This is one of the most debatable topics ever. I don`t want to prove if men and women can`t be friends or other way round. There are many researches have already done but bipolarity still exists.
That`s why I don`t want to do any conclusions. I will just provide you the opinions of some people with different backgrounds, different age groups and professions.

Maria 29 y.o.: It might work only in the case like mine. I`m happily married, adore and respect my husband. We have a diversity sex life. I would never ever change my husband for someone else. I have a male friend with whom we mostly discuss professional topics. Both of us work in IT and I really appreciate my friend as a highly professional person.

Ramy 42 y.o.: No! It`s not possible. There is always sexual attraction between men and women. If you become a friend with a woman it will mean you like something about her. Am I right? It can be her professional qualities or psychological support, that she provides you in your difficult life moments or simply her way of thinking. But there is already something that you like about her, so after you will have one or two cocktails you might not be just friends anymore. My opinion is men and women can`t be friends.

Oliver 34 y.o.: That is a very good question. Let me think. I assume it is possible because I have seen it happen but the chances are low that men and women can stay just friends because most men are hunters.

Irina 22 y.o.: Definitely yes. I don`t understand people who say that men and women can`t be friends. If we have common interests or goals and if there is no sexual tension why won`t be friends.

Ed 45 y.o.: I believed in friendship between men and women until I had too much tequila one evening, called my female friend and made a declaration of love to her. Next day I was shocked of my act. To be honest I didn`t expect it from myself. Of course my female friend become my ex-friend. My opinion is men and women can`t be friends.

Olga 51 y.o.: Men and women can be friends only in two cases: they are ex- lovers or they are potential lovers. Men and women can`t be friends!

To all these opinions I would like to add mine. I still maintain neutrality in this question but can tell you for sure that friendship between men and women is possible when one of them is gay.

There is one more suggestion to men: don’t waste much of your life time in her friend zone. Only little percent of men had managed to get away from there. If a lady sees you as a friend there is no need to wait and hope that she will change her mind someday. It is not going to happen. Better spend this time to find a lady who will be interested in you as a man, a husband and a father of her children. Put your energy and time on finding a lady who will love you, support and respect you.

Men and women can be friends or can`t be. It won`t be matter any longer when you find your best half.