Kissing is a very important part of relationship. If you don`t pass stage of kissing you will not move to another level of your relationship or it will be the end of it at all. Ladies don`t want to have a deal with bad kissers, that’s true. But don`t worry there are several best kissing tips following which will help you to avoid awkward situations and became a good kisser.


Best Kissing Tips #1: Kiss a lady you have feelings to.
It`s so important to kiss a lady you have fillings to, a lady you are attracted to, a lady whom you find special. In that case kisses will have chemistry. You shouldn`t kiss a woman only because it`s your second date and so many articles say that it`s time to kiss. Kiss your lady only if you feel like that, if you are in the mood for kissing and you see that the lady doesn`t mind to be kissed as well.

Best Kissing Tips #2: Don`t ask permission for kiss.
If you want to kiss your lady just kiss her in the right moment without any questions. Most of the women don`t like it when men ask permission for kissing. Some women will answer “no” on that question automatically, even if they don`t really mind to kiss. Be more confident and do some actions, women like it.

Best Kissing Tips #3: Choose a good place and a good time.
You know if you have a flu and your nose running it will be not a good time for the first kiss. In that case, it can be your last kiss with the lady. The place does matter too. If you decide to kiss your lady for the first time where so many people are around it might freak her out. It`s better to choose a cozy lovely half dark lightening place where will be only two of you.

Best Kissing Tips #4: Fresh breath.
If you know there is a little chance you will kiss today, stop eating garlic and onions one day before it. Don`t put in your meal herbs with the unusual long lasting smell. If you are a smoker will be nice of you to use a mint gum or brush your teeth after smoking and before kissing the lady who doesn`t smoke.

Best Kissing Tips #5: Use a balm lipstick.
Nobody likes to kiss dry lips that remind a scourer. There are many moisturizing balms that look completely invisible on the lips so men can use it. And would be a good idea to shave clean before the date not to scratch your lady`s sensitive soft skin.

Best Kissing Tips #6: Start slowly.
It`s better to start kissing with your lips, the slower is better, and then to start using the tongue if you want to do a French kiss. The main rule is not to imitate a helicopter in a lady`s mouth. Kiss your sweetheart with the soul.

Best Kissing Tips #7: Keep your eyes closed.
According to many researches, people prefer kissing with their eyes closed otherwise you will lose all the magic and romance of kissing. You should feel it and not look at it.

Best Kissing Tips #8: Not only lips are for kisses.
Not only lips deserve to be kissed. Will be so romantic and cute if you kiss your lady`s hands and wrist, forehead and nose, edge of the eye and chick, shoulder and what your fantasy is telling you. I`m sure she will love it.

Kisses help us to express love and care to our second halves, to show our feelings and to create a much deep connection.
Don`t forget to kiss each other every single day no matter for how long you have been together already!