“I come back at home, i find My home empty, without a person wait me, without a dinner, without a smile. Also My soul is empty. I start to think What I can do to change My life , to full My life. I find the solution. I must search a woman stay near me. How??? This is the problem. A lot of work from the early morning to the late evening can’t give me the possibility to search a woman. From here the decision to find a help. But where? I don’t know. After one hour I Have an idea: go to Ukraine. But for whom? This is the problem!

I start to search in internet, and I find the comment of a man. This man speaks about his experience with agency. He was happy. At the last sentence of mail there was an email of a woman work in Diolli. I open internet, I search This agency and I start to read. The day after I write an email to Katerina…. This was the name of the mysterious woman That Have changed My method to think, My approach to life. Ok the first email is started. I wait the answer. In a few hour i receive the answer. From Now a lot of email were sent and received with Katerina. I talk about My life, My choices, My hobbies, My happy days and My bad days of My life. Practically i am open in front of Katerina.

I start to follow the counsil of This woman. At the start it was so hard. I am an entrepreneur, I am used to give order, to control, to Try to have the best using My head. But Really i am not able to hear! My work was My world. Work, work, work But for whom? And Also Why I use everytime My opinions? With Diolli i started to hear. I want a woman. They tell me They can help me. I start to follow Them. I clear My mind, I promise to dont think about My work, to follow the counsils They give to me.

Ready to go in Kharkov, I book a flight and I leave. Arrived in the town, Diolli was waiting me in airport with a driver. From This moment i stop to think and i start to hear. I stay in Kharkov one week, i follow all rules They have. From the booking of hotel to the restaurant for dinner, from their counsils to the interpreter That follow you in the date with lady.

The interpreter is an important fact: at first the lady is more sure because go alone in front of an unknowing man can give her some hassles. At second the interpreter  help you with the communication with the lady (the diolli interpreters are professional). At third the interpreter can give you more calm. Maybe for the man This fact is more important of the three. I had my date. So happy and emotional I go in restaurant and I meet the lady. A nice dinner full of questions, answers, looks, laughs, compliments and a lot of emotion. Repented? Not at all!

In diolli I have found a family ready to help me. Seriousity and professionality have the woman of diolli.
I come back in Kharkov, Because i believe in them. If someone in My life will tell me that the angels don’t exist, I will not answer to him, I will not let him know How foolish He is. Diolli is full of angels.”