For many years people have believed that love can find them when time comes. And they are absolutely right, but… the question is whether there is any way to make this time come sooner? Is there anyone or anything that can help you obtain this feeling?

Some people believe that apart from cute chubby Cupid there are earthly servants of love, who can make you find your ONE and become happy. Who are they? They have different names; still I prefer to call them matchmakers.

What image comes to your mind when you think of a matchmaker?

I imagine HER to be an experienced woman, who is sociable. She must have a lot of acquaintances, both men and women, and she is versed in questions of interpersonal relationships. A matchmaker is also a professional psychologist, who can make an intrigue and using special tricks get two people together. However, the main question remains: is possessing all these qualities can make it really possible for a matchmaker to make you fall in love.

The opinions about this issue are quite controversial. Therefore, we have decided not to generalize what we have managed to find out in one article, but present you several thoughts about matchmaking, which reveal the essence of the question.

  1. It will be no big news if I tell you that people, who come to a matchmaking agency, are looking for their better half. They are hoping to find their true love and passion with the help of someone, who is a pro in this sphere of life. Therefore, a matchmaker could be someone, who will offer you several ways to obtain happiness. You will be shown several pictures of different girls, who you might like. When you decide that you want to see them, you will be assisted in organizing a date and instructed on how to conduct your romantic meeting sow that the girl will like you. But…Does it mean that you will fall in love?
  2. Any professional matchmaker has a very good aim of his or her work – to unite lonely hearts and make them happy. That is why, it is absolutely natural to think that going to a matchmaking agency you will find true love and you WILL fall in love. How will it happen? Of course, by the above mentioned methods. You will be introduced to several candidates and, when you find someone interesting, you will have a chance to know them better. A good matchmaker will do whatever it takes to make you fall in love, but only if he or she sees that you really want it. In case you will have several girls you like and will not know who to choose, a good matchmaker will help you make the right choice and, very likely, you will fall in love with the person who will be the best match for you.
  3. The discussion of such a vital issue could not be possible without the opinion of a specialist in love affairs. So, here is what a professional matchmaker, the head of Diolli matchmaking agency, Svetlana Mukha thinks of this question:

“Of course, matchmakers can do a lot of things; still they cannot make two people fall in love and feel mutual chemistry. What a matchmaker can do is let a person understand why he or she attracts this or that type of people, as well as why exactly this type of people attracts him or her. A matchmaker can answer your question about why you cannot build relationship and always choose “wrong” partners. A professional matchmaker can also reveal the clients’ true needs and help understand whether they want serious relationship or just seek for extending and diversifying their circle of acquaintances and getting a better understanding of themselves. Finally, no matchmaker has a magic wand, waving which would be possible to make Megan Fox fall in love with you and materialize out of thin air. However, it is within a matchmaker’s power to let you meet the kind of men or women, you would never be able to meet on your own.”