Body language of attraction

Body language is a nonverbal alphabet, which you can use to communicate with a woman without any words. It is a perfect tool for reading emotions, our body is really smart and always gives you the right feeling. During the date from the time you greet each other to the moment you say goodbye, body language is a vital part of the process.

The first impression really matters. The initial body reactions when you meet a person for the first time are the true source, sometimes you may feel a spark and a very comfortable feeling, as if you have known each other forever; on the contrary your body may send you signals like headache or stomachache, high temperature or dizziness. Don`t ignore these reactions, it must be a true sign that you unconsciously don`t like the person.

There are some signs, which are inherent only to males or females because of biological structure. You will unlikely see a man swaying his hips while walking to attract a woman, won`t you? Some nuances and differences depend on cultural environment, religion or the country of origin. Some cultures wouldn`t allow touching, sitting too close to each other even if there is attraction, it is a matter of upbringing. Females of certain cultures would be more reserved in terms of clothing and interaction. As for Ukrainian women, they are more open and it is absolutely normal to be flirty at the date and show signs of attraction.

Women don`t like to be approached from the back unless you live together and she is aware of your presence, a sexual hug from the back is appropriate in this situation. But in general it causes a feeling of threat. They prefer to be approached from the front while men prefer it from the side.

Men twirl hair when they are stressed while ladies do the same when they are attracted to the opposite sex.

While flirting, females may lick their lips, play with hair and smile a lot, their voice is excited and they are very bubbly. Males, on the contrary, stare at the object of admiration, sometimes they can put their hands in the pockets not to gesticulate with them nervously.

So, what are the signs of body language attraction?

  • A genuine smile opens many doors. It is the first thing you notice about the person and it gives you an introduction before the person speaks. It is what you cannot control, we smile when we are happy, when we like a person.
  • Copycatting. It is not a bad thing when it comes to attraction. People unconsciously mirror each other. When you were a child, maybe your parents told you not to be a copycat, be yourself. But in the dating world it is a good strategy.
  • Eye contact. Eyes are a bridge to your soul.
  • Pose. It is open and pointed towards a person you want to impress.
  • Smooth moves. Confidence is always attractive. Slow down, jerky and abrupt movements are a sign of nervousness.
  • Leaning towards someone you like.

You can observe yourself in the mirror while talking to your crush over the phone, you will notice how your body reacts to her, so you could have a self-image.

You can actually master these techniques and use them in everyday life in order to attract an opposite sex.

Now you know what signs of attraction are and how to keep her interest, let`s look closer to body language of female attraction.

When it comes to dating, it is important not to misinterpret signals that a woman likes you romantically or she is just interested in you as a friend, be observant in order to avoid awkward situations.

Here are some examples of female signals of attraction:

  • She plays with hair. She twirls it or curls it, smiling at you.
  • She uses lipstick to make lips look seducing and shifts your attention to them while talking. She may look at your lips too.
  • She leans to you while sitting or talking to you. It means she feels comfortable in your company.
  • She blushes when you come closer, maybe she feels shy. Be sure it is a real reason, but not the fact of you saying something really embarrassing. Girl`s face can flush in excitement and admiration.
  • She tries to impress you with a style, it is one of the signs a woman is attracted to you sexually. She may initiate intimate topics by herself, invite you to her place, giving you intense attraction signs, she is touching her own body, you definitely cannot be wrong in identifying if she likes you or not.
  • She gives you compliments on your appearance, the way you smile or joke.
  • She uses every chance to touch you, either she puts a hand on your knee or just holds your hand, puts a head on your shoulder, hugs you more often.
  • She asks questions about your personal life, if a woman is attracted romantically, she will be interested to know everything about you. And she will eagerly share her stories from personal life.
  • Seductive walk. She sways hips in a playful manner while walking.

Let me share with you some clues which hint you that a woman is not interested in you or even disappointed:

  • Avoiding eye contact. It is a clear sign of disinterest. A lady who is attracted will never avoid eye contact.
  • Pursed lips, meaning that she is angry, there is obvious tension from her side.
  • She sits with crossed arms and overall closed position.
  • She gives you short answers to all questions and doesn`t initiate the conversation.
  • She doesn’t smile a lot and seems not pleased. She might be tired from work, but it must not be a constant behavior.
  • Listen to her voice. If it is monotonous, she is bored. Usually they are bubbly around a guy they fancy.
  • She keeps physical objects between you. For example if you are in the restaurant, she might place a menu, a bottle of wine just not to clear the path.
  • She is not attentive. She is not concentrated on what you say and ask.

You don`t have to be an expert to identify these signs. A lady`s eyes, facial expression and body response on your presence with her give you a lot of information, you just should be observant.