Can you date your sexual fantasy?

“To love or have loved, that is enough. Ask nothing further. There is no other pearl to be found in the dark folds of life.” Victor Hugo, Les Misérables

Why are contemporary romance novels so popular? Why are they so addictive? I’m confident it’s because such books make us believe that “all you need is love”, LOVE is considered magic that conquers all. The male characters in literature seem to come from the wonderful Neverland of forbidden forced fantasies being either “bad boys” covered in tattoos and riding Harley Davidson or rich handsome men like Mr. Grey. Women try to do their best not to fall under his spell, but obviously fall in love with him. The reader is looking forward to describing passionate kisses and the forbidden fruit, which is a metaphor for wild sex. Of course, they’ll overcome obstacles together, get married and have three kids. The plot is likely to be pretty predictable, though charming for a vast majority of people.

Our male clients often claim they get turned on by what they see, they truly cherish beauty, the most common male fantasy (it doesn’t really matter if it’s a thought of a single or married man) is related to a young leggy nymph with long hair and the biggest, bluest eyes. Most of them completely forget that ladies are also visual. They can’t even imagine that a girl can have her own forbidden forced fantasy.

When I talk on Skype to a gentleman who may worry about his low growth despite the fact, he’s well-established, well-educated, highly intelligent and has a great sense of humor, I fully realize that his height might limit the number of possible matches. My effective strategy is based on my determined effort to concentrate on those ladies, who have overcome this “I date only perfect guys” syndrome. There are women who will appreciate my client and will be into him because of his warm smile and personal traits, cooking skills and a rare largeness of mind. It looks reasonable, doesn’t it?

Once my client asked me to help him find an intelligent and petite lady. Completely normal, yeah? However, the appetite grows with eating. A sweet well-educated girl at least 8 years younger transformed into a hot “Frankenstein” with green eyes, skinny knees, high cheekbones speaking 3 foreign languages. Is it possible to get married to a petite brunette with green eyes, skinny knees, and sweet personality, University Degree in Law, who think short guys are hot? I introduced him to five beautiful ladies. Nevertheless, he found the hair of the first one appealing, but her personality was not as sweet as the personality of the second woman. The third girl had the most fascinating green eyes, but her knees were not as skinny as the knees of the fifth lady…

Would you like to try to become a sexy guy from the book written by Danielle Steel? No? Why? Wouldn’t it be lovely to become a sexy Vampire from Twilight saga? No? Well, I believe our world is much more interesting and fabulous than any book. Being an avid reader, I still prefer to fall in love with real unperfect people. The so-called escape literature doesn’t attract me personally.