• blonde-ukrainian-woman

    Dating a Ukrainian woman: how to behave?

    How shall I behave with my girlfriend to make the best of what we have? If you are asking this question to yourself you are on the right way to good relationship. What you are going to read next will give you some hints on what to do dating a Ukrainian woman and what to […]

  • age is just a number

    Is age really just a number? Matchmaking insight

    Is age really just a number? As a professional matchmaker who is matching singles for more than 10 years already I can confess that every week at least 2 or 3 times I hear the phrase «age is just a number». It is interesting that male clients more often than female clients claim that age […]

  • dating Ukrainian ladies

    What do Ukrainian women look like?

    It is known that Ukrainian women are among the most beautiful women in the world. What makes them such? And what do such beauties look like? What character do they have? What are you going to face dating a Ukrainian woman? If you read this article, you will definitely find this out. Appearance. If you […]

  • matchmaking in Ukraine

    Why are Ukrainian women switching to international matchmaking to find their potential spouse?

    In recent years more and more Ukrainian girls are switching to international dating in search of their ONE. Why is it so? Why are they ready to literally leave everything behind and move to another country with different mentality? Men, aimed at dating a Ukrainian woman often ask us these questions. To tell you the […]

  • matchmaker in Ukraine

    The important questions you must ask a matchmaker before signing up

    If you are thinking of addressing a matchmaking agency to help you find your love, you must definitely think of what questions to ask a matchmaker before you decide to sign up. So, what exactly should you ask? Read our article to find out. The important questions you must ask a matchmaker The first question […]

  • What-To-See-in 2019

    10 Best Destinations for the First Vacation with a Ukrainian girlfriend

    The first vacation with a girlfriend is a very important event in both your and her life. That is why, choosing the destination is something that you have to think over carefully. Since it is your first holiday together, it has to be the one that you two will remember with pleasure, no matter how […]

  • why-is-jon-snow-heir

    What to do if you didn’t succeed with a girl during first attempt?

    What to do if you didn’t succeed with a girl during your first visit to Ukraine? As a professional matchmaker who counts professional success in the number of happy relationships that were created with the help of our team of cupids of course I prefer it when a client travels to Ukraine and hits it […]

  • kids

    What if your partner doesn’t want any more kids?

    Let’s imagine the situation. You meet a wonderful woman. You fancy each other. You start relationship. You do not care that she has a child already. Moreover you could also have a child. But… building a new family means that you want common kids, the kids from this very woman you love. Still she does […]

  • Pretty woman sunbathing on the beach

    How to Survive Your First-Ever Vacation as a Couple?

    Your first ever vacation with your Ukrainian girlfriend can become a magical experience as well as the one, after which both you and she will have to consult a psychiatrist. How to make it an unforgettable time of your life? Read our tips and you will definitely be not only a survivor, but also the […]

  • matchmaking

    How To Choose The Best Matchmaker

    So, you are tired of looking for your destiny? Or, you have no time for this? Then, you are highly recommended to address someone, who can help you with this. Who will it be? Cupid, maybe? I would say “yes”. “But how is it possible?” you may think. And I will tell you, that on […]