• she doesn't like you

    Why Girls Don’t Like You?

    Very often our clients ask us questions like “Why don’t girls like me?”, “Why don’t girls notice me?”, “Why can’t I start relationship?”, etc. If you have ever asked yourself one of these questions, we advise you to read our article and look at yourself from the outside. Maybe you need to change a bit […]

  • ukrainian lady

    The reasons why Ukrainian Women May Reject You

    Are you going on a date with a Ukrainian girl? Are you worried? Do you think she can reject you? Not to get into trouble, read our article and find out what to avoid not to get a «no» from a girl. The reasons why Ukrainian Women May Reject You Ukrainian women can reject you […]

  • matchmaking agency

    Choosing a Matchmaking agency. What to pay attention to?

    Choosing a matchmaking agency is a very sensitive issue. Therefore, you must know what to pay attention to if you want your search to be effective. In our article we will help you to figure out how to find a trusted matchmaking agency. The first thing you should know is that there are online dating […]

  • ukrainian women

    A day in the life of a typical Ukrainian woman

    Several decades ago a typical answer to the question what the usual day of a Ukrainian woman is could be as follows: She wakes up before sunrise. Washes her face with fresh water brought from the well. Has breakfast and starts her working day. She has to milk the cows, clean the barn, feed hens, […]

  • dating Ukrainian girls

    Why have you decided to join Interview with Ukrainian girls

    We are often asked how we have managed to get such a big choice of beautiful Ukrainian girls as the clients of our matchmaking agency. No matter what I could write about that, it would not compare to the answers of Ukrainian girls, who have decided to join So, here is what we have […]

  • Ukraine

    Unknown facts about Ukrainian culture and traditions

    About ten years ago the world did not know much about Ukraine. People used to think that it was a part of Russian Federation. Today the world knows about Ukraine because of war. However, there is much more to learn about this wonderful and interesting country. Therefore, we offer you to read our article and […]

  • matchmaking agency Ukraine

    Is matchmaking the best chance to find true love?

    So often people ask us why do they need to start the matchmaking process and to pay a professional matchmaker to be introduced to someone? Isn’t it more “natural” to meet someone in the street or to be introduced through friends? 15 years ago many people found the idea of online dating strange and unnatural. […]

  • how to learn Ukrainian?

    What is the best way to learn Ukrainian?

    When you think of marrying a woman from Ukraine, you also understand that she speaks a different language. Fortunately, nowadays, almost all Ukrainian girls learn English, which makes the communication easier. However, it seems to be a good idea to learn the Ukrainian language to be able to communicate not only with your beloved, but […]

  • matchmaking

    Learning matchmaking vocabulary

    Good time of day, my dear reader. If you are looking through this article, you are probably the one, who has decided to immerse in the world of matchmaking in search of your destiny. Therefore, being a newcomer here, you might need some help with some “matchmaking” terms, which you are likely to come across. […]

  • batman

    First date tips: How to improve confidence?

    It is not a secret that the first date is the most important step in the life of two people. That is why you may be nervous going on this event and the first impression a woman will get of you can be spoilt. To help you improve your confidence, we have decided to prepare […]