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    Relationship problems international couples will face

    International relationship is so romantic and challenging at the same time. If you are ready to cross the ocean to meet your best half you can handle it. Of course there will be more relationship problems than only distance. Let`s discuss some of them.     Relationship problem: Language barrier. It will take some time before […]

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    5 Signs You’re Rushing In the international Relationship

    You might know that international relationship isn`t for everyone. It`s mostly for very romantic people who knows how to wait and don`t rush things. It`s not easy to build a relationship on distance. You have to have a very stable nervous system, don`t be jealous and trust your best half who is waiting for you […]

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    Best romantic movies you should watch together

    Movie is always a good idea for time spending with your sweetheart. Potential couples often choose to go to a cinema for the second or third date. Movies play a big role in love life of people. Movies unite hearts. Movie is a great reason to invite your date to your home. Movies help couples […]

  • relationship problems

    Relationship Problems You Just Can’t Fix

    Nobody likes problems. People usually try to avoid them. Very often they are trying to solve the problems when it`s too late to do it. Relationship problems are frustrated especially when you understand that you can`t fix it anymore. Let`s discuss some of relationship problems that almost impossible to solve.      Contempt and disrespect each […]

  • dating tips

    10 Dating Mistakes in the ‘Getting to Know You’ Phase

    People don`t like to be rejected. Why some people are afraid of going on a date and meeting new people? Because there is the chance that you can be rejected and won`t get the opportunity to meet her for the second date. It`s very important to make a good impression in the beginning of relationship […]

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    The unsexiest men looks

    A real man is naturally sexy, attractive and can get anything he wants. Still, every rule has at least one exception. In this article we will share the results of our survey, whose aim was to reveal these exceptions by asking Ukrainian ladies describe the men looks, which they will hardly find sexy. Unsexy men […]


    When is it right time to invite her to your place?

    It`s often a dilemma for guy to decide when it`s actually the right time to invite lady to his place. I can say that it depends on what you actually want from the lady. Do you see her as your potential girlfriend in the future or she is just another hot chick for you? In […]

  • she doesn't love you back

    How to Deal With a Girl That Doesn’t Love You back

    Unfortunately, love is not always mutual. So what should you do if the girl does not love you back? Frankly speaking, there are only three ways of behavior if she doesn’t love you back. Let us take a look at them together. Let her go.  Of course, you must understand that doing so, you must […]

  • hot girls

    What is the difference between ‘beautiful’ and ‘hot’?

    Does “hot” always mean beautiful? And vice versa does beautiful always mean hot? What is the definition of “hot”? Is it the same for everyone? I`ve decided to ask some of my male friends how they imagine a hot girl to help me actually identify her. Dennis 33 y.o.: I will find a girl hot […]

  • Charming-Ukrainian

    5 Hottest Female Professions in Ukraine

    It is a well-known fact that Ukrainian women are famous by their beauty. There are so many gorgeous, stylish ladies you can see walking on the streets. Do all of them work as models? You will be surprised but they are not actually. For example, that beautiful woman in a nice dress and blond curly […]