Do you remember the magic mirror from the Snow White fairy tale? The stepmother of Snow White always kept asking to the Magic Mirror: “Mirror, mirror, on the wall, who in this land is fairest of all?” Unfortunately we don`t have the mirror like that but nowadays we have google. After I have done some research, I can assume that Ukrainian women are included in the list of ten countries with the most beautiful women in the world. There are 195 countries in the world and Ukrainian girls are in top 10 countries of the most beautiful women. It`s a pretty good result, isn`t it? Ukrainian girls definitely deserve the attention. Let`s talk about what are the common characteristics for Ukrainian girls, what they have special that distinguishes them from others.

Beauty. Ukrainian girls have good genes. They get their natural beauty and well- built complexions from their parents. It goes from one generation to another. The most common characteristics are long dark blonde hair, blue eyes and skinny constitution. Of course, you can find any type of women on any taste in Ukraine. But the main thing is that Ukrainian girls have beauty both inner and outer.

Style and elegance. Ukrainian women are so into fashion. They pay a lot of attention to their appearances and to their looks. You can see a real competition between them on the streets, diversity of the stylish outfits and colorful accessories. They pay attention to the look of their men as well. You can be sure that Ukrainian girl will help you to choose a shirt that will suit you the most as well as she will help you to iron it.

Femininity. Ukrainian girls show their femininity not only by their looks but by their minds.  Many Ukrainian women prefer to wear beautiful dresses and high heels that help them to show their body curves and look even more feminine. It`s almost not possible to see women without make up on the streets. Ukrainian women act feminine as well. They will not carry heavy bags or open a door if they have their men near.

Smart. Ukrainian girls are well educated, 80% of them graduate University. Ukrainian ladies are good companions for conversation. You can talk with them about everything.

Family oriented. Ukrainian women value family traditions. A dream of every Ukrainian girl is to build a strong happy family full of love, respect, support and understanding. Ukrainian women are wonderful wives and mothers. They always try to make home very cozy and they love to take care about their men and children.       

Ukrainian girls have genuine warmth. They are kind, caring and supportive.

When you just start to date Ukrainian girl, don`t expect that she will open up to you very fast. She might need some time to open her mind and soul and start to trust you. You should be patient and show with your actions that you have serious intentions.

Don`t pay all your attention to appearance. It is not a problem to change a lady`s hair color or her outfit but not her inner world. It`s smarter to choose a person whom you feel comfortable with and whom you feel a deep connection to.

Listen to your heart.

There are many beautiful girls all over the world. Hope you will find the One whenever she is.