Choosing a matchmaking agency is a very sensitive issue. Therefore, you must know what to pay attention to if you want your search to be effective. In our article we will help you to figure out how to find a trusted matchmaking agency.

The first thing you should know is that there are online dating services and offline real-life matchmaking agencies.  If you decide to address an online service you will be offered the following guarantees for your money:

– all the clients are real and the photos in profiles are of real women, who do exist, and they are exactly the ones, who you see in the photo;

– the girls are not married or officially divorced (this information is checked at the registration of every girl);

– each profile contains correct information. So if it says that a woman has no children, it is so, and if you decide to visit the girl, she will not turn out to be a mother of many children.

– you are guaranteed safety. The girls you are going to communicate with will not scam you, ask for money to pay for something apart from your fees for the services.

– if you come to see a woman, you will meet her, and she will be exactly the one you have written to; she will not suddenly disappear with your money and passport, or will not have to go and help her ill grandmother, etc.

Looking through such guarantees men often address online services, however, unfortunately, very often they get scammed. Therefore, we recommend you to address an offline real-life company, a trusted matchmaking agency, and this is what you must pay attention to:

Choosing a Matchmaking agency

  1. The official status of the agency. So, before thinking of giving any money, you must ask the matchmaker to show the documents, proving that it is a registered company. Moreover, you will also be asked to show your ID or passport, since a trusted matchmaking agency always checks the identity of its clients.
  2. A trusted matchmaking agency will always have its own site, where you will have a chance to trace the work experience of the agency, see its contacts, meet the team, etc.
  3. A trusted matchmaking agency will definitely have its office and a team of professionals, qualified in the sphere of interpersonal relationship. There will also be a psychologist.
  4. A trusted matchmaking agency will have success stories to share.
  5. It is also desirable for a matchmaking agency to have videos and photos with the staff, proving that they are open to communication and effective work.
  6. A trusted matchmaking agency will offer you to sign a confidentiality agreement, which will guarantee that your data and photos will not be used anywhere without your permission.
  7. Choosing a matchmaking agency you must pay attention to every minute detail: how quickly the manager contacts you, how the staff write and communicate with you on the phone or Skype.
  8. Be ready that the managers of a trusted matchmaking agency will ask you a lot of questions, since they are responsible for the correctness of the data about you. And this is a good sign, as it proves that every client is checked this way and there will be no unpleasant surprises.

Finally, choose only the matchmaking agency you trust and success will find you.