• Matchmaking agency in Ukraine

    Matchmaking agency in Ukraine: what is hidden behind?

    With the fast rhythm of modern life it is both easy and difficult to find a life-partner nowadays. It would seem not a problem to find a date with the help of numerous dating sites and applications, however most of acquaintances from the internet turn out to be not serious and people, who got to […]

  • how to spend holidays with a girl

    10 dating tips to men on how to spend holidays with your lady

    Having holidays together is quite a challenge both for the couples, who have been together for a long time and for those, who have just started dating. However, if you follow the tips from our matchmaker, you will have a good rest and enjoy being with each other. Dating tip from matchmaker #1. Discuss the […]

  • С новым Годом 2020

    New Year and Christmas Traditions in Ukraine

    Starting with December 25 Ukrainians have a very good period of time in their lives. This is when they have good rest, eat a lot, meet their families and have a lot of fun. Why? That is because it is the New Year and Christmas time. Therefore, we would like to devote this article to […]

  • matchmaking agency Ukraine

    Speed dating or matchmaking service? What to choose?

    If you have come to a conclusion that you are ready to meet your destiny face to face but do not know what to start with, we advise you to begin with addressing the right people to help you. Fortunately, nowadays there are many services that will be eager to assist you in finding your […]

  • Ukraine 2020

    Best time to visit Ukraine in 2020

    We are often asked when it is best to visit Ukraine to make dating a Ukrainian woman most productive. To tell you the truth, the best time is anytime you feel ready for that, however we will try to tell you about when it is better to visit our country to enjoy your stay here […]

  • dating a taller woman

    What do Ukrainian girls think about dating a shorter guy?

    It has always been a matter of discussion what is important for love. Is it important to be of the same age, or is it OK if one of love partners is older than the other? Does it really matter if you or your beloved has a child from previous relationship? Is it really important […]

  • qualities of a good husband

    TOP 10 qualities of a good husband

    Every man, who decides to become a client of our matchmaking agency is usually very serious about his decision. I mean that almost 100% of love-seekers come to us to meet their special ONE and marry her. That is why they always ask us questions about how to impress a girl, how to understand that […]

  • Marilyn Monro

    Height, weight and bra-size. What are the measures of true love?

    How can we measure true love? In kilometers, seconds or hours? Or silent thumping of your heart? Or voices whispering I love you? Or, maybe in the warmth of a soul And eyes watered by tears? I just want to love But these words are not serious. What I mean is that love Is what […]

  • age difference dating

    What do Ukrainian girls think about dating an older guy?

    In our articles, we often say that love sees no age and boundaries and we DO believe that it is true. However, very often our male clients, who are thinking of dating a Ukrainian woman ask us the same question: can I date a younger lady? Are you sure that she will want to date […]

  • Ukrainian wife

    How not to miss the right girl?

    Men can spend many years in search of their ONE, who they will love and want to share life with. That is why it is vitally important not to miss the right moment as well as the right girl. How can you do it? The answer is waiting for you in our article. So read […]