There is a belief that all Ukrainian women are good housewives and can cook really well. To tell you the truth, I would not like to generalize. It seems to me, that women all over the world are good cooks because it is in their nature. Even if a girl says she cannot cook, it does not mean that she is hopeless. Maybe she just did not have enough time for practicing and now thinks that it is better not to do something she is not good at.

So, to  clear up this question, we have conducted a survey among our clients and are ready to reveal its results to you. Here is what Ukrainian women using our matchmaking agency answered to the question «Can you cook?»

Olga. Can I cook? It is quite a strange question to ask a girl. It seems to me that all women can cook. And I am not an exception. I can spend hours making different treats for my friends and family. However I do not often have time for cooking because of my job.

Elena. Oh… I have never considered myself a chef, still I do cook. And when I prepare something, I put my soul into it. My friends and family even have their favourite dish cooked by me. That is salad which I call «passion».

Tatyana. Do you want to know if I can cook? Well, do not think I am boasting, but I am a goddess of cooking. I have been doing it since childhood. Since the very day my granny first showed me how to prepare an omelette. The moment I received a ready-to-eat dish, I understood that I was born to make food for myself and treat other people to delicacies.

Marina. Can I cook? Yes, of course I can do it. But since I have no man to spoil with special dishes, I do not cook very often. I think that I have other things to do and spend time with more use for myself. However, when I find my ONE, I have lots of tasty things to seduce him with.

Galina. Cooking… You know, although it is believed that every woman can cook, I am not the one of those, who spend hours at the stove. I have a serious job, which does not leave me much time for cooking and I have some free time, which I like to spend doing some pleasant things, that help me stay in shape. Moreover, I can afford myself to have a meal in a good restaurant, letting the best chefs do their job and prepare healthy and delicious food for me. Oh, and finally, when I find my one, I am sure, we both will find a more interesting and pleasant way to spend time together.

Nataliya. I cannot call myself a good cook, but I know how to prepare food and not to let myself starve to death. Cooking is not my passion, but when I become a wife to a good man, I am ready to fulfil my duty in the most proper way.

Yevgeniya. Can I cook? You ask me… sure I can. And I adore doing it. Some of my friends do not understand me. They just think it is not possible to spend so much time cooking this or that, but I like it. Cutting, peeling, mixing, blending, roasting… there is such a great variety of things to do. How can anyone think that cooking is boring? Oh, and what will you say if you were offered to try and cook some fusion, a dish which is a mix of Japanese and Ukrainian cuisine?

As our survey has shown Ukrainian women can cook. Moreover, many of them added that they are really interested in cuisine of different countries and are ready to experiment and cook not only traditional Ukrainian dishes for her foreign husband, but surprise him with some dishes from his traditional cuisine.