Butterflies in the stomach… How many times have you heard this expression? What does it mean?

For many people the expression “to have butterflies in the stomach” is associated with the feeling of amorousness, excitement and passion. However, as it is, not all the people, who are in love, can feel these butterflies in the stomach. Does it mean that they are not in love? And how do the butterflies get into our stomach?

Many girls, especially romantic ones, have a delicate sense of amorousness. Their physical senses and subconscious are so closely connected that they react to any emotions. Moreover, there are also people, who are so sensitive that they have butterflies in the stomach because of any thrill from love to fear to say a stupid thing in public.

However, the expression to have butterflies in the stomach is mostly used to describe the state of infatuation. A butterfly – light, graceful, bright – always embodies admiration and happiness and is associated with a dream-come-true. The feeling, which can be described as light tingling or tickling down the stomach, is what we call butterflies.

So, is it love or infatuation? Having butterflies in the stomach is the state of being light, bright and airy; it is the state of flying high up in the sky. This is what infatuation is like. It is a complex mixture of memorable and bright emotions – a longing to touch such a desirable person, the first hug, the first kiss… This is what makes butterflies floating in the stomach. On the other hand, love is a stronger and deeper feeling, which appears when the signs of amorousness fill with understanding, respect, mutual commitment, a strong wish to listen to and hear what the person you love says. It is a very hard work to create conditions and emotional experiences, in which amorousness, delicate and bright as a butterfly, will continue its existence and its wings will not be burnt.

How do butterflies appear in the stomach? Could this be just flatulence caused by strong worries? Butterflies can appear in the stomach even when you are recalling something, or someone touches you, even when you are talking about love. It happens so because a number of processes in our organism are caused by physiological instincts such as a desire of sexual intimacy and continuing the human race. This is when blood flows to the underbelly and we get a feeling as if a hundred butterflies are inside. Not only women but also men can have butterflies in the stomach. However they feel them in a bit different way…A kiss is another signal, which sends an impulse to the area of the brain responsible for the production of hormones of happiness, which in their turn bring the feeling of butterflies in your stomach.

Writing this article, I thought that I also want to feel butterflies in my stomach again, to experience the nice moments of the first dates, hugs and kisses, refresh the routine feelings or bring the amorousness back to life.

Can a person have butterflies in the stomach if he is head over hills in love? Of course he can. And if you have long relationships you can still have the butterflies in your stomach. How? What you need is to dilute your routine with some romance, new emotions, experiences and adventures; make every day a celebration if it is possible.