Are You Visiting Ukraine to Meet Your Ukrainian Woman?

Ukraine is a wonderful country known internationally for many reasons, one of which is its gorgeous ladies, who desire to find a foreign husband and create a family with him. Is it really so? Let us have a more detailed look at the issue.

Being a matchmaking agency, whose actual task is to help beautiful women from Ukraine connect their lives with a man from abroad, we can state that our girls do dream of getting married. However, the agency’s male clients always challenge this fact by asking the following questions.

  1. Is Ukrainian women online dating a scam? Frankly speaking, it has been a long time since we used web dates widely. At the times we did, we suffered greatly as every third client called us scammers despite the fact that all the profiles we had were real, and ladies did feel offended to read such accusations. Considering the situation nowadays, I cannot claim all dating services are scammers. Still, if you want to use one of these, you must check carefully not to get “trapped”.
  2. I am “X” years old, and I really want to meet Ukrainian ladies 20 years younger than me. Is it possible? My dear men, I do believe in true love and eternal happiness, which see no boundaries and age gaps. However, I also want you to be realistic. Of course, I don’t insist on your NOT trying to find the girl you like, but I appeal to look at women of your age or close to it. They also deserve a chance and attention. Why? We have several writings on this site to give a good answer to the question 😉
  3. Is dating Ukrainian ladies limited to one city? Well, generally it isn’t. Nevertheless, you must understand that if you are visiting the girl for the first time, your first date must be on her territory. The next step might be to travel around the cities of our country, and only after that look at foreign trips together. Yet, we all are different, no person is the same, therefore, every path to a strong relationship has its own direction. Yours is not an exception, and your first rendezvous might happen anywhere if the girl agrees to it.
  4. When I meet Ukrainian women will they be the ones I see in the pictures? Frankly speaking, we have already devoted a number of writings to answer this question and won’t get tired of repeating it again: all the candidates you see in the client base we have are real. We usually insist on girls not using any software to process their photos. What is more, we never offer clients to meet knowing they are not each other’s taste.
  5. Who pays while dating Ukrainian women? Usually, men do it. To understand why my answer is like this, you must remember why you have chosen our country as a place to find a wife. It is absolutely natural for our girls to be tender and expect a gentleman to be the leader, to open the door in front of us, to give us a hand to get out of the car, to support, make feel safe.. in return we give him love, give birth to children and make the house home. Isn’t it what a perfect wife does? So, you must expect you will have to pay on the first date and bring a small present to show the lady you are interested in her and ready to be her backup.

Summarizing everything I have written above I want to tell you we are open and ready to hold discussions in case you have any questions considering your visit to Ukraine. The main task we set is to help you find your destiny as it’s exactly what Cupids do. So, if you are still hesitating, put your worries aside and grab your destiny. Maybe she is here, in Ukraine, waiting…Good luck!

Valeria Matskevich With Love.