Are Ukrainian girls the most beautiful in the world?

You must have heard a lot about beautiful women from Ukraine. Is it the truth or just a myth? If you just start typing in Google, Ukrainian ladies are…..You will definitely find such phrases as stunning Ukrainian women, how to win a Ukrainian girl`s heart, pretty Ukrainian girls.

Our ladies are included as the most gorgeous in the list of ten countries. There are 195 countries in the world and we are in top 10 countries. It`s a pretty good result, isn`t it? We definitely deserve attention. Why are Ukrainian women considered to be so beautiful? Let`s look at the common characteristics which distinguishes us from others.

Beauty. We have good genes, get natural and well-built complexions from parents. It`s a common knowledge that most Ukrainian women are hot. Such common characteristics are long dark or blonde hair and fit body type. The main thing is that females in our country attract from outside and inside. The most gorgeous famous singers in Ukraine are Tina Karol, Olga Polyakova and Ani Lorak. She is considered to be an image of truly peculiar and stunning in many countries. She is not only a successful singer, but also mothers.

Style and elegance. We are so into fashion, paying a lot of attention to our appearance. You can see a real competition on the streets, diversity of the stylish outfits and colorful accessories.

Femininity. Girls show femininity by wearing pretty dresses and high heels. It`s almost not possible to see a lady without make up on the streets. We do act feminine as well. You can be proud holding her hand while walking in the park or having dinner in the restaurant. She is very elegant and knows manners.

Smart. Females here are well educated, 80% of them have university degree. We are good companions for long conversations. You can talk about travelling, books, technologies, education, family and other.

Family oriented. We pay a lot of attention to family values. A dream of the majority of females is to build a strong happy family full of love, respect, support and understanding. We are caring wives and mothers.

When you just start dating a girl, don`t expect her to be open to you very fast. We seem to be very easy-going, but we still might need some time to open our mind and soul and start trusting you. You should be patient and show with your serious intentions.

It depends how people judge beauty, I would say it should be a balance, a lady is truly amazing when she is genuine, kind, supportive, caring and has a good heart. First we are attracted by looks and then by soul. First impression matters and plays a big role, but it is not everything. We are used to receiving compliments about our appearance. Nevertheless it is always pleasant to hear. You will see a genuine smile in return and she is going to say thank you. Just be careful with compliments, if you want to mention a pretty dress, don`t look at her legs or breast, it can be interpreted as rude.

Are Ukrainian women considered to be the most beautiful? To sum up all above mentioned I would definitely say yes. Follow your heart, it won`t deceive you. Don`t pay all your attention to appearance. It is not a problem to change a hair color or outfit but not an inner world. It`s smarter to choose a person whom you feel comfortable with and whom you feel a deep connection with. That’s why when choosing an online dating, it is easy to be deceived by looks, there are so many attractive faces on the Internet pages. If you open any dating site, it overflows with glamorous female pictures. Temptation is high. But it is wiser to meet the person face to face rather than wasting your time on endless chatting online.