There are films which we really like watching because we like their plot, the acting, the special effects. There are also films which are not so interesting and we are not very keen on watching them more than once. However, there are films (both interesting and not so much interesting) which we are ready to watch again and again because of fantastic sex scenes they show. Let us look back at the sexiest moments of some famous films and who knows, maybe they will inspire you and add some spices to your sexual life.

  • It will not be surprising if we start our hit list of best movie sex scenes with remembering «9 ½ weeks», which is the classics of erotic movies. Everyone knows that hot moment when the main heroine was dancing striptease to the song «You can leave your hat on», sex-and-food games or sex under the rain. Why not try this with your partner?
  • In case you have never seen the film «Bitter moon», you have missed a good deal of excitement. But if you are the one who are lucky to have seen the moment when the main heroine tied her lover to the chair and taped his mouth closed… you will not deny the fact that you have at least once imagined your girlfriend doing this to you.
  • «The Basic Instinct» is the film remembering which all men see the picture of Sharon Stone wearing a short white dress. The moment when her heroine is being questioned at the police station can also be called one of the hottest, most popular and inspiring sex scenes of all times.
  • A lot of hearts were made beat faster while watching «Dirty dancing». Even if you are not a good dancer, the process of preparing a dance can be quite sexy and emotional too.

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  • One of my favorite sex scenes is that from «Pretty woman». What can be sexier than music itself? Especially if the person you love is playing it. The famous scene at the piano will surely not leave you indifferent.Have you ever wanted to try sex in a public place? Then the film «Astronaut’s wife» has something for you. The moment when the main heroine meets her husband, who she has not seen for a long time can give you shivers. And who cares that any moment anyone can see them?
  • I could never have thought that pottery can be such a sexy hobby. Remember the film «The Ghost»? One of the most exciting and romantic sex scenes will absolutely impress you and give the idea that a common hobby is a good way to add colors to your sexual life. Do you both like tennis? Why not «play a game» and finish it with fantastic and unusual sex set?
  • Leonardo di Caprio and Kate Winslet having sex onboard the Titanic… who can deny that this is also one of the best movie sex scenes? However, if you watch the «Revolutionary road» kitchen quick sex scene, you will make sure that Kate and Leo did their best in it.

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  • The legendary striptease by Sophie Laurent in the film «Yesterday. Today. Tomorrow.» could be called one of the best sex scenes ever. It was a very liberated (for 1963) scene of a prostitute Mara, played by sexual and charismatic Sophie, seducing Marchello Mastroyani’s character which let cinema critics call it the main erotic scene of the cinema industry.
  • And finally, our list would not be complete without an unusual sex scene from «40 days. 40 nights». The moment when the main heroes are having sex without touching each other and using only petals and the wind breeze is thought to be one of the most beautiful sex scenes.