Butterflies in the stomach. Are you in love?

A healthy romantic relationship undoubtedly starts after your third date or more realistic after your first night. Have you ever felt those random magnificent butterflies inside, in your stomach, to be more exact, when you start reminiscing about a fabulous meeting, thinking of someone? Certainly, some people have love connected with a wide range of symptoms and having numerous butterflies in their tummy. When it comes to various signs related to happiness, passion and enthusiasm, a vast majority of people agree they are able to feel little fairies dancing in their bodies. What should be mentioned is that, however, sometimes I personally could figure out weird butterfly feeling in my stomach in stressful situations while negotiating or during a job interview. But in Slavic culture it’s much more common to associate insects with a subtle sense of sincere sympathy, tenderness, beauty, brightness while you’re falling in love with a person. Why do we get butterflies deeply inside? It feels like something amazing has happened when you’re thrilled to like someone.

It’s a poetic image: a belly full of glittering monarchs and swallowtails alighting when your beloved walks into the room: but it’s more than just a moving metaphor; it’s a physical phenomenon that points to the profound tie between body and mind. You can hear your heart beating faster, both of your hearts, in fact. It seems to be an infatuation mixed with anxiety and emotions. Your first touch is likely to remind a powerful shock, your first kiss makes you feel dizzy. You might be nervous or absolutely bubbling over like a tea pot.

Furthermore, tenderness includes responsibility and willing to listen to and to be heard, mutual understanding and respect. It apparently carries weight, providing you with a unique opportunity to experience the impact of sweet creatures meaning love. On the other hand, there are people who argue these creeps aren’t the most touching expression of future love.

However, science has a way of revealing the truth. Butterflies might appear inside, because a great number of fascinating processes in our organism are caused by physiological requirements, for instance, our sexual appetites or our desire to procreate. As a result, one of the pleasure centers of our brain is stimulated. The production of vast amounts of natural endorphin is triggered. Blood flows to our underbelly, making our heart skip a beat. The heart beats fast, our hands get cold and sweaty and we are super-focused on our beloved one.

When we begin to build an intimate relationship, we can’t ignore a number of really extraordinary chemical responses, which occur throughout our hormones and nervous system. Here we would like to tell what happens to your body when you fall in love.

Our brains work differently. To tell the truth, its areas related to motivation and reward system are more active under the influence of the dopamine hormone.

Our heartbeat and blood flow increase as a result of the production of stress hormones (noradrenaline, adrenaline, cortisol). Consequently, we’re breathing faster, we sweat more and feel dizzy.

Adrenalin increases glucose levels and energy production. Lovers do not feel tired, do not want to sleep, their appetite decreases. At the same time, cortisol accelerates the digestion of fats and helps us lose weight better.

Stress hormones cause vasoconstriction in the intestines. Mild cramping causes the above-mentioned effect.

Testosterone, which is produced by adrenal glands, increases male and female sexual desire. Estrogen causes an outpouring of their affection.

Emotions don’t exist in a vacuum. A racing heart and sweaty palms might be the feeling of fear when you’re in the path of an oncoming car, the feeling of excitement or nervousness when you’re standing in the wings on opening night, and the feeling of lovesickness. Your body reacts the same way to each of those situations; it’s how you interpret them that matters. Luckily, you can use this to your advantage.

Getting comfortable in long-term relationships don’t necessarily mean the spark is gone, or that you’re any less attracted to one another than you were that very first night. In reality, the human body just isn’t meant to or capable of feeling that sort of intensity for so long. Romance is only one part of that first date feeling. A lot of it stems from experiencing something for the first time. So, in order to feel the butterflies again, therapists believe that scheduling time to experience something new together should trigger those same neurological responses. Every few months, plan an experience for the both of you that you have never done before, something exhilarating, fun or riveting. These types of experiences will turn on those parts of your brain and give you a shot of that fire you remember from earlier on in your relationship.