Awkward Sexual Moments and How to Deal With Them

When it comes to erotic scenes in movies, we often tend to hold our breath. Why? Well, as a rule, it looks fascinating. The intimacy between a marvelous girl and a large, muscular male occurs when nothing interrupts it. It lasts for quite a long time. The partners finish simultaneously. They look exhausted, but always excited. Everything is perfect — no awkward, weird, or embarrassing sex moments or situations.

Nevertheless, our real-life differs from a TV show. Sometimes lovers face the most embarrassing or funny sexual moments having no second chance to handle awkward things that happen during sex. Therefore, we would like to discuss this complicated issue and offer useful tips on how to deal with it.

First-time sex with someone special is usually really awkward. You don’t know what she likes yet. Your girlfriend doesn’t know what you like. With the confusion, there is also the added pressure and insecurity of the first time.

What should you do? Don’t rush it. Spend time kissing, cuddling, laughing, talking, and touching. Explore the way she responds to your caresses. What does she like? What makes her flinch? Pay attention, and make sure that you spend plenty of time on foreplay.

Try checking out her reactions and body language first. Pay attention to the way she’s moving, her breathing, and other noises. The best way to find out what someone likes is to ask her. A vast majority of women will happily tell you what they like and, if you’re lucky, she might even show you.

Let’s imagine you get interrupted by someone or something — a nosy pet, or an emergency phone call. Unfortunately, the moment is ruined.

How can you recover it? There’s a line between not panicking and keeping on rolling, and you need to get the balance right. What if it’s an actual emergency? Explain to your lady that you’ll have to pick up where you left off later on.

You call your girlfriend another woman’s name. It may offend your lady and make her plunge into unpleasant thoughts.

What do you have to do? To smooth things over you should apologize, share your feelings and emotions sincerely and tell about your willingness to be together with the woman, explaining that she is the only one for you at the moment.

You may feel nature calls at precisely the wrong moment. Burping and sneezing is a part of life, but what happens when you’re still getting comfortable with each other and you can’t recover from the embarrassment.

What should you do? We are humans, so acknowledge the sound, smell, full-body spasm, laugh it off, and then move on. You want to address the elephant in the room, but not dwell on it. Do not let it spoil your sexual spirit since it is just a sign of genuine excitement. Take a short pause if you need to, and remember it is natural for your body to have such reactions.

Mimics while approaching the peak of pleasure or at the peak can also lead to embarrassment because at this moment people stop controlling themselves.

What can you do? Don’t forget such a grim is the best proof that you have got the highest pleasure. However, if you have noticed that your partner is confused, you might discuss the situation and explain how pleased and thrilled you are.

To overcome awkwardness, you should break the association of sex from the unpleasant emotional reaction. The easiest way to do that is to associate sex with relaxation. Try to relax next time you make love. Communicate with your girlfriend, trying to get to know each other better. Amazingly enough, if you understand how to turn lovemaking into an enjoyable experience, you will probably want to make love more often. The more you enjoy something, the more you will want to do it. That’s why communication leads to passionate and frequent sex.