Can men and women be just good friends?

Can a man and a woman be best friends? It seems one of the most debatable topics ever. We don’t intend to prove whether males and females can’t be friends or if a pure friendship between a man and a woman is possible. It doesn’t sound reasonable.

According to the Oxford American Dictionary, a friend is defined as “a person with whom one has a bond of mutual affection, exclusive of sexual context.” But men and women experience mutual sexual attraction. Let’s consider the pitfalls, which accompany a romantic or unrealistic idea of keeping a friendship between a man and a woman.

Companionate love, which is characteristic of close relationships, consists of intimacy and commitment. In our society a romantic relationship is emphasized as the most important one. We often believe that our major goal is finding the right person. We are looking for someone special and hope they will make us fulfilled. However, mates are actually essential to our psychological welfare. They bring happiness and joy into our lives. Each couple has its own chemistry, but a typical man wouldn’t be interested in every lady in the world. What about his female co-worker, with whom he could have common interests or his brother’s wife, if they both are keen on football and travelling?

Perhaps, it would be useful to discuss the phenomena of friends with benefits relationships, regularly used and practiced in today’s society. Is it OK to have sex, being just friends? We’re pretty convinced everything is OK, if any problem is resolved by mutual consent. Sex with someone you care about, without all the responsibility or emotional drama sounds perfect, doesn’t it? But this situation puts your precious friendship at risk. Even when we have no intention of letting it get messy, sex has a tendency to muddle your feelings. Besides, while your roving eye is assessing other options, your partner is also likely to be checking out any available potential lovers as well. It means you’ll lose your friend when she finds someone they’d like to be committed to. You might find yourself wondering what the other person has that you don’t. It won’t be good for your confidence.

To sum up, it doesn’t matter if you’re interested in making new acquaintances or building an intimate relationship with a girl who tickles your fancy. It means putting yourself out there and being honest. It can be scary. Nevertheless, if you were going to invest now in your future best self, where would you put your time and your energy? “Only two things we’ll regret on deathbed — that we are a little loved and little traveled,” said Mark Twain. Probably, it’s a great moment for building new romantic relationships. What do you think?