• jewish dating

    Jewish dating

    Jewish dating Religion and relationship… How do these two notions blend in together? Speaking of Jewish people, it is known love relationship and marriage are quite different from other religions. Therefore, singles tend to look for their better half on special dating websites, which promise to help them find a partner, who has the same […]

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    5 Tips To Make a Great First Date Impression

    5 Tips To Make a Great First Date Impression It is well-known that meeting a person who might become your love-partner for the first time, is a very exciting event in every girl’s life. However, men are worried about making a good first impression on a date too. Feeling they are responsible for everything that […]

  • Dating Ideas For Summer

    10 Dating Ideas For Summer

    10 Dating Ideas For Summer What is your favorite season? If I were asked this question, I would definitely answer it is summer. Why? That’s because summer nights are full of romance and present the best time during which couples refresh their relationship and add a bit of cool light breeze to it. There is […]

  • Dating Tips Dioli

    Advice About Dating

    Advice About Dating When you finally find the right person, you do want to see them more often. However, the ghost of previous failures can spoil everything. Having discussed this issue with a male friend of mine, I couldn’t help writing this article with advice for dating given by men. Therefore, if, my dear reader, […]

  • How to Find the Right Person for Love

    How to Find the Right Person for Love after the quarantine

    How to Find the Right Person for Love after the quarantine. Many of us especially after the lockdown crave finding the special person who will cherish, support, inspire, who will share our feelings and make out life better, brighter, more meaningful. Seating at home alone in the company of a TV and an iPad it […]

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    10 Modern Tips For Romantic Dating After A Bad Breakup

    10 Modern Tips For Romantic Dating After A Bad Breakup Splitting up with someone dear is quite a serious trial, still one should not stop trying to love again. Despite the fact it may take quite a while to recover and build a brand-new healthy relationship, my dear reader, you can become happy. How? Read […]

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    Matchmaker It is 2020 so for sure you have tried online dating, numerous apps, you’ve been swiping left and right since the beginning of Tinder, your mom, sister, and your best friend’s wife have set you up on blind dates and they went wrong. You have tried to reach your friend’s friends and even strangers […]

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    Dating in Ukraine

    Dating in Ukraine The first thing first – saying “dating in the Ukraine” is NOT correct. Why do people still google it this way? The correct way is “dating in Ukraine”. Locals don’t like this mistake. So, please, stop doing it. Now after we have discussed it, let’s talk about Ukrainian ladies and our company. […]

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    Matchmaking agency

    Matchmaking agency In the article, I am going to share with you why almost 12 years ago I have decided to start an international matchmaking agency. So often I receive this question – “why not to introduce singles locally? Even my colleagues from New-York or London keep wondering what has inspired me to come up […]

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    Professional Matchmaker

    Professional Matchmaker During the lockdown, the luckiest of us have realized we have the best partners in the world, while some of us have learned the painful truth that beautiful blue eyes or a perfect bra-size don’t guarantee combability and smooth pleasant 8 weeks in one apartment. But many people have spent the isolation period […]