Burn the sexy witch

Ukrainian girls sometimes say, “We are the great-granddaughters of the witches you weren’t able to burn.”
A month ago, surfing the Internet, I figured out that some bloggers from the United States, rationally speaking how to detect or spot an online dating scammer and what to do if you were scammed, made an accusation against women from the former USSR. They are believed to write loads of dating scammer letters and are likely to be indecent. All men should strictly avoid communication with them. Bloggers posted a lot of different photos. To tell the truth, beautiful ladies were almost naked. Frankly speaking, pictures from well-known dating websites resembled ones from pornographic sites.
I find it hard to believe that a gentleman with serious intentions looking for a girlfriend would prefer to correspond with a girl, who is kneeling in black panties, for instance. Furthermore, she has that look on her face like she wants to take off the rest of clothes. There is a brief description next to the picture. Purportedly, the lady is keen on cooking, studies at the university, being a big fan of gardening and travelling. I am lucky to be surrounded by some brilliant ladies, some of them are students. They are gorgeous! A few of my female clients honestly told me that they can’t use apps because they are afraid of scams on online dating sites. Besides, everyone can find their profiles, so a closed database is the only option. Anyway, I’m still trying to imagine a man looking at the photo of a half-naked “student” and thinking, “she’d be a great wife.”
I’ve got acquainted with the team leader working at one of the largest international IT companies. Let’s call her Sonya. She’s 37, she goes to the gym three days a week and has the flattest stomach in the world. She seems to be sexy and hot. Her English is perfect, besides she speaks Spanish fluently. She has a master’s degree and is about to get her PHD. Were I a man, I would marry her. She is one of our clients. Photos for her profile were taken in Montenegro during her holidays. In bikinis, tops and shorts, as you might have supposed. I’ve decided to show her photos to a substantial man. However, he couldn’t believe she built a successful career. Moreover, he has added that he’s aware of all that fraud statistics and has already figured out all signs of a romance scammer. In his point of view, the lady is interested in dating format for scamming, so she provides untruthful information. He has ignored all my determined effort to convince him that she’s a gifted computer programmer.
Also, I’d like to share a story about a man who contacted our matchmaking agency a few months ago. Although he is well-educated and pretty charismatic and has pursued a challenging and generally acknowledged profession with prosperous professional and financial career possibilities, he hasn’t become our client. He’s handsome but I don’t think he looks like George Clooney, who, by the way, has got married to a highly intelligent career-oriented and put-together human rights lawyer. After looking at a great number of photos, he has claimed he prefers to see them wearing bikinis without make-up and smiling brightly to conclude if their teeth and skin are good enough. Without any doubt, men get turned on by what they see, meaning they are visual. Therefore, we offer pictures of good quality. If a girl is wearing a lovely blouse and a skirt, it seems easy to understand what physiques she has. What isn’t my purpose as a professional matchmaker is to hide beauty. Besides, Ukrainian culture is quite liberal when it comes to women’s clothes. A vast majority of ladies are proud of their appearance and are eager to demonstrate their willowy figures, wearing high heels and tight gowns. Anyway, is it a crime to look seductive, being modest? Their philosophy of life means exalting and combining in a balanced whole the qualities of body, will and mind. Nevertheless, I’m confident, showing unusual undergarments under the transparent peignoir is not an appropriate style.
In my humble opinion, Ukrainian sexy witches are presumably regular women who practice forms of “household magic”, but take-on a more seductive and alluring appearance. Perhaps, it might be their “weapon”. It is unknown if they share a wide range of “magical” abilities such as stealing the souls of their beloved ones.
I think you need to ask yourself, what do you want? Are you going to “kill the witch”? Or would you like to be bewitched with a tasty borsch by a charming Ukrainian girl? I bet you wouldn’t be disappointed. To sum up, it’s up to you which girl to choose. To be bewitched or not to be… That is the question!