• dating tips

    6 Dating Tips You Should Know By The Time You’re 30

    Being a 30-year-old person, you can state that you have learnt enough about life and relationship. However, the revision of the material can be very useful as it helps to refresh the knowledge and start using what could be already forgotten.  So, I have decided to remind you, my dear reader, of several dating tips […]

  • professional matchmaker

    5 signs that you need a personal matchmaker

    Nowadays it seems so easy to meet someone. You just need your smartphone and Internet access and in several minutes you are ready to swipe right and left, filter thousands of new smiling faces by height, age, eye colour and even political views or you just can text friends of your friends on Facebook. In […]

  • how_to_start family

    Signs that your Ukrainian bride really wants to start a family

    Relationships have followed much the same paths usually. You meet and like each other, try to get to know each other better and after some time you become a boyfriend and girlfriend. Then you move in together and get married or stay together as partners. This is a smooth way of growing relations. It usually […]

  • dating service

    6 modern dating trends you might see in 2018

    Being a professional international matchmaker for almost 10 years already I have witnessed not only the evolution of the international and local dating service, but also the appearance and further development of the certain dating trends. In this article I would concentrate on international dating. We will discuss a very specific niche represented by numerous […]

  • sex-tips-for-men

    How to keep sex alive in a busy marriage?

    Having spent several years in marriage, you might notice that the amount and quality of sex goes down. However, if you want to keep it alive, try to use our sex tips. We often hear that if you want to have more sex, you must try to be closer to your partner. Plan your mutual […]

  • Sexy tips

    How to Spice Up Your Sex Life

    Has sex become a routine thing for you? Do you want to know how to improve it and add more spice? How to add some taste and fire to your sex routine The first sex tip we want to give you is to forget about pajamas. What can be better than touching your partner’s skin with […]

  • sex tips

    10 Sex Tips For Couples in Long-Term Relationships

    When people start relationship, their sexual life is intensive, passionate, bright and frequent. Both of the partners try to do their best in bed. However, in two or three years the passion starts fading away. For example, you used to plan your date for hours and kiss and make love all night long, and now […]

  • Ukrainian woman

    Dating service in Ukraine: market review

    The fact that a high number of foreign man dreams about Ukrainian wife is inescapable. There is a plenty of reasons for it – Ukrainian ladies are very feminine despite of feminism growth in almost all developed countries, they are beautiful, take care about their appearance and they are excellent housewives with the traditional family […]

  • matchmaking process

    Matchmaking for professionals: how it works

    So often I hear from my friends and potential clients how hard it is to meet someone special nowadays. Usually our female clients in their late 20s complain that it is impossible to meet a decent single gentleman who is young, never married, has no kids and is ready to start relationship that can lead […]

  • professional matchmaker

    Matchmaking process by

    Today I would like to answer one of the most popular questions: what is the matchmaking process by really like? First of all I want to highlight that is a premium offline boutique matchmaking service. We don’t do online because we find it less efficient than traditional matchmaking service. We do not have […]