This is the question which interests a lot of men seeking a wife in Ukraine. However, there is no single answer, since there is no same person on this planet. Therefore, I can start with telling you that some of Ukrainian women are still homemakers, who appreciate being housewives, while others are sheer social climbers, who are interested in their career first. And, of course, it will be unfair not to mention that there is a big number of Ukrainian women who manage to combine career and family.To prove my words, I want to share a couple of stories told by our clients, which can show you that women’s opinions about family and career are diverse.

Story 1: family and career are equally important.

I divorced with my husband after three years of living together and became a single mother. I cried for some time and plunged into work, which had become my life. Even at the weekend I found reasons to be in the office. Of course, my career jumped up and everyone was jealous. I was in the limelight, having forgotten that I had a little daughter. She lived with me, but I had no time for her. Her granny took her for a walk, while one of my friends brought her home from the kindergarten till the day when I understood I could lose my family – my only child. It took me a lot of efforts to devote less time to work and spend more time with my daughter. We had to go to psychological sessions for more than a year to understand and learn how to live not to have to choose between the family and career and combine them…

Story 2: family is more important than career.

One of my friends got married when we were at university and got pregnant at the second year of studies. She had to take a year off, and her husband relieved her telling that she could continue studies the following year. Everything happened this way. However, it was difficult, since she had to look after the little son. Still Ukrainian women are strong and she managed to graduate from the University and even find a good job in a small company, but…she found out that she was pregnant again… she had to choose whether to go for the career or give a birth to the second child. She made a very difficult step, according to what she says, and chose the child. She cried for some time understanding that she would lose everything she had gained…And now, raising two gorgeous kids she says that family is much more important.

It is so that nowadays Ukrainian women have to start their grown up life with thinking of making a career, and only when they meet their ONE, they think of creating a family with him. However, not everyone is ready to give up everything they have managed to reach and spend all days long doing house chores. In this case, you, men, have to understand and help your woman if you really love her. Do you want to know how?

  1. Make sure that your woman does not do anything connected with the work at home. Make a deal that she will forget about her boss and deadlines. Think of some «punishment» like an extra hour of watching her least favorite movie, etc. That will be quite fun.
  2. If she DOES need to spend some time working, help her with the house chores … Do the washing or sweep the floor, go shopping. Show her your support.
  3. Despite anything make a family tradition to have rest together. Have dinner, breakfast and lunch together, or do any other activities that will bring joy to both of you.


Finally, I assure you, that all Ukrainian women, no matter, if they may seem social climbers or homemakers, want to be loved. And when they find their ONE, all of them, even the biggest bosses start thinking of becoming a happy woman, usually married and having children and a caring husband.