Best Kissing Tips from expert

Kissing is a very important part of relationship. Ladies don`t want to have a deal with bad kissers, that’s true. But don`t worry there are several best professional kissing tips following which help you to find out how to make kissing less awkward and how to be a good at kissing. Even if you are already pretty professional at it, it is always nice to expand your horizons and learn something new. Some people overlook affection when they move on “regular bases” in relationship. It is one of the life`s greatest pleasures, so don`t miss it.

How to learn kissing good? Here are our kissing tips and tricks for you guys:

  1. Do it with a woman you have feelings to.
  2. You shouldn`t kiss a woman only because it`s your second date and so many articles say that it`s high time, if you are in the mood and you see she doesn`t mind as well.

  3. Don`t ask permission.
  4. Choose the right moment without any questions. Most of the women don`t like when men ask permission. Some women will answer “no” on that question automatically, even if they wanted you to. Be more confident, women appreciate it. An important part of learning how to kiss is taking initiative.

  5. Choose a good place and a good time.
  6. If you have a flu and your nose is running it is not a good time. The place does matter too. If you choose a place where are so many people around, it might freak her out. It`s better to choose a cozy lovely place where will be only two of you.

  7. Fresh breath.
  8. If you know there is a little chance you may have a date, stop eating garlic and onions one day before it. Avoid putting in your meal herbs with the unusual long lasting smell. If you are a smoker it is nice of you to use a mint gum or brush your teeth after smoking if a lady doesn`t smoke.

  9. Use a balm lipstick.
  10. Nobody likes dry lips that remind a scourer. There are many moisturizing balms that look completely invisible on the lips so men can use it. And would be a good idea to shave clean before the date not to scratch your lady`s sensitive soft skin.

  11. How to kiss a girl? Start slowly.
  12. Start with small pecks and continue more intensely. How to kiss with a tongue? if you want to have French kiss, use your tongue. The main rule is not to imitate a helicopter in a lady`s mouth.

  13. Keep your eyes closed.
  14. According to many researches, people prefer kissing with their eyes closed otherwise you lose all the magic and romance. You should feel it and not look at it.

  15. Not only lips are for kisses.
  16. It is so romantic and cute if you kiss your lady`s hands and wrist, forehead and nose, neck, shoulder and what your fantasy is telling you. I`m sure she is going to love it. If you want it to be passionate and intimate, practice kissing against a wall. It is a pretty dominant move, so be sure you don`t do it in public. It is better to save it until there are two of you alone. You can go to the girl’s neck and ears. Pinch and gently bite them, lick them with the tip of your tongue and whisper compliments and the girl’s name. Then come back to lips and caress a neck with your hands, and again ears-lips-neck. Do not forget about compliments. When you feel that the girl gets really excited, you can put your hands on her breast or other sensitive parts of her body.

  17. Adjust to your partner`s style
  18. Part of being an excellent kisser is an ability to adjust. Be in harmony with your woman, like in a dance.

  19. Perfect kissing is passionate.
  20. Be completely in the moment, try not to let other thoughts disturb you, relax completely and savor the pleasure. Focus entirely on what is going on between you and a partner. Try to take your partner`s face with two hands, caress the cheeks with your thumbs, trail from the cheeks to the jawline. French kiss is maximum passion and physical attraction. It also matters whether you do it with your eyes open or closed. In the first case (eyes open), you are not confident and try to watch and check the reaction. In the second case (eyes closed) partners fully give in to the process and by closing their eyes they reinforce the senses and sensitivity. Whether you are from Paris or Texas, you can easily learn how to kiss like French do. It is the culmination of building intimacy.

  21. Try something different.
  22. If you prefer one style and you think it is the best, you are tempted to do it all over again. But here what you can vary, not to fall in a boring trap, which is no longer going to be exciting. If you tried slow, vary the speed, make it gradually faster, change the depth and the pressure.

  23. Be open to communicate.
  24. If you really adore the way your partner kisses, say it. But also let her know if you don’t like something in kind and delicate way.

By learning simple above mentioned techniques, you will know how to be a good kisser. It helps us to express love and care to our second halves, to emphasize our feelings and create a much deeper connection.

As any art form, practice is important. If you are not in a relationship, it is not a problem too. There are many ways to do it too.

For example:

  1. Watch romantic movies and observe couples. It teaches you not only the process, but also different romantic approaches.
  2. Enjoy food you are eating and feel how it tastes.
  3. Practice tongue movements on ice cream cones and lollipops.

Before embarking on a journey of a first kiss with a new partner, it is important to develop emotional intimacy, so that it is not just mechanical moves. Flirting and eye contact will put you both in the mood. Time and place play a crucial role too, make it memorable.