You have probably heard a thousand of times that it is possible to attract a person without saying even a word. To do that we use body language. Let us look closer at what exactly it is and what “words” – gestures we can use while dating to show that we like our interlocutor or wishing to attract a new person’s attention.

Wise books say that body language is a number of signals, which a person sends to people surrounding them. It is a nonverbal alphabet, which you can use to communicate with a woman without any words. There are a lot of gestures that can repel a woman you are dating, attract, show her that you are in a bad mood or that you feel great. If you learn this alphabet, you will be able to signal a woman you like that you are interested in her and attract her attention, or show a girl you do not really like that you are not in the mood for communicating with her.

The gestures we make are divided into open and close. Open poses (when neither our legs nor hands are crossed) subconsciously signal our interlocutor that we are ready for communication. In case you cross either legs or hands, you show that you have doubts about the communication with this very person. Finally, if you cross both hands and legs, you show that you feel uncomfortable and do not really want to communicate.

So, what body language can we use to attract another person?

  1. Choose an open pose. Do not cross hands or legs closing yourself from a woman you are dating. Instead, try to copy her. Be like a mirror. Copy her pose, her hand gestures, head tilt, intonation.
  2. Use a smile wisely. When you meet a woman for the first time, do not make a big smile. She may think that you do that every time you meet a new person. Instead make a short pause and then give a woman a short but warm and open smile, which will reflect not only on your lips but in your eyes too.
  3. Make a woman laugh. Believe it or not, laugh makes people closer. If you make a woman you are dating laugh by remembering a funny story from your life or some mutual situation you have gone through with her, you will laugh together and become much closer.
  4. Eye contact is another powerful weapon of body language, which was proved by a scientific experiment. Scientists made up several couples of people who did not know each other and ordered them to look into each other’s eyes. They also had several groups of couples who were looking at another parts of the body. The experiment showed that looking into each other’s eyes naturally creates the feeling of closeness, which is much stronger than other types of glances.

How to look into a woman’s eyes correctly? Imagine that your eyes are stuck to hers with the help of something soft and warm. Do not break eye contact even if you have finished the conversation. To do that you can count her eyewinks.

If you want to attract a woman’s attention when you are communicating in a group of people, try to look at her from time to time, no matter if she is speaking at this moment or not. In such a way, you will show that you are interested in her reaction.  

  1. While dating a girl, try to look calm even if you are nervous, and do not make unnecessary gestures: do not twitch, fidget or scratch yourself. If you touch your face too often, the girl may think that you are lying or are too worried.  
  2. Pay maximum attention. When you are dating a woman, turn your body to her and pay her as much attention as if you are communicating with a little child. By doing so, you will show her you think she is very special to you.  
  3. Finally, when you meet a woman for the first time, you must imagine that she is an old friend of yours. This will make you feel relaxed and your body language will be very relaxed too. Moreover, if you show your good attitude to her from the first moment of your communication, you both will take each other positively.