• ukrainian women

    What do Ukrainian women think about Ukrainian men?

    Ukrainian men don`t really appreciate what they have. They are born in the country with one of the most beautiful women in the whole world. Ukrainian men speak the same language as Ukrainian women but still can`t find understanding sometimes. One of the social surveys identified three points of what Ukrainian women would like to […]

  • asians

    What do Ukrainian women think about Asians?

    Ukrainian women didn`t know a lot of information about Asian men until recently. Nowadays they are getting more curious about Asian culture, Asian way of thinking and of course about Asian men. What common characteristics do they have, what do they value in life, what kind of women they are attracted to? I`ve decided to […]

  • how to date

    How to date a Ukrainian girl

    Slavic ladies and especially Ukrainian girls are well known around the world. The rumour has it that Ukrainian ladies are natural beauties, love taking care of their appearance, dress to impress and still have traditional family values and are immune to emancipation. There are lots of articles and videos in the Internet with useful and […]

  • ukrainian girls

    Are Ukrainian girls the most beautiful in the world?

    Do you remember the magic mirror from the Snow White fairy tale? The stepmother of Snow White always kept asking to the Magic Mirror: “Mirror, mirror, on the wall, who in this land is fairest of all?” Unfortunately we don`t have the mirror like that but nowadays we have google. After I have done some […]

  • looking-to-the-future (1)

    5 facts men looking for a wife in Ukraine should know about local ladies

    I am pretty sure that most of gentlemen have already heard rumours about the beauty of Slavic ladies, and especially about the beauty of ladies from Ukraine. Some of these gentlemen have even “faced the evidence” by traveling to Ukraine or running into a beautiful Ukrainian woman in his country or in the Internet. Beauty […]

  • mood swings

    Most common fears of single woman

    All of us have fears. Fears live in your mind and the best way to get them out of your head is to face them. Let`s discuss the most common fears of single woman to help you better understand women needs and what is actually going on in their beautiful heads. If you help woman […]

  • pretty-woman

    Things you should know about dating a younger girl

    Let us imagine such a situation: there are two people, who are attracted to each other. She is beautiful, young and attractive; he is energetic, successful and interested in her. What should he do, if his girlfriend is about 10 years younger? The main task for him is to build long-term relationship, of course. How […]

  • dating fears

    Women’s dating fears

    The first date is a very important event both for men and for women. It could be compared with a business interview: you have been chosen as a potential candidate out of thousands of others, but you have not been given a job yet. That is when we start being nervous. Of course, the main […]

  • Difference

    Differences between Ukrainian and Western Cultures

    At we work with gentlemen from all over the globe. We had male clients from Western and Eastern Europe, from Australia, China, Japan, Singapore, Taiwan and even Island. Of course a huge percentage of our male clients is from the USA. Why? Well, probably because American gentlemen tend to really like Slavic looks and […]

  • dating apps

    Should you rely on dating apps while searching for love

    Our modern world is too busy for spending time on personal needs. So, lots of men and women around the world who seek for their better half choose to ask for help. Most of them rely on dating apps in their choice, however are they really so effective; or, maybe, it is better to ask […]