The best spring entertainment and outdoor in Ukraine

In Ukraine spring seems to be one of the most loved seasons by a vast majority of people. In a sense, this is not surprising. It is likely to be the best time of year, when nature awakens after a frosty, snowy and long winter. The sun is shining brightly, birds start singing, the weather is warm enough to find plenty of things to do, all these make us spend our spare time outdoors in Ukraine. Therefore, the burning question is what to do, what things to see, which places to visit in spring if you happen to be caught by the most exciting season in Ukraine.

It goes without saying that hearing the words “spring activities” we imagine active rest, jogging and picnics in the countryside. Ukrainians are no exceptions.

1. What I personally like most and what I’m looking forward to doing is active leisure. Cycling, roller-skating, walking, hiking, camping, water sports like kayaking and canoeing seem to be popular in spring. Flowers and trees blossom, the atmosphere is charming. Isn’t it fascinating to pedal your bike and feel the warmth of the first sun rays on your cheeks?

2. Another outdoor activity is walking in the rain. You might ask why Ukrainian men and women are big fans of spring sunshowers. In my humble opinion, walking under a wall of water falling from the sky is one of the most romantic things partners are able to do together. You don’t need any special equipment like for other types of tourism activities, together with your better half you can go hand in hand, one umbrella is opened, you jump into the puddles like kids having tons of fun in Ukraine.

3. After three long winter months spent indoors your body longs for fresh air. Besides, April or May is a great time to improve your health and get back on track. Jogging could be extremely useful.

4. Why is camping so popular? The health benefits are plentiful for both adults and youngsters. When you’re spending time at home in your usual routine, you may not realize just how much you’re missing away from nature.

5. One of the essential aspects of a picnic in the countryside is how it helps you build and strengthen relationships. When you spend time with friends or family, you get a chance to talk without distraction. Furthermore, food just tastes better when prepared outdoors. There’s something about cooking food over a fire or a grill that just can’t be replicated when you’re eating at home.

Finally, it doesn’t really matter what kind of activities you decide to choose, let me remind you that it is a perfect moment to spend every minute outside your house. Do not find yourself making any excuses, staying at home. Grab your significant other and go to the park or have a walk in the forest. Take advantage of any opportunity which might arise to pick up a feel for your beloved one, get a sense of their being.