Are Ukrainian women homemakers or social climbers?

Looking for Ukrainian women for marriage? Thinking about whether a typical Ukrainian girl is a social climber? Seeking a caring homemaker? Actually, one thing you should understand is that no two ladies are the same. It’s true when it comes to our country as well as to any other country all over the world. Hence, there are a lot of Slavic women who are keen on keeping their house neat and tidy, who are big fans of cooking and baking, who believe that being a loving mother fills them like nothing else ever did. However, for a number of females, their career seems more crucial. Furthermore, we cannot fail to recall ladies who reconcile their work, their husband, and kids.

Therefore, we would like to share our clients’ points of view on marriage and career.

Professional life is important, but family is significant too

I used to be married, but I am now separated. I’m a single mother. A few years ago, when my daughter was two, I plunged into my work, I was keen on it. As a result, my career became my life. Certainly, I was eager to give my kid everything she needed — the best school, the best toys, clothes, opportunities to learn foreign languages, play the piano, expand her horizons. However, I was too busy and had no time to spend with my kid. Moreover, I haven’t had a vacation in ages. On weekends I tried to find reasons to stay in my office. My mom took my daughter for a walk, they went to the cinema and theatre together, they played together. Finally, I fully realized I could lose my only child. I had to make a determined effort to devote more time to her. I was seeing a therapist for months. Now I try to do my best to change my life. Perhaps, if I had met an honorable man, I wouldn’t have needed to earn money all the time. Being a woman in our complex world, I’d like to have my husband’s broad shoulder I can cry on every now and then. I hope I will meet a person who makes me feel more protected.

Kids and partners are of particular importance

My sister had a fabulous wedding when she was a student. After that, she gave birth to their son. This brave Ukrainian girl had to keep a close watch on her newborn child. Luckily, not only was her husband able to bring home the bacon but also was cooking different food items for the entire family and washing out the pan. Actually, it is not uncommon in Ukrainian cities to find men helping women in household activities, and women assisting men financially. So my sister graduated from the university and found a great job. But she was pregnant again! Without any shadow of a doubt, she prioritized the second child over the career. Bringing up two gorgeous kids, she believes the family is significant, especially because she can rely on her partner.

Nevertheless, work-life balance is important. In general, it means balancing the time and energy to spend on work with the time and energy we spend on other aspects of our life: sleep, family, recreation, studying, and self-improvement. If you love your partner, you have to support her and demonstrate acceptance. If she is a stay-at-home mom, don’t minimize her role. You’d better help her around the house — sweep the floor, go shopping, wash the dishes. You may cook together sometimes and have tons of fun. Give your wife time to herself. And last but not least, date your partner!

It doesn’t matter if a lady looks like a social climber or a housewife, she wants to love and be loved. When she finds her significant other, even a great official wants to become a happy wife and a caring mom.