• perfect timing

    Perfect timing. When is it time to ask a matchmaker for help?

    In our fast-moving world, where we are made to work a lot and face challenges every day, it is very important and, sadly, difficult to create a happy marriage. That is why, most of Ukrainian girls see their happiness next to a loving man. Still, it is quite difficult for most of them to find […]

  • matchmaking service in Ukraine

    Tired of Online Dating and Profiles? Try a personal matchmaking service.

    Good time of day, my dear reader. To tell you the truth, we have written so many articles with advice on different aspects of relationship, that it is high time we write something different to let you just relax while reading. That is why, we have decided to devote this article to a couple of […]

  • learning language

    15 + Basic Ukrainian Phrases for Your Trip to Ukraine

    It is not a secret that English is an international language and speaking it one can survive in any country. Still, if you travel somewhere it will be good to know several basic phrases that can help you if there is nobody, who can speak English around. And in this article we offer you 14+ […]

  • tinder in Ukraine

    Tinder in Ukraine vs Tinder in USA. Overview of males.

    We are often asked if Tinder in Ukraine is as popular as in other countries. To tell you the truth, the interest to dating applications is growing every day and Tinder is not an exception. However, those girls, who use this application often say that there is no hope to find an adequate man for […]

  • Ukrainian wedding

    5 Traditions You Will Only See at a Ukrainian Wedding

    Ukrainian traditions have always been a thing of interest for other natinalities because of their flavour; and a traditional Ukrainian wedding is not an exception. It is full of exciting and unusual customs and traditions. Even looking at them superficially, you will make sure that Ukrainians have a very original approach to wedding issues. So […]

  • sex tips

    11 Sex Tips For People In Long-Distance Relationships 

    About 10 years ago talking about sex in long-distance relationship would seem strange and senseless. Waiting for letters from your sweetheart, which could take months to get to you, all you could do is just wait; however nowadays there are a lot of ways to go through the challenge of kilometers and keep the fire […]

  • sex with a Ukrainian woman

    The Unexpected Benefits of Dating Ukrainian Women

    No mature relationship is possible without sex. So, what are the unexpected benefits that a man can get dating a Ukrainian woman? Interested? Then read our article to find out what sex with a Ukrainian woman will bring you.  Sex with a Ukrainian woman will be beautiful.  It is not big news that Ukrainian girls […]

  • dating a Ukrainian lady

    Ukrainian women vs Western women. All tips and tricks

    A couple of weeks ago I had an interesting conversation with a friend of mine; let us call him “G”. He is a German, who has come to Ukraine to find a wife. Being naturally inquisitive, he decided to make a research and find out what differences there are between Ukrainian and European women. The […]

  • dating Ukrainian woman

    Dating Ukrainian women for free. Is it a myth?

    Talking about relationship and dating there is always a sensitive area to discuss: money. Who has to pay while dating Ukrainian women? If you want to know my personal opinion, I believe that dating Ukrainian women for free is definitely a myth, as since childhood Ukrainian girls are taught that men are the ones, who […]

  • dating a Ukrainian women

    Which nations are the most desirable to date among Ukrainian women?

    There are a lot of questions that we get from our men-clients. And one of such questions is: “Men of which nationalities do Ukrainian women like most?” We have asked our girls and here are the results with their explanations. Americans Americans are considered to be a tidbit among Ukrainian girls. The reason for this […]