In Russian language there is a famous joke and I hope the meaning won’t get lost in translation.

  • Burn the witch!
  • But she is so sexy and hot?!
  • Well, ok. But after that – burn the witch.

No so long ago I have found a blog in the Internet where the blogger from the USA was accusing all beautiful Ukrainian ladies in being scammers and not decent. He has posted pictures of some ladies at the dating sites and pictures of the same ladies photographed with men. There were some truly disgusting photos of ladies taken from the dating sites and after that – naked photos of the same ladies taken from pornographic sites. To be honest their photos at the dating sites also had really few clothes to cover just some “aspects” of their bodies.

It is hard for me to imagine a reason why a serious gentleman who is looking for a girlfriend that one day can become his wife would choose to correspond with the lady who stands on her knees wearing red panties and a “dress” that let me see those panties and her facial expression says “give me my tips and I will take off the rest of clothes”. Next to these photos there is a brief description where the lady claims she is a lawyer, loves cooking, planting flowers and dreams to travel to Paris. I have several friends – lawyers and few of them ever post pictures even on Facebook, because they are afraid that their clients or colleages by court will see them dressed in jeans and sneakers. Several female clients of mine honestly told me that they can’t use dating sites because everyone can find their profiles there so the closed matchmaking base is the only option. Anyway, I have tried to imagine how a gentleman is looking at the photo of a half naked “lawyer” and thinks: “this is the mother of our future kids”.

I have no doubts men are smart enough to understand how many eyes have watched those red panties and fantasized (only if they have a little screen) what is under those panties. Perhaps Jim has looked at that photo, so did Bill and Jeremy, Jonny and Donald. Well, the whole state Texas and maybe half of Florida. So why are Bill and Jeremy, Jonny and Donald, whole Texas and half of Florida but Jim not looking at this girl as the girlfriend and marriage material? Do you think ladies that look like that picture approach them in streets and offices with a proposal to talk?

I am not calling that girl an Angel of course even though some ladies at dating sites are wearing angel wings and posing in bikinis.  

I would like to share two stories with you and to hear your opinion of course.

I have a female client. She works as a leading sales manger for a big international IT company. She is in her 30th and she works out 4 times per week. Her stomach is perfectly flat and her legs really last forever. She is hot. She speaks fluent English and intermediate French. She has two University Degrees and is working on her PHD. I would date her if I were a man. She is all beauty and brains. What do you know about big IT companies? Each of them has their own rules and vision. In the company where this lady works everyone wears jeans, sneakers and hoodies with the name of the company. When I have asked her to bring photos for her profile she brought photos taken during her last vacation in Spain. She is wearing shorts, tops, bikinis and summer dresses. She looks hot and sexy. When I have showed her photos to a client of mine he said he couldn’t believe this girl had two university degrees. And he didn’t choose her profile.

The same thing happened with the next male client. I have asked this girl – let’s call her Anna – about her dating experience outside my base. She said that at work she couldn’t actually date because most of programmers at the company were in their 20th and also the management of the company was not too happy when employees date each other. She spent lots of time at work and didn’t go out much so the best option for her was a dating site. She had a profile at the local dating site. I have asked her to show me what pictures she used there. Her profile picture showed her wearing big sunglasses, yellow top and shorts. Next picture – white bikini, sunglasses and summer hat. Next picture – red bikini, sunglasses and a cap. She was proud of her body. This was obvious. And she wanted to hide her face. It is easy to understand why.  I have asked her about results. She said that at first it was interesting and flattering – so much attention, but now she was thinking about removing her profile because she received too many sexual messages, which she found offensive. Also several offline dates that she had were not great and didn’t have any continuation. I have recommended her to change the style of photos both for her matchmaking profile and her profile at the local dating site. She went to a professional photographer and took several photos wearing blue and orange dresses and no sunglasses. She got two dates with my male clients which were nice but didn’t lead to relationship unfortunately because with the first gentleman they had different political views and the second gentleman was more interested in the history of the ancient East and she was interested in the history of the Rome Empire. She also went out on two dates in Kharkov, Ukraine. I hope she will have a successful date that will lead to relationship with my male client that is coming over next month (he is fond of the history of the Rome Empire and beautiful athletics smart Ukrainian blonds).

Another story that I wanted to share is about a gentleman who has contacted several months ago. He didn’t become our client, though we all have remembered him very well. He seemed sweet and well educated. He was successful professionally and financially. He was bold, but looked nothing like young Bruce Willis. After looking at several profiles of the ladies he claimed he wanted to see them wearing bikinis, no make-up and smiling brightly so that he could “judge” if the skin and teeth of the ladies were good enough. We respect our clients both male and female. Of course as a professional matchmaker I understand that men love with their eyes so the photos of our female members that we choose are of a good quality and they show the figure. If the lady is wearing a nice dress you can easily tell what is her body type and if she is curvy or petite. In Ukrainian culture it is not too common to hide the beauty. Girls are eager to wear tight dresses and shoes with high heels, but there is a huge difference between wearing a short dress and wearing lingerie and a see-through something for the picture in your dating profile.

So is it a crime for Ukrainian women to be beautiful and sexy? Is it a crime to want to look hot and seductive? While writing this article team has started to gather in the office. Our beautiful blond leading manager is wearing high heels and elegant blouse, our sexy brunette psychologist is wearing a tight knee length dress and even our pregnant Internet PR guru is wearing a skirt and a light blouse. I can’t tell the colour of their lingerie of course and none of them has provocative photos in the Internet.

Dear gentleman, I strongly recommend you to let a beautiful, serious sexy Ukrainian lady bewitch you with her charm and traditional Ukrainian borsch. Before deciding to “kill the witch” please make sure it is worth it. After all it is always up to you to choose which lady to approach at the dating site and to let or not let her bewitch you.

From Svetlana Mukha, with love