Very often, people, who find out that I work for an international matchmaking agency, ask me the same question, which seems quite strange to me: «Do Ukrainian brides really want to move to another country?» Every time I say that the answer is clear: if they have chosen to address us, they want to find a husband abroad and move to his country.

However, the more I have been asked this question, the less sure I have become of what I consider to be true. Therefore, to clear up the situation, I have decided to conduct a survey among the clients of our agency and ask them what they think about immigrating from Ukraine.

I have generalized what our Ukrainian brides have told me and cannot wait to share my findings with you.

  • Ukrainian brides are willing to immigrate.


Most of the girls, who responded to my question said that they wanted to move to another country. They said that they had addressed our agency exactly because they wanted to find a foreign husband and leave Ukraine with him.

I could not accept just a “Yes, I want to immigrate.” reply and asked which reasons the girls had for such a choice. The responses were as follows:

– I want to immigrate to another country because I want to change my life. In Ukraine I do not see perspectives for me and my children. Therefore, I am ready to look for a better future outside my native country.

– I want to immigrate to another country because I think that people in Ukraine are too overloaded with their problems of where to get the money for life; they are too stressed and I think I am beginning to feel the same. That is why, I want to change the setting and live in a place, which is more relaxed.

– I do not want to immigrate to another country, I mean that I do not mind going to live abroad. My main aim of addressing your agency is to find my destiny. I do not know where I will find HIM,but I know, that if I have to immigrate to be with my husband, I am ready to do it.

  • Ukrainian brides are willing to immigrate, but they have some doubts about it.


Some girls, who I asked about the issue of immigration and why they have chosen us said that they did want to find a foreign husband with the intention to move to another country, but… All of them had doubts whether they should do it.

– I do not mind immigrating, however, it will be a very difficult step for me. My parents can definitely not go with me, I understand that, and I cannot just leave them behind. How will they stay here, without me beside? I am also used to feeling their support. What will I do in another country? All alone… On the other hand, I understand that if I decide to marry a man, he will be the one I trust, the one, who will support me, when I need it. So, if I do feel that my husband-to-be is the ONE, we will definitely discuss what can be done and find the solution, which will let me immigrate with him.

– I do want to immigrate, but I do not want to lose, what I have achieved here, in Ukraine. Going abroad for good, means that I will have to adapt to the life in a new country. I can not let myself sit at home without communicating with other people, going for work, etc. And one of the problems is that I am unlikely to find the same job, which I have now. If my possible husband is ready to support me, help to get the necessary training to do the  job I want in his country, will accept the fact that I do not want to be locked in a gold cage, I am ready to immigrate with him.

– I really want to immigrate, but I am very afraid to do it, since I do not know the language and I am not sure if I can adapt to the new style of life. Still, if I fall in love and my possible husband shows he cares about me and offers his hand, I will follow my heart and do my best to be with him in his country.

  • Ukrainian brides are not willing to immigrate.


I was quite surprised to find a couple of girls, who said they wanted their possible husband to stay and live with them here in Ukraine. They told me they liked their life here and they did not want to move anywhere. The reason for their addressing us was that they really wanted to find their true love and they did not care where their ONE was waiting for them. They believed that if HE really loved them, he would agree to move to Ukraine and build the family life here to be beside his beloved.

As you can see, the proverb “So many men (in our case girls), so many minds” does not lie to us. What I can conclude from my survey is that all Ukrainian brides want to find their true love. And, frankly speaking, only life will show where the couple will live: here, in Ukraine, or move somewhere else.