Watching a film on TV, we often hold our breath when it comes to a love scene. It always looks so amazing: a strong man and a beautiful woman; the love-making lasts for quite a long time, nothing interrupts it and the partners finish simultaneously tired but happy.  However, real life is different from a movie and very often two lovers face awkward sex situations having no second chance to start everything from the very beginning. Therefore, we have decided to devote our article to this issue and discuss the most frequent awkward sex situations as well as give our advice on how to deal with them.

Having difficulties with an orgasm is a problem that every man faces now and then. Sometimes you can reach the peak too early, sometimes too late or do not reach it at all. However, it is very important not to put reaching an orgasm as the main goal in sex, as you can spoil your relationship with your partner.

What to do: if the problem is a regular thing, you should see a sexologist. However, if it has happened accidentally, it is better to talk to your partner, tell her what to do to help you and you will solve this problem.

One of the most awkward sex situations is probably to call your partner another girl’s name. This will definitely offend the girl and make her plunge into the thoughts unnecessary for your relationship.

What to do: To smooth things over you must apologize sincerely, tell about your feelings and your wish to be together with the girl, explain that she is the only one for you. This will help, however it is better not to get in such a situation as it will leave a nasty taste both in your and your girl’s mouth.

Mimics while approaching the peak of pleasure or at the peak itself can also lead to awkward sex situations as at this moment people stop controlling themselves, especially their mimics. Therefore your face can have a not very pleasant expression.

What to do: first of all remember that such a grim is the best proof that you have got the highest pleasure from the sexual act. However, if you have noticed that your partner is confused by it, you have to discuss this situation with the girl and explain how pleased you are and this is how your pleasure reveals itself.

Stale odor coming from your mouth after having specific food will definitely have a bad influence on your sexual life.

What to do: do not let such trifles spoil your sexual spirit. Do not forget to brush your teeth timely. In case your partner has such a problem, you could make a slight hint to her.

Awkward sex situations can also be caused by unsexy liquids. Both men and women can sometimes involuntarily emit urine during the sexual act. Some people think it is not sexy, while others consider it to be a natural thing since sex is a rampant and sometimes unexpected throes of passion.

What to do: if such a thing happens, do not let it spoil your sexual spirit since it is just a sign of genuine excitement.

Gases can also become the reason of confusion in bed. We may forget that all people in the world emit gases, which is a natural process. However, during a sexual act it can be really confusing. Since we want to feel free and relaxed while having sex, such a situation can happen at the most inopportune moment.

What to do: if such a thing has happened, do not panic, and have a laugh with your partner instead. Take a short pause if you need, and remember that you are a human, and it is natural for your organism to have such reactions.

Nobody likes it, but very often kids enter the bedroom at the VERY moment causing a lot of awkward sex situations.

What to do: first of all, you must not dramatize the situation. Take the child to their room and answer any questions. You can explain to pre-school aged children that nothing bad has happened and your “performance” was just a game, a love fight.  In case your child is older, and might guess what has happened, you have to make a more concrete explanation. Say that adult people show their love to each other like that. Still, it is better to lock the bedroom door not to make both you and your partner feel confused.

Finally, I want to stress the fact that life is an unpredictable thing and you may have to face a lot of confusing situations. However, if you and your partner love each other, you will overcome them without any difficulties.