• international dating

    Realities Every International Relationship Faces

    Are you tired of your dull daily routine? Why not to try any sort of extreme activities? Something like starting an international relationship. International relationship is like playing on hard mode. In comparison with usual couples, dating a person from another country is completely different experience full of its own difficulties and happy moments. It’s […]

  • age difference dating

    Is Age Difference Acceptable for Ukrainian Ladies?

    Are you considering dating a Ukrainian lady? Somehow, there has appeared quite widespread opinion that Ukrainian women don’t mind dating with age difference. Ukraine is a poor country and each girl here dreams about marrying her foreign prince. So she won’t mind your appearance and age if you show her a foreign passport. If you […]

  • money in relationship 1

    How to Talk About Money in a Relationship?

    There are a lot of prejudices and stereotypes about money in our society. This topic has become taboo as much as sex. Many women consider it difficult to talk to men about money in a relationship. That causes unnecessary stressful situations and lead to conflicts or even neurosis. In order not to look like a […]

  • money in relationship

    How to Handle Financial Challenges in Relationships

    Relationship is a very important business which needs taking care of all aspects of it including finances. Unfortunately, even the strongest relationship break up when it comes to misunderstanding in financial issues. Not to make any fatal mistakes in this area read our relationship advice on how to handle financial challenges. How to Handle Financial […]

  • she makes more money

    Dating a Woman Who Makes More Money

    Nowadays men can face a situation where a woman makes more money which they consider to be a problem for their family life, but is it really so? We are victims of stereotypes. Let’s call to mind the so called “American dream”. Society was made to believe through the commercials that the picture of a […]

  • dating older women

    Pros & Cons of Dating Older Women

    To meet a couple with the age gap of about 2-5 years between the partners is the most common case. To meet a couple with a man older than a woman has practically become a cliche because it happens so often. Much more difficult to find couples with a woman older than a man. Culturally, […]

  • ukrainian woman

    Are they just looking for a better life?

    Many gentlemen have heard rumors that Ukrainian girls are extremely beautiful and have traditional family values. Usually gentlemen name these two qualities as their reasons to date Ukrainian girls. Of course every gentleman will have his own definition of traditional family values. Within last 10 years I have heard more traditional definitions like “putting family […]

  • divorce

    Why are there so many divorced women in Ukraine?

      According to the researches as to the divorce rate in Ukraine, about 11% of Ukrainians are divorced nowadays. Interestingly, that the number of divorced women is twice as big as the number of men.  The question arises: why the situation is like this. We have looked into this issue and come up with several […]

  • kids

    5 Things to Know Before Having Interracial Kids

    According to the State Statistics Committee of Ukraine the third part of Ukrainian marriages are international. Ukrainian women have no prejudices against international relationship and foreign husband. They dream about having happy family life filled with the sound of children laughing. If you are really interested in building a strong relationship with Ukrainian woman, consider […]

  • scam alert

    How to Spot an Online Dating Scammer?

    You may have already heard that Internet is full of frauds. People who are ready to pay for the opportunity to find their true love are easy pray for dating scammers. If you don’t want to join these trustful romantics, you’ll find our tips on how to recognize a dating scammer on dating sites useful. […]