• matchmaking agency in Ukraine

    5 principles of successful matchmaking agency

    As a founder and leading matchmaker at boutique matchmaking agency in Ukraine who is into professional matchmaking business for 10 years already I have noticed a drastic difference between matchmaking service in the USA and Eastern Europe. I have started my journey in the dating industry from the typical mail-order brides company as an […]

  • mistakes

    TOP dating mistakes men make

    This article is not the first one, which we devote to dates and your behavior while dating a Ukrainian girl. Therefore you, my dear readers, already know how to behave and what to do during the date. However, apart from that, you must also know what you should not do during the date not to […]

  • Dating tour by

    10 reasons to choose Dating tour by in 2019

    As our readers and subscribers already know, has announced Premium Singles Events for “young adults”. I think that many people will compare such format with a simple dating tour to Ukraine that was created many years ago and still used by many agencies and dating sites. Let’s name 10 features that differ Premium Singles […]

  • meeting the parents

    5 tips for meeting her parents for the first time

    You will not be surprised that one day you will have to go through this stage in relationship when you are dating a Ukrainian girl. It is very important both for you and your girlfriend: meeting her parents. That is why it is necessary to prepare well for this event not to spoil the first […]

  • svetlana mukha

    How to become a matchmaker

    After winning the “best professional matchmaker Award” at iDate 2016 has brought the new trend to Ukraine – matchmaking service. Before that it was more common to see “dating agencies” or “marriage agencies”. The majority of them were brandless and faceless and worked with big mail-order brides dating sites. Their websites were in Russian […]

  • on distance

    10 Tips for Dating a Ukrainian girl on distance

    You have found your love here in Ukraine and are hesitating whether you will manage to keep the relationship on distance? Then our article is for you. From it you will learn what to do and how to date a Ukrainian girl being far from each other. 10 Tips for Dating a Ukrainian girl on […]

  • dating ukrainain girl

    Dating a Ukrainian girl. How to make the right choice?

    Both men and women want to see the ONE beside. The one, who will praise, love and respect them. That is why thinking of dating a Ukrainian girl you must also know how to make the right choice. To help you with this, we have prepared several recommendations. So, choosing a life partner you have […]

  • she likes you

    How to understand if love is real?

    So, there is a girl that you like a lot, but… you do not understand what exactly she feels towards you. Read our article and find out how to understand that the girl loves you. Sign of true love from a girl #1.She calls or writes you first. The girl starts communication because she is […]

  • matchmaker

    What to do if you do not agree with your personal matchmaker?

    During many first interviews with our potential male matchmaking clients I hear this question: “But what should I do if I do not like the match the personal matchmaker suggests me?”. In this article I will concentrate on the matchmaking process by, because matchmaking process at another boutique matchmaking service in New York for […]

  • she doesn't like you

    Why Girls Don’t Like You?

    Very often our clients ask us questions like “Why don’t girls like me?”, “Why don’t girls notice me?”, “Why can’t I start relationship?”, etc. If you have ever asked yourself one of these questions, we advise you to read our article and look at yourself from the outside. Maybe you need to change a bit […]