Spring is one of the most loved seasons by many people because it is the time when everything wakes up after the long and cold winter. The sun shines and it is not too cold and not too hot and such a weather makes us want to spend more time outdoors. So, what are the usual outdoor activities in Ukraine that all people love doing when spring comes?

Frankly speaking, when I hear the word “spring”, I cannot imagine people from other countries doing different things; that is why the main spring outdoor activities in Ukraine will be very similar to the ones in any other place in the world.

  1. Active rest. Having active rest when spring comes, is what I personally look forward to like many other Ukrainians. What do I mean by active rest? It is definitely riding a bike, roller-skating, etc. Someone can say that I can do these in any season… I agree, but… only in spring I can enjoy my cycling most of all. Isn’t that wonderful to pedal your bike and feel the first sunrays on your face, listen to the birds’ singing and looking at the blossoming trees and flowers?
  2. Walking in the rain is one of the outdoor activities in Ukraine loved by people too. Why? Who would want to walk under a wall of water falling from the sky?  Believe it or not, but many couples like doing it. In my opinion, walking in the rain is one of the most romantic things that two people, who are in love can do. No special equipment is needed. Just take your beloved by the hand, go out of your apartment, open an umbrella, take each other by the hand and imagine you are 12 years old… Jump into the puddles, try to make each other wet, and when you have had enough fun, hug and give each other a long passionate kiss. Wow…
  3. Jogging. Yes, jogging is not only a popular but also a very healthy activity to do in spring. After the long winter, most of which you spend indoors, your body longs for the fresh air. Just like the nature wakes up after the winter sleep, you will wake up while jogging every morning, and that will give you energy for the rest of the day.
  4.   Picnic in the countryside. This is one of the most traditional spring outdoor activities in Ukraine. I will not lie to you if I say, that at least half of all Ukrainian population are looking forward to the spring coming just because of one thing – shish kebab or barbecue. Do you want to know why? That is because in winter it is not so pleasant to make an open fire and fry meat on it as it is cold. Secondly, it is not possible to find good logs for the fire. And finally… while one or two people are making shish kebab, what should the rest do? But when spring comes, many Ukrainians go to the countryside and spend the whole day gathering firewood, preparing barbecue, and playing different outdoor games or just sitting and talking to each other, enjoying the spring nature.

Finally, no matter what kind of outdoor activities in Ukraine you would choose to do, remember that spring is the best time to spend every minute outside your house. Do not try to find yourself any excuse to stay at home. Grab your better half by the hand and go to the park, or have a walk in the forest, where you can find the first spring flowers and give to your lady because spring is the time of love and romance. Spring… it contains six letters, but many more hopes for happiness and love!