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    Ukrainian women vs Western women. All tips and tricks

    A couple of weeks ago I had an interesting conversation with a friend of mine; let us call him “G”. He is a German, who has come to Ukraine to find a wife. Being naturally inquisitive, he decided to make a research and find out what differences there are between Ukrainian and European women. The […]

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    Dating Ukrainian women for free. Is it a myth?

    Talking about relationship and dating there is always a sensitive area to discuss: money. Who has to pay while dating Ukrainian women? If you want to know my personal opinion, I believe that dating Ukrainian women for free is definitely a myth, as since childhood Ukrainian girls are taught that men are the ones, who […]

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    Which nations are the most desirable to date among Ukrainian women?

    There are a lot of questions that we get from our men-clients. And one of such questions is: “Men of which nationalities do Ukrainian women like most?” We have asked our girls and here are the results with their explanations. Americans Americans are considered to be a tidbit among Ukrainian girls. The reason for this […]

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    TOP 10 questions Diolli receive during the first interview

    Whenever we meet a new potential client we are ready to hear any questions from them starting with asking for general information about Diolli matchmaking service and finishing with something like “Will you find me a blue-eyed twenty-five-year-old slim and blonde girl, who can dance, speak English fluently and likes Thai food?”. However, there are […]

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    Unrealistic expectations regarding Ukrainian girls

    Not long ago Ukraine entered the international arena and is now among widely-visited tourist destinations. “Matchmaking tourism” is one of the most popular branches and a lot of foreign men dream of dating a Ukrainian girl. There are plenty of tales about Ukrainian women and potential husbands bear great expectations before their trip to Ukraine. […]

  • Last Forever Part One

    How to Meet and Marry Your Foreign Wife

    Love is a great feeling, which brightens our life with positive emotions. Love makes you smile and gives you wings when you are beside your dear person. You can do anything when your beloved supports you. However, you have not find that very woman yet. What it the best way to do it? If you […]

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    Major Things You Should Truly Know Before Dating Ukrainian Women

    One of the most frequent requests on Google starting with «how» is «how to understand a woman?». Frankly speaking, there is nothing difficult. Still, if you read our article, you will find out some interesting information that will be useful dating Ukrainian women. Major Things You Should Truly Know Before Dating Ukrainian Women The biology […]

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    Facts You Didn’t Know About Ukrainian Culture

    Travelling to Ukraine, you might probably have learnt some facts about this country and already know that its capital is Kyiv, the currency is hryvnia and people, who live here speak both Ukrainian and Russian. You might also know that the most favourite Ukrainian soup is «borshch»,we also like lard or «salo», as we call […]

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    Tips on Attracting a Ukrainian Woman

    When you start thinking of dating Ukrainian women, you must also think of how to attract their attention. In our article we have tried to share the best tips on how to do that. Tips on Attracting a Ukrainian Woman The first step to dating Ukrainian women is your appearance. Your clothes and shoes must […]

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    7 Beauty Secrets Of Ukrainian Women

    It is not a secret that Ukrainian girls are known to be very beautiful. Why is it so? Because of their perfect hair and nails? Exquisite dresses? Or, maybe, their inner state of being, some special “train” created by unique walk, posture and self-confidence? Or, is it because of Ukrainian girls’ healthy and attractive bodies? […]