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    Why do Ukrainian women choose Americans over other men?

    Not so long ago one of our men clients asked us why Ukrainian women would choose American husbands for themselves. We have asked our ladies this question and here is what we have found out. Why do Ukrainian women choose Americans over other men? Karina. I would like to have an American boyfriend because I […]

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    Ukrainian girlfriend: her first trip to your country

    First meeting with Ukrainian girlfriend on your territory is a very important occasion. You have to be prepared for this on one hundred percent. You never get a second chance to make a first impression. Make the efforts to show your girlfriend the best of you, your city and your country in general. You should […]

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    Ukrainian women vs Russian women. Who is better?

    It is known that Ukraine and Russia have always been sister-countries. Therefore, when it comes to discussing differences between them, many people will say that there is no difference. Moreover, a lot of people, who have never been to Ukraine or Russia even think that they are parts of one country. Still, it is quite […]

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    What’s it like to have a Ukrainian girlfriend/wife?

    Visiting Ukraine for romantic purposes has become a wide practice nowadays. Men from different countries are ready to pay big money to matchmaking agencies to find them a Ukrainian wife. Foreign media state that Ukrainian girls win foreigners’ hearts not only with their beauty, but also with their traits of character and their attitude to […]

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    Ukrainian Women vs American Women. What’s the difference?

    Several years ago, an American Roosh V started his research activity on women around the world. His idea is to travel to different countries, learn about women, who live there, and find the way to seduce them. Ukraine was also on his list. According to what he says, he spent three months in Kharkov, which […]

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    Why do Ukrainian women want to marry Americans?

    What do Ukrainian women really know about this distant country and its inhabitants? Let’s ask directly some of Ukrainian ladies what they think about United States of America. It would be interesting to know their opinions. But it will be even more interesting to know what do Ukrainian women think about American men? Would they […]

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    What do Ukrainian women really want from American men?

    I believe it is important to make a statement right at the beginning of this article: it is a total myth that ALL Ukrainian women dream to marry American men, leave Ukraine and start a life in the USA. In reality the majority of ladies that join matchmaking service at the very beginning prefer […]

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    Premium events for singles from Diolli. Must-have in 2018

    I`m glad to announce that the best matchmaking agency in Ukraine wants to offer the premium events to the single men from all over the world who dream to meet their Ukrainian soul mate. Singles tour to Ukraine will bring new emotions to your life and lots of opportunities to meet the love of […]

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    4 principles of – matchmaking agency is a professional boutique matchmaking service founded in 2008. From the very beginning I knew that I wanted to create a truly efficient high quality offline dating service that would help international singles find each other. At the very beginning we have experimented with the format of work, which has taught us a lot: […]

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    Is It Safe to Travel to Ukraine?

    Nowadays we are able to travel almost everywhere. We can explore different countries, even continents. We can meet people from different cultures and learn about their customs and traditions. For dinner, we can order dishes from all over the world. Nowadays country borders are opened as never before. People can fly and cross the oceans. […]