Best Gifts for a Ukrainian Girl

Very often during first consultations, our clients ask if all Ukrainian ladies are high maintenance and if extravagant expensive gifts are crucially important for them. Of course, if you have read Gary Chapman’s book “The Five Love Languages” you know that one of these “Love Languages” is gifts and presents, along with touch, words of affirmation, acts of service, and quality time.

Does it mean shopping is a must right on the first date if you want to win the heart of your love interest? This would be a huge turn-off. A lady can think you are trying to buy her attention, you want to boast about how much money you have, and you believe she is materialistic and ready to do anything to get a free pair of shoes or a designer purse. Slavic women are very proud and have traditional values so such assumptions are a huge offense.

Of course, we all love attention – especially if we are the focus of attention of a person we like. One of our female clients noticed that her date had gloves neither on their first nor on their second date. She assumed his hands were freezing. On their next meeting, she has given him a pair of nice warm gloves. He was confused, surprised, shocked, and smitten. Later he confessed it was the moment he knew she was the one. This couple is happily married now and has 3 kids. There is a lot of passion and respect in their relationship.

When we think about gifts for a Ukrainian woman, of course, flowers instantly come to mind. It is a tradition to bring flowers on your first date. A nice bouquet turns an ordinary meeting into a romantic date. When you present flowers, you give emotions. Without words, you tell a lady how special she is. You show your admiration and romanticize the whole experience. Your bouquet tells a lot about your personality and your true intentions: do you like this lady and plan a proper courtship or is it just a short-term fling you have in mind?

Every year smart marketers create new gift ideas for women and claim that by presenting your love interest with a new perfume, set of lingerie, teddy bear, chocolate with green matcha, new pink iPhone, or unique handmade earrings you will make her instantly and irrevocably fall in love with you.

The question is how to really impress a Ukrainian girl? Do you have to buy your Ukrainian girl presents for a special date or without any reason, shower her with compliments and attention, organize romantic weekends on a seashore? Must it be something luxurious? The answer is yes and no.

When you court a Slavic girl, of course, she will expect that you will foot the bills in the cafes and restaurants, and you will be the one buying tickets to the movies and theaters. Ukrainian men do this. It is part of the culture. Our society is still very patriarchal and traditional. She doesn’t expect you though to pay her rent or dental bills. This is ridiculous. Unless you are 55 years old, and you try to impress 25 years old. Then as a sugar daddy, you must wow your sugar babe. But such a scenario is rare and unlikely. The reality is very few women are ready to sacrifice their youth and beauty in exchange for a Prada bag and a loveless relationship with a man 25 years her senior.

If you are courting a woman and attraction is mutual then extravagant gifts are not expected. The early stage of relationships in our culture is called a stage of “candies and flowers”. It is the time to be romantic and adventurous. It is time to build a romantic foundation for your relationship. However, don’t try to be cheap and claim she can have stars, a moon, and a sunset instead of tulips and roses.

Sometimes our male clients – especially younger gentlemen – ask us what are the best romantic gifts for girls, that are not flowers, because she has already got a cute bouquet of white peonies from him last week. A lot depends on the stage of your relationship. If it just has been 4 or 5 dates then you can go together to a concert or theater and the tickets should be on you. If you already had a talk about being exclusive and you are together for 2 or 3 months then you can surprise her with a bottle of Champagne or red wine, a fruit basket, or a scented candle. Perfumes can be a classy present but only if you know what she likes. The same applies to plants in pots. Have you already been to her place? Does she have orchids or a Ficus? Don’t buy her pets unless you are 100% sure she wants a kitten. A book can be a great present if she loves reading, though you should double-check if she prefers paperbacks or reads on iPad. If you think about getting your girlfriend a sweater or a new dress, you should be very careful with the size and the design. You must be sure you have good taste and won’t choose something she will feel too embarrassed to wear even indoors but feels obligated to put on to please you.

Flowers or perfumes are special only if it is a gift from a man a lady likes. Then it is truly meaningful. If there is no attraction and no real interest, then no number of bouquets will make a girl’s heart and eyes smile when she sees you.

It is all about choosing the right person who can choose you back for all the right reasons.