Butterflies in the stomach. Are you in love?

There is no doubt that most serious relationships start with a successful first night out with a girl. However, the second meeting is not less important. Therefore, if you want to build Butterflies in the stomach… I am sure you have heard the phrase more than once, especially when we talk about the romantic signs in love relationships as the expression is associated with the feeling of amorousness, excitement, and passion. Someone can even boast they have felt tiny wings fluttering in their body…

There is no doubt that most serious relationships start with a successful first night out with a girl. However, the second meeting is not less important. Therefore, if you want to build Interestingly, many girls, especially romantic ones, have a delicate sense of amorousness. Their physical senses and subconscious are so closely connected that they react to any emotions. Moreover, there are also people, who might have “butterflies” in stressful situations like taking an exam or having negotiations. Nevertheless, they most often appear when you love someone or have a tender attitude toward them. The insect is associated with lightness, gentleness, beauty, and free flight, which is similar to the romantic emotions you might get near your girlfriend when you’re in love. Therefore, if you experience light pins and needles at the bottom of your tummy, which we call butterflies, it could be the answer to the question “how do you know that you love someone?”

There is no doubt that most serious relationships start with a successful first night out with a girl. However, the second meeting is not less important. Therefore, if you want to build Still, is your heart skipping a beat for the reason of loving someone? Or are they just the sign of infatuation?

Infatuation is the stage at which a relationship brings you a maximum of emotions. The first touch – the electric shock, the first kiss – tender and fascinating. Thinking “I love you” and telling about your feelings to the lady is a thrilling delight for ears. You seem to be light, airy, and weightless as if floating in the sky. This is when these very butterflies appear.

Endearment, on the other hand, is already a deep feeling of attachment, respect for the partner, mutual understanding and responsibility, a strong wish to listen to and hear what the person you adore says. Fondness is stronger, it does have some weight, and it is permanent. However, there is always a chance to experience the presence of such nice creatures in the stomach. But it is very hard work to create conditions and emotional experiences, in which amorousness, delicate and bright as a butterfly, will continue its existence and its wings will not be burnt.

You may disagree: not all the people, who are in love, experience these heebie-jeebies. Does it mean that they are not in love? And how do the small creatures get in? Could it be just flatulence caused by strong worries when you don’t know how to tell someone you love them or how to tell if you like a girl?

Butterflies could appear inside the body even when you are recalling something, or someone touches you, even when you are talking about fondness. It happens because a number of processes in our organism are caused by physiological instincts such as a desire for sexual intimacy and continuing the human race. This is when blood flows to the underbelly and we get a feeling as if a hundred insects are inside. Not only women but also men can have experienced it. However, they sense them in a bit different way…A kiss is another signal, which sends an impulse to the area of the brain responsible for the production of hormones of happiness, which in turn makes your heart skip a beat.

No wonder, science has its own explanation of what happens in our organism when these little beautiful moths appear.

BRAIN. The volunteers’ brain works in a different way as its sections connected with the system of motivation and reward are more active as a result of dopamine hormone influence.

HEART. At the state of infatuation heartbeat and bloodstream become stronger, as the output of stress hormones (noradrenaline, adrenaline, cortisol) increases. Consequently, you breathe faster, sweat more, might be dizzy.

STOMACH, LIVER, PANCREAS. Adrenalin raises the level of glucose and intensifies the energy production. Thanks to it, lovers do not feel tired, they do not want to sleep and their appetite declines. At the same time, cortisol speeds up fat digestion and helps lose weight better than any diet.

GUT. Stress hormones cause vasoconstriction in the gut area. Light spasms, appearing because of this, create the “butterflies-in-the-stomach” effect.

GENITALS. Testosterone, which is produced by the adrenal glands increases men’s and women’s sexual desire. Estrogen causes an outpouring of affection.

As you can see, all the “unexplainable” things happening inside us have a quite clear scientific base.

Writing this article, I thought that I also want to feel butterflies in my tummy again, to go through the nice moments of the first dates, hugs, and kisses, refresh the routine feelings or bring the amorousness back to life. Remember the thrill appearing while looking for the way of how to know if you like someone, make sure they are your ONE.

Would a person have butterflies in the stomach if they have been together with someone for a long time? Of course, they would. And if you have long relationships you can still have them. How? What you need is to dilute your routine with some romance, new emotions, experiences, and adventures; make every day a celebration if it is possible. How long does it take to fall in love and when do you have to begin adding some fresh trifles to your relationship not to lose the feeling of butterflies? The answer is simple: never cease to believe every day is like the first one and make it such that you will not regret you have lived through it with your dear.

Valeria Matskevich With Love