Are you lucky to find a woman you would like to meet in person and are going to visit Ukraine? Then, probably, it will be interesting for you which accommodation will be best for you to choose.

To begin with, let me tell you, that just like other countries, Ukraine has a lot of types of accommodation to satisfy any visitor. You can choose between renting a private house or a flat, staying in a hostel, reserving a room in a cheap or expensive hotel. What type of accommodation is better?

Let us think of renting a house or a flat first. Why would a tourist visiting Ukraine choose such type of accommodation? The only answer which comes to my mind is «to save money». Yes, I agree that it is much cheaper than staying in a hotel, but that is probably the only advantage. If you live on your own, you will have to face a lot of challenges. Instead of having rest, you will have to cope with usual routine like cooking for yourself, tidying the flat, washing your clothes, etc. Do you think that this type of accommodation is the best way to spend your holiday in another country instead of going sightseeing or meeting your matchmaker and preparing for the date with beautiful ladies?

If you are still thinking of saving some money, but are not interested in cleaning your room and other stuff like that, a hostel is another type of accommodation which you may choose visiting Ukraine. I should say that the price for the hostel will not be much higher than the rent for a flat, but… do you think you are ready to share a room  with five other people? Are you sure they all are decent and will not disturb you when you will want to stay alone, or when you will be trying to get some sleep? Are you ready to be a part of an all-night-long party and be fresh with your lady next day?

I hope, you will agree that staying in a hotel is much better. You live in a separate room. Nobody shouts or leaves his clothes wherever he wants. You do not have to make your bed or think of tidying up your room. You do not even have to cook because room service can bring you whatever you want to for breakfast and do it at exact time you will order. Moreover, living in a hotel is safer than renting a flat. In addition to all said above, this type of accommodation is more convenient for moving around the city, since many hotels are in the center and you will have no problems getting around.

There is one more reason why it is better to live in this type of accommodation. If you are visiting Ukraine to meet your future wife, it will be weird if you stay in  a cheap hostel or a flat at the outskirts of the city. You will definitely want to spend more time together, maybe you will want to communicate with your lady in the atmosphere different from cafes or restaurants, so the best place to do it will be your hotel room, or even the lobby of a hotel, where you will find a cosy corner to sit and talk to each other.

However, there is one big disadvantage of living in type of accommodation like this. It is not cheap. I would say it is expensive, but I think that your safety and the chance to have a good rest is worth it and our recommendation it to stay in a hotel while visiting Ukraine.