Best movie sex scenes

Do you like watching movies with love scenes? I bet you do. What about sex in movies? Even more exciting, isn’t it? Women tend to enjoy such films, if it involves romance, just naked scenes in movies won`t get her excited. However, there are some parts, which we are ready to see again and again because of fantastic game they show. By looking at hollywood sexual scenes with your partner, you can spice up your life and make it more romantic.

Take your imagination and let`s go through some hot moments that will make your heart beat faster.

*You won`t be left indifferent while watching «Dirty dancing». Even if you are not a good dancer, the process of preparing a dance is quite emotional too. In this movie you won`t find nude scenes, but you will get much more excited while observing them dancing, the way they look at each other makes you feel these vibes from the screen. The song “The time of my life” is going to touch your soul.

  • In case you have never seen the film «Bitter moon», you have missed a good deal of excitement. But if you are the one who is lucky to have seen the moment when the main actress tied her lover to the chair and taped his mouth closed… you will not deny a desire of your girlfriend doing this to you.
  • «The Basic Instinct» is the film remembering which all men see the picture of Sharon Stone wearing a short white dress. The moment when celebrity is being questioned at the police station may also be called one of the hottest, most popular and inspiring.
  • One of my favorite movies sex scene is from «Pretty woman». What might be more exciting than music itself? Especially if the person you love is playing it. The famous act at the piano will surely not leave you indifferent.
  • Leonardo di Caprio and Kate Winslet making love onboard the Titanic… who can deny that this is also one of the best sex scenes from movies? Very romantic, touching, you feel present at the moment of an innocent sex happening in an old vintage car. Small details, breathing hard, feeling every inch of body, and a hand touch on the window definitely makes it sexy.
  • I could never have thought that pottery may be such a hot hobby. Do you remember the film «The Ghost»? It is very romantic which will absolutely impress you and give the idea that a common hobby is a good way to add colors to your life. Do you both like tennis? Why not «play a game» together?

*If you haven’t seen “The Notebook”, this is a romantic drama. There is a scene which makes you shiver, when two main characters, who haven`t seen each other for a long time, met as friends. A couple was head over hills with each other, but because of different social status, girl`s parents made them apart. She was going to have an arranged marriage, but before she saw a newspaper with news about a house he built, which made her heart beat and she rushed to see him the last time before marriage to make sure there were no feelings anymore. But she still loved him, they went for a boat ride, feeding swans and it started raining heavily. Here the passion started, they were madly kissing each other like the first time and couldn`t resist from making a passionate love. It is worth seeing, far more than just a nude scene.

  • The legendary striptease by Sophie Laurent in the film «Yesterday. Today. Tomorrow.» is considered to be the best. It was a very liberated (for 1963) part of a prostitute Mara, played by charismatic Sophie, seducing Marchello Mastroyani’s character which let cinema critics call it the main erotic action of the cinema industry.
  • And finally, our list would not be complete without «40 days. 40 nights». The moment when the main heroes are having physical connection without touching each other and using only petals and the wind breeze.