Cultural differences between Ukraine and the USA

If you are interested in Ukrainian culture and traditions and are going to our country, we help you understand differences and similarities between people from the USA and one of the largest countries in Central Europe.

First and foremost, their strong national identity is essential for Ukrainians. Until the beginning of the twentieth century, the history of Ukrainian national movement is mostly the history of the struggle, in its own way determining the outlines and the principles of the relations between Ukraine and Russia. National history seems to be an issue of some importance. There are plenty of different monuments devoted to outstanding people or historic events. Here children and adults are often aware of the complicated political and economic situation. Should they want to tell you about their country, they’ll do their best to read as much as possible to demonstrate it’s fascinating.

When in Ukraine we try to analyze our culture vs American culture the first idea that comes to mind related to shaking hands upon introduction. Men usually shake hands, for example, when they get acquainted with a new person, meet old friends or colleagues. When it comes to women, they are highly romanticized in our culture. Therefore, they usually smile nodding their heads. Meeting a close friend, it seems polite to give her a kiss on the cheek. Nevertheless, successful and ambitious businesswoman shake hands willingly in the case of negotiations.

What about our daily life? Well, in Ukraine, smiling at strangers is believed to be impolite. While Americans are famous around the world for the emphasis they put on their smiles, Ukrainians tend to think that if an unknown person smiles at you on the street, he’s either drunk or insane. However, we are pretty open and always ready to do something epic or to have tons of fun, perhaps, we need time to get used to someone.

Ukrainians appreciate hospitality and honor their guests, creating space for others to be themselves. We welcome guests with open arms and love to share our customs and habits. Guests have a large selection of food in every house. A typical Ukrainian is even willing to share with you the last piece of bread because you are their GUEST. Besides, if you are to marry a Slavic lady, you will not have the traditional bachelor’s bread with peanut butter, you will have a really good restaurant at home. Here women are able to cook something delicious even from “nothing”.

Among the values of Ukrainians, free expression of opinion, the ability to criticize the authorities and commitment to European values could be identified, but we also might be characterized by a lack of stability and predictability. To sum up, despite a language barrier, we are confident, in Ukraine you’ll feel welcomed, entertained and definitely satisfied. You won’t be disappointed.