Are you a good kisser?

“Am I a good kisser?” If you have asked yourself this question at least once, our article will be the answer.

So, how to know if you are a good kisser? Check out the list of the most widespread mistakes while snogging to find out if you make any of them.

  1. You do not control your breath.
  2. If you can’t make a long smooch, that’s okay. But if every time after a kiss you are trying to catch your breath, put yourself in the shoes of your partner and imagine how comical it looks. Of course, you are unlikely to be told about this directly, so try to analyze the situation yourself.

  3. You do not care about your mouth cavity.
  4. Sometimes bad breath can indicate the occurrence of certain health problems, which should be detected promptly and solved. If you don’t want to go to a specialist, you can at least reduce the intensity of the unpleasant odor with mints, mouthwash, or frequent brushing. Believe me, you need to pay attention to this because no matter how “professional” you are, your smell can ruin your partner’s pleasant sensations.

  5. You do not use your hands.
  6. If you want to know how to be a good kisser for a girl remember to use your hands. They must not hang like useless stumps. Seriously, try to use them somehow – hug your partner, squeeze her to you, you can massage her head, fiddle with her hair, or stroke her hand. It is always pleasant and adds more passion or tenderness to your relationship. If your hands are not involved the girl may get the impression that you are insincere and constrained.

  7. You fixate on the mechanism too much.
  8. Lots of tips for snogging give detailed instructions and algorithms of the process and you fully adhere to them. You are doomed to failure. The main rule you should follow is to think less. A kiss is not a procedure demanding strict instructions, it is an intuitive and instinctive process, an expression of your feelings. So, try to succumb to your emotions.

  9. You bump your partner with your teeth
  10. This is a sure sign that you cannot relax. You need to slow down and focus on your partner’s lips. Be careful, because none of you need an extra visit to the dentist after trying a passionate smooch.

  11. You immediately start operating with your tongue.
  12. Well, this is very rushed, especially at the beginning of a relationship. Therefore, wait with the tongue, even if you get carried away with passion; otherwise, you have every chance to put the lady in an awkward position or make your date the last one.

  13. You never use your tongue.
  14. Every “how to be an expert kisser” guide has lots of tips on how to use it to the best advantage. So, if you and the girl are close enough not only your lips must be involved in the process, but your tongue too. Do not be afraid of diversity.

  15. You do not kiss during sex.
  16. Sex is not only the process of copulation or intercourse. First of all, it is an expression of tenderness and love for each other. Therefore, during sex, you can and should even resort to kissing! If you avoid it, the answer to the question “are you a good kisser?” is obvious – you aren’t.

  17. You kiss with your eyes open.
  18. When snogging, people united by one wonderful feeling often close their eyes. This is due to a subconscious attempt to focus on the snog itself. Thus, we cut off the stream of unnecessary data, in this case, visual. An open-eyed snog seems insincere to us and pushes us away from our partner.

  19. You do not get excited.
  20. Of course, not every touch of your lips should lead to sex, but it should make you at least think about it. It must ignite a spark between you. If this does not happen and you do not feel anything – perhaps you’ve just decided to build a relationship with the wrong person.

    Now that you know what you shouldn’t do, here is a couple of advice on how to be a great kisser.

  1. Control your tongue.
  2. During a passionate smooch, some people like to actively use their tongue, while others prefer not to overdo with it. Both are perfectly acceptable, but maintaining the balance is what matters.

  3. Guess what your lady desires.
  4. A kiss is a dance, and dancers should be on the same wavelength. When you first touch your girl’s lips, you can’t always guess what she wants, but it’s cool if you try. A skillful kisser is someone who does not impose his own rhythm but tries to catch the rhythm of a partner. By the way, this also applies to the tongue: if you understand that the woman likes the “tongue” game, play along. If not, keep your mouth shut.

  5. Kiss not only lips.
  6. If you want to know how to be a good kisser, I offer you to remember that your lady has a lot of parts of the body like ears, neck, and others, which do not mind being caressed. So, do not miss the chance to give pleasure to the person you fancy so much.

  7. Use your hands.
  8. Kissing with your hands behind your back is not the most romantic option. The touch of a loved one is pleasant to the vast majority of us. Your partner wants you to touch their neck or back, for example, while kissing. Many are driven crazy when their partner passes their hair through their fingers during a smooch. It’s really sexy.

  9. Be versatile.
  10. Few ladies like a lingering monotonous smooch for 10 minutes. But if you alternate a gentle with a passionate snog, diluting the process with light nibbling, I assure you everything will be cool.

  11. Care about personal hygiene.
  12. You might think: will I be a good kisser if I brush my teeth? The answer is positive as you need confidence in every step you make. And fresh breath is one of its constituent parts. So, do not forget to brush your teeth after meals and you will be on top.

Valeria Matskevich With Love.