movies. This cliché is so predicted and far from the truth that we won’t even discuss it.

It is interesting that gentlemen from let’s say Japan, Germany and France are less concerned that Ukrainian girls just want to leave Ukraine and move to their country, probably because they don’t suffer from the stereotype that the grass is the greenest in their country.

To be honest within last 5 years I don’t hear that often anymore the clichés that everything is just so much better in the USA and that everyone dreams to live there. I think political changes in the USA have shaken the beliefs of the Americans that their country is truly the best in the world. Also we have started working with a different type of clientele – younger gentlemen who are well travelled, truly open-minded and cosmopolitan.

Those gentlemen who still believe that all Ukrainian girls just want to have a green card or a better health care system should really think about the health care system in Israel or Switzerland which has a much higher level than the one in the USA. By the logic of such gentlemen Ukrainian girls should be “hunting” to marry someone from these countries. By the way they are so much closer to their homeland.

After working with Ukrainian girls for almost 10 years I can tell for sure that the percentage of Ukrainian girls who are really ready and willing to try international dating is not that high. The majority wants to date locally or want to date someone Slavic. Those Ukrainian girls who are open to international dating would prefer dating someone from France, because there is a stereotype that French gentlemen are super romantic and also ladies find French language really beautiful, or someone from Spain or Italy, because there is another stereotype that gentlemen from these countries are truly passionate and sexual.

Of course many Ukrainian girls after dating a gentleman from the USA or Germany find out that American and German men can also be really romantic, passionate and sexual and a lot depends on family, education, career and life style of the gentleman and not just his country of origin.

So are Ukrainian girls just looking for a better life?

Yes, they do! It is important though how you define a better life? If you mean she is looking for a special partner with whom she will build a happy family life, build a cozy home, have kids and two cute little dogs – then yes, you are right! She is definitely after a better life. And yes, she is ready to leave her single life in Ukraine to start a romantic adventure of her life with a man from another culture.

When Ukrainian girls start their search for the best half internationally usually they do not have an exact country in mind. It is about meeting someone traditional, witty, handsome, loving and romantic, someone she can lose her heart to.

So are Ukrainian girls looking for a better life? They definitely do, but not in materialistic self-serving way. Of course every normal woman wants to date someone reliable and serious, someone who is ready for family and commitments. Is she looking for happy changes? Does she wants to change her single status to “happily married and in love status”? Yes, she does. After all what is more important than beloved people and happy family life?

Svetlana Mukha, with love